What if I need to kill a lot of people?

Whenever some jerkoff mass murders people with a semi-auto rifle we have the usual suspects lining up to screech “‘Assault weapons’ have no legitimate purpose! They are designed solely to kill!”

Ok, so what?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. They’re also good for target and sport shooting, as well as hunting. Anyone who owns an AR knows several things they can do with it that don’t involve killing anyone. But go with me for a second. For the purposes of argument, let’s pretend that the gun grabbers are correct. Let’s pretend that there is LITERALLY nothing else I could do with my AR-15 besides killing people.

So what? Really, SO WHAT?

I carry a handgun. I don’t carry it because I think an IDPA match will suddenly spring up. I don’t carry it because I’m hoping for a deer to pop up so I can whack it for dinner. I carry a handgun in case I meet someone who needs to get shot. I would hate to meet a person who needs to get shot and not be able to oblige him by shooting him. My handgun’s primary usefulness is to shoot people. Yes, shoot them only in the appropriate circumstances, but shoot them.

That’s what it’s for.

My rifle is the same, but even more so. I absolutely want to hunt a deer with it. I even have a silencer that I can attach to it so I can be a little more respectful of those around me. But that’s really not what I own an AR for. I own it in case I need to shoot someone.

Or several someones.

Its primary purpose is to shoot people. Not paper, not deer, and not those annoying coyotes who live on my friend’s property. The reason I own it is to shoot people who need to get shot.

So, for the purpose of this discussion, let’s assume that the gun grabbers are correct and my AR is solely for killing people. So what? You know that in certain circumstances it’s totally legal to kill another person, right? It’s even considered by most people to be a socially responsible thing to do. If someone kicks in my door at night with the intention of robbing, raping, or murdering me and my family, pretty much everyone agrees that putting a few bullets in him is not only legal, but moral, and ethical as well.


Why not? Who are you to tell me that I can’t or even shouldn’t do exactly that? What’s the difference to you if I shoot a home invader to death with a shotgun or with an AR? Dead is dead.


So what? What if I need to kill a lot of people?

This is usually their back up argument. First ARs are only good for killing. Then they’re only good for killing LOTS OF PEOPLE!

Again, so what? Let me philosophize with you a bit.

How many grains of sand constitute a beach? How many grains of sand do I have to pile up in one place before you are willing to call it a beach and not just a pile of sand next to some water?

One grain? Surely not.

Two grains? Still no.

Ten million grains?

At what point does a pile of sand next to water become a beach?

Same thing goes for self defense. When the gun grabbers fall back from “It’s for killing!” to “It’s for killing LOTS of people really fast!” they’re trying to make the argument that maybe it’s ok for you to kill one person who is trying to murder you, and maybe two… or three at the outside. But not TEN!

Why not? Is there some tipping point where the criminals have gathered enough people together who want to kill you that you’re outvoted? If the vote is three to one you’re allowed to fight back, but at ten to one you’re supposed to lay down and die like a good little subject?

No. I don’t care if you line up the entire population of Newark, New Jersey outside my house. If they try to take me, I’m legally, morally, and ethically permitted to keep shooting until every one of them is dead, running away, or otherwise unable to continue harming me.

The gun grabbers, however, are terrified of having this conversation. This conversation exposes them for what they really are. They aren’t anti-gun. They’re anti-self-defense. They don’t believe that you should be permitted to use deadly force for any reason. You’re not a government agent, sprinkled with the pixie dust that imbues cops and soldiers with the authority to kill. You’re just some peon whose life belongs to the State.

So the next time you’re given some BS line by the gun grabbers, ask them a simple question.

“Is it ever legal, moral, or ethical for me, a non-police officer, not military civilian, to kill another human being?”

If they’re honest they will say “no.” If they’re mealy mouthed about it, make them describe in detail when they believe you are permitted to kill another person. I’m betting you’ll get some convoluted explanation that basically means “never.” But if you get a “yes,” along with conditions that seem reasonable, ask them one more simple question.

“If it’s legal, moral, and ethical for me to kill another human, why do you care if I do it with an AR-15 rather than a 12 gauge?”

12 responses to “What if I need to kill a lot of people?

  1. Chet McCarty

    Eff. Ing. Brilliant. Thank you.


  2. This may be the greatest article and articulation of the real point of the 2nd amendment.

  3. “Is there some tipping point where the criminals have gathered enough people together who want to kill you that you’re outvoted?”
    I think it’s called a lynch mob. They’re very fashionable in a metaphorical, on-line sense nowadays. Also turning up IRL, but not quite to the point of the actual lynching. Yet.
    And, as always, there are those in power who are totally fine with this. The mob must be protected; any given peasant (that’d be you or me) is expendable.
    Eventually, the tipping point becomes one, if he’s a member of a protected class.

  4. Excellent!

  5. My newer is NO … that goes for the state executing people.

    The rest of the world just can’t understand how America got so fzcked up on gun laws. Really!

  6. So, khrvyeith, your answer is that
    Criminals can kill anyone they like
    citizens cannot use deadly force to stop them from killing
    The State cannot execute murderers.

    So you’re saying that you’re basically on the other side?

    I do not think I can express how very little any of us here in the US give a damn about what “the rest of the world” thinks about our laws. If Australians want to live like peasants, disarmed for the safety of the State, that’s your business. We still wish to retain the sovereign powers of citizenship. Our government serves us, not the other way around.

  7. The problem with the entire AR platform is that it’s too efficient and too accurate. The reason that’s a problem is because any evil coward can walk into someplace with a lot of unarmed people and with no skill kill and injure ~100 people in a few minutes. That’s the problem.

    The gun on a shelf isn’t the problem. You’re not the problem. Some evil coward is the problem. I can’t identify an evil coward. I don’t know how to keep an evil coward from obtaining an AR platform weapon.

    And I already hear you – what about AKs (El Paso), what about 9mm (VA Tech), what about crock pots (Boston) – and you’re right. You are 100% right. Problem is some evil coward is already looking to “up the score” and he’s looking for an AR.

    Essentially NOTHING has been done about guns since Columbine – except The Pumpkin Messiah’s Bump Stock ban (which the GOA will get over turned.) Yet mass shootings (not all shootings, not crime) HAVE gone up. It’s a problem. Is it the AR’s fault. Nope. – but – something has to change. Unless you have a way to ferret out evil cowards – then maybe the AR platform needs to go. Clearly there are people that AR platform is to much for them to handle responsibly. It wouldn’t stop mass shootings, i won’t stop evil cowards – but it will slow them down some and maybe some poor bastard who’s just trying to get a burger won’t be dead because some evil coward couldn’t get laid.

  8. “Is it the AR’s fault. Nope. – but – something has to change.”

    Translated: “No one knows what do do, BUT WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING!!!”

    Umm, how about… NO!

    My civil rights do not cease just so you can have an experiment to see if maybe that will have some effect.

  9. Most penetrating insight ever… should have been adopted by the freedom/gun rights community as our singular position ten years ago.

  10. Another issue is that we attempt to base new laws upon the actions of a few lawless people. It’s like outlawing alcohol because of the tiny majority who drive drunk and hurt or kill innocent other people. Yet we don’t consider a new alcohol prohibition (who really “needs” alcohol?) or cars or motorcycles that are faster and more difficult to control than they should be? If we think about it, the logic of the anti-gun crowd runs contrary to logic itself.

  11. I have often used the reply “Well what if I HAVE to kill a lot of people?” They always scoff at me until I relater to them the instance where 2 carloads of gangbangers pulled up outside my house to chat with their friends across the street. Friends who I had already called the cops on twice that day. Looking out the window at 8 guys, all packing and me in my house with my old double barrel .410 shotgun as my only weapon had me a little worried. Thankfully the police sirens scared them away before they crossed my sidewalk or I would have had to shoot and duck for cover. If there was no sirens, I could have used a lot more than 2 shots.

  12. Davis Thompson

    The AR has to go? Better take trucks, too. Because a guy with a truck in Nice, France killed 86 people.

    Gasoline? 80+ killed at the Happyland Disco by an angry dishwasher with a gallon of gas and a match.

    More fire – Waco. Another 80+ killed including more kids than died at Sandy Hook. All the result of a raid to enforce gun control.

    Ban the AR and the next killer changes tactics.

    Best thing to do? Ignore these incidents. That includes the media not making these murderers into celebrities. You have a 1 in 6 million chance of dying in a public mass shooting. So for that we piss on the 2nd Amendment? No thanks.

    2nd best thing is buy a gun, train up to the best of your ability, and carry that thing everywhere you can. So if you’re around for that 2 in 6 million event, maybe you can throw a monkey wrench into the killers plans. As armed civilians have done dozens of times.