Let’s hope for the worst gun ban ever

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I’m hoping for the worst gun ban ever, and you should be too.


Let me explain politics to you. If you can’t get your enemies (and they are our enemies) to pass the bill you want them to pass, then get them to push for the worst, most draconian, most evil bill they can think of. Why? Because it’s easier to defeat a horrible bill than a merely bad one.

This is one of the biggest mistakes gun owners make in politics. They try to educate their enemies. “Maybe if they just understand how things work, they’ll change their minds.” Or worse, they tell the enemy what we will accept. “Oh, that’s terrible, so you need to get rid of this part and this part and we won’t fight you on that last bit.”

Our enemies know what they need to know. Gun ownership is a direct threat to their desire to rule over us. Our guns mean they can’t force us to obey. They don’t need to know the details of how their laws are just freaking moronic, because their desire isn’t to “reduce crime” or any of the other lies they tell us. Their desire is to reduce the number of guns we own. Down to zero if possible.

Our enemies also don’t need to know what compromises we’re willing to make to save as much of the 2A as we have left after all of our previous compromises. That’s literally giving information to the enemy.

The best strategy is to convince our enemies to fill their anti-gun bills with every single awful gun ban they can imagine. Why do you think they failed to pass so-called “Universal Background Checks” after Newtown? Because they also tried to ban AR-15s. They pissed us off so badly that we went hard at our representatives and enough Senators filibustered everything that came down on us. That’s our strategy.

So how do we accomplish this goal? We make the enemy believe he can pass everything he asks for. We make the loudest elements of the Far Left believe that they have a chance to pass their fondest desire, disarmament of their enemies, us. We encourage their would-be leaders in the Dem presidential primary race to run as far to the anti-gun left as possible. We promote a bidding war between the candidates to see who will be the hardest against guns.

And then we fucking stomp them.

In order to accomplish this, we need two things. The enemy to be encouraged to act stupidly, and the pro-gun base to be outraged and ready to fight.

Watch the President’s moves. See how my explanation of his goals accurately predicts his moves. His daughter is running around talking to lawmakers, “gauging support.” He himself is signalling openness to gun bans.

This will convince the enemy to overcommit. They’ve already submitted a near total ban on semi-auto rifles. A nudge and a wink, and we can get them to go full retard on this bill. These actions have also caused the pro-gun side to go apeshit online. They’re ready to fight.

All we need now is for Congress to get back in session so we can get the enemy to speak openly about how many guns they’re going to take away from us. It’s all just posturing until then.

I’m hoping for the enemy to push for the absolute worst anti-gun bill they can dream of. And you should be hoping for that as well.

5 responses to “Let’s hope for the worst gun ban ever

  1. I have a problem with this. “What if” what they want is to move just a little more gun control. Go big knowing it won’t fly, so “show reasonable” compromise back to 25% of what they want. Then do it again next year. Then do it again the next year. Seems I have seen this movie before. Soon they got what they wanted and we are still going “Wait, What?” To me, this is just looking at a single part of the problem. Step back and look at the whole. The fedgov is no longer our government. It has been corrupted and no longer represents us. It can only be taken down to its bare bones and started over. Never going to happen.

  2. Read the history of the income tax amendment.
    It is better to prevent them from passing anything at all.

  3. Yep, that’s the point. Instead of letting them get something small, you encourage them to overextend and ask for too much. Then you give them nothing.

    There’s no possible way they can say “we don’t want to ban your guns” when they’re shouting “BAN THESE GUNS!”

  4. Jeremiah Weed

    Sean, you must go to a different internet than I do. Daily, I see people argue for gun bans and then, in the very next sentence, say they’re not advocating taking guns.

  5. Are we still honestly arguing that he’s playing 5 dimensional chess?