You Can’t Fight Drones and Tanks with AR-15s!

I like to point this out to people…

I used to live in Garner, NC. When the NC CHP database was something you could get, I searched it for everyone with a Garner address. There were more than 850 people who had Concealed Handgun Permits in the city of Garner. Not “gun owners,” but people who had taken a one day class and spent about $200 total just to get permission to carry a gun. You have to assume that the total number of gun owners was far higher.

Garner had (at the time) a total police force of 56 sworn officers. The total number of officers on patrol never exceeded 12 and was usually 6-8.

How the hell are 12 people going to police a town that has 850 concealed handgun permit holders and an unknown number of gun owners unless those gun owners WANT to be policed?

We knew exactly where the Mayor lived. And the Town Manager. And every single member of the Town Council.

One phone call and we could have summoned the cops on duty to an ambush and murdered half the cops on patrol before anyone knew what was going on. Then hit the Mayor’s house. And then randomly start attacking infrastructure. And then disappear, only to pop up from time to time whacking cops or town leaders or burning down buildings.

There’s literally nothing the cops could do to stop us. Cops would have to ride two-up in cars and respond in groups. They’d have to stop short of the call location and be careful on the way in, never knowing if it was an ambush or a real call. The Town Council could never meet again in public. Never mind having elections.

And where would the State and the Feds be in all of this? Dealing with their own troubles. One town rebels and they could all descend on them like a ton of bricks. Piss off everyone and the same thing starts happening everywhere. There are 800K sworn police officers of any description in the US, from your local beat cop to the head of the FBI. There’s no possible way that 800K could force 300 million to obey.

And don’t give me any guff about the US military. They’d desert before they went to war against their own people. (as would most of the police, but let’s ignore that for now) You can’t run drones or warships without safe locations to refuel and rearm. Guess what? We know where all those places are. Where do you think the people who man these weapons live? In a secure bunker someplace inaccessible? They’re your neighbors. So are the people who move the fuel and armaments. What do you think will happen to their families if they chose the wrong side?

We obey because we want to. They police us with our consent. If that consent was withdrawn, no one could exert power over us ever. That’s the reality of an armed population. That’s why we fight to keep our firearms.

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2 responses to “You Can’t Fight Drones and Tanks with AR-15s!

  1. The other this is resistance doesn’t have to be coordinated. It would be easy for lone wolfs to do this. And as other gun owners see it happening, they’d do the same thing.

  2. One of things most people forget or don’t realize is there are over 600,000 Army reserve and national guard troops. These troops are your neighbors and relatives how hard would it be for a squad or up to a battalion to take over the arms room and ammunition dumps for their units. Then the regular army units dumb enough to violate their oaths would be facing units of close to equal strength and weapons who are very highly motivated who would win then?????? that plus a guerrilla movement of assassination and disrupting the water supply electrical grid and food shipments would turn most major cities to hell holes within a week or so. i read somewhere that the local grocery store only has a three day supply of food on hand. Disrupt the road network and the flow stops when the flow of food stops the riots start.