You’re asking the wrong question

  • “Why do they think so-called ‘Universal Background Checks’ will prevent crime?”
  • “Why don’t they understand that so-called ‘Universal Background Checks’ are useless?”
  • “Don’t they understand that so-called ‘Universal Background Checks’ criminalize ordinary behavior?”

Stop asking these questions. They don’t matter to the debate. But for your information,

  • They don’t think they will prevent crime.
  • They are only useless for their stated aims. They will work very well for destroying our ability to pass on gun culture to our friends.
  • This, for them, is a feature, not a bug.

The actual question that needs to ask looks something like this…

And this one

How many years in Federal PMITA prison does AOC, ‘The Squad,’ Douche Nukem, and the rest of the Left think should gun owners get for ordinary gun owning behavior?

Make them defend sending Uncle Andy to the Federal slammer for loaning his turkey gun to his neighbor. Make them defend sending Cousin Mike to the Big House for teaching his friend’s wife to shoot. Make them defend it in public and on the floor of the House of Representatives.

This is the conversation they don’t want to have.

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