Looks like I was right!

I told you a while back on Facebook

Well here’s the first real sign of that.

Republicans have ended negotiations on a bill that would expand background checks for gun purchases because of House Democrats’ push for an impeachment inquiry into President Trump.

A Senate staffer told Washington Free Beacon reporter Stephen Gutowski that “gun legislation is dead, at least for the time being, because of the impeachment inquiry” that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Tuesday. 

This is how you win on a contentious issue. You don’t stand on tables and scream “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!” You let the idiots punch themselves out and then you walk away blaming them for their own failure.

The ole rope a dope

That’s not to say that your howling on social media and directly to Republican Senators wasn’t useful, it was. It scared enough Senators that it made standing up to the Dems and their gun grab efforts an attractive political position. But look closely at how this was done. The President signalled willingness to sign gun control, causing two easily predictable things.

  1. Dems would overreach.
  2. Gun owners would freak out and start bombarding their Senators with pro gun messages.

Had Trump said “Screw that, we’re not doing anything,” the Dems might still have tried, but we gun owners would have remained quiet, which would have scared the Senators into believing that the other side might have the votes to put them out at the next election.

You’re being played. Why? Because we gun owners are terrible at politics. We get some of what we want and then we go away and mind our own business. We are so focused on finding heresy that when the President doesn’t immediately stand on the nearest table and scream “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!” we act like he’s a traitor. So the guy who is better at making deals than anyone else needs to win, he manipulates us in order to create the conditions where he gets the deal he wants.

2 responses to “Looks like I was right!

  1. I have always said that Trump intentionally creates advantage where none previously existed by initially making an outrageous demand, then appearing to return to sanity with a much milder demand as a “concession”.

    He does this regularly and even when the people he’s manipulating know it, they’re powerless to do anything about it. It works just the same.

    If Trump is crazy, it’s crazy like a fox. Don’t ever sell our president short.

  2. I have said this since he announced his run for President: Pay attention to what Trump *does*, ignore what he *says*.

    He’s not a traditional politician that is always spoon-feeding you his agenda where you have to jump on any indication of leaning the wrong way. Trump will talk about going all the way to the wrong side if he thinks it will create an advantage in later discussions. The things he says cannot be taken literally.