Mobs Will Murder You

Mob action is ALWAYS extremely dangerous. This is why we have police officers who MUST enforce the law evenhandedly. We as citizens have made a deal with government that we will forgo our right to private revenge in exchange for the government providing public justice. But that’s a DEAL, not a surrender. When the government repeatedly and conspicuously fails to provide that public justice, they’ve broken the deal and they open the door to this mob scene.

A mob scene like this…

From the Daily Mail

Furious Londoners turned on Extinction Rebellion today with crowds of commuters dragging protesters down from the roofs of Tube carriages to rough them up on the station platform, while online the group was slammed for comparing its actions to those of civil rights legend Rosa Parks.

Now I like seeing an “extinction rebellion” douchebag getting an ass kicking just as much as the next guy. I WANT to see them bloody and beaten, tossed down the nearest flight of stairs. This knowledge of myself is exactly why I never want to see things like this happen. I want the police to politely advise the protesters that they must immediately cease their stupidity and allow the citizens to go about their day. And when they refuse, I want to see the police climbing up on the trains and taking these idiots into custody for prosecution.

Mobs will kick a man to death because they don’t know how or when to stop. They will exact revenge for every imagined slight on whoever they’ve gotten their hands on, guilty or innocent alike. As much pure joy as I get from seeing these dickheads getting their skulls kicked in, this represents a failure of our society. This represents the government repeatedly failing to provide the public justice they promised. This represents the frustration and anger of a public that has no recourse when the deal they made with their government was broken.

This will end one of two ways. Either the government will attempt to reestablish control of the protesters, or the public will start stringing up these people, along with a few innocent bystanders who somehow “looked guilty.” The punishment will not fit the crime. I predict that the government will, in typical fashion, attempt to reestablish control of the public and let the protesters continue, which will mean some of the innocents harmed will be the police.

Who are we to be? Will we be the mob? Or will we be this woman?

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In 1996, a black teenager protected a white man from an angry mob who thought he supported the racist Ku Klux Klan. It was an act of extraordinary courage and kindness – and is still inspiring people today.

Mobs will murder you. Never forget that.

5 responses to “Mobs Will Murder You

  1. The police are not there to protect us from criminals. They are there to protect criminals from us. And lately, they are not doing a very good job.

  2. But, what you say didn’t happen. These people didn’t get their heads stomped in. They both ended up walking away. While you may claim this isn’t the norm when citizens group up and say “enough”, I’ve seen plenty enough videos of citizens given state issued costumes and badges who mob up and leave whomever they have focused on without the ability to even crawl away. Hell, they throw flashbang grenades on the face of sleeping babies, and defend their actions afterwards, (and receive protection, immunity and promotion from the state the entire time). Yet, the “what if” from private citizens is what scares you?

    Uniformed, state-sponsored mob action has crushed millions and millions more skulls then anything happening outside of state control.

  3. Holy Handy on Dollar Night at the Whore House! Does not anyone read the article?? Yes, cops are Jackbooted thuggish pigs who hide behind qualified immunity and routinely violate rights.

    But this post is about di di mau-ing away from the mindless leviathan that is a mob.
    You don’t want to be their main target
    You don’t want to be their secondary, nor their tertiary target.
    You don’t want to be hunting with them .
    You sure as hell should not want to be there.

    I swear, it’s as if everyone can’t wait to scratch their Civil War 2.0 itch.

  4. Pat: I agree. Frequently the State isn’t interested in justice. They’re almost never in favor of treating everyone fairly. Most times they simply want us little people to just shut up. I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve seen the police protecting people who needed a good ass kicking. The effect is that the number of people who need their asses kicked has increased because they suffer zero consequences for their behavior.

    FishOrMan: I’m not sure what to say to that statement, except to refer you to “totc”‘s comment below.

    totc: Your comment is exactly on point. It should be printed out and stapled to some people’s foreheads.

  5. Dumpster Diving From Space

    Regarding the “Deal” that you stipulate between society and the state/law enforcement, I agree in principal. The challenge for me, however, is that I often wonder if this isn’t the actual goal of said state/politiicans/LEO. Is this a feature or a bug….?

    Now that I’ve adjusted my tin foil hat, allow me to elaborate….

    By permitting (dare I say enabling…?) this mob behavior, the variety of “state actors” benefit from the resulting hue and cry from the public writ large.

    “Protect us”, is the response from decent, civil society and we acquiesce to the ever expanding (read: never ending) demand for more taxes/resources/personnel to combat the “threat”. Oh, and don’t forget the corresponding loss of individual liberty “in the name of security” (Paging Dr. Franklin, Dr. Benjamin Franklin please use the red, white, or blue courtesy phone).

    Seriously….is there ANY (societal) issue/problem that said gov’t has actually solved (looking at you War on Drugs/Poverty/Bigotry, etc)???

    To me it all comes down to the age old, “cui bono”?

    Anyway, just asking…..for a friend.

    Space Ghost