NC COVID Numbers 3-31-2020

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Helpfully the NC Department of Health and Human Services posts the statewide COVID case numbers every day. I thought it might be helpful to monitor those numbers in one place.

This is really a good idea. Every state should be doing something similar.

The next question is, how does this track over time? Luckily I checked the numbers yesterday and I can compare.

Since yesterday we’ve had 2,242 more tests, 157 more confirmed cases, 20 more in hospital, and 2 more deaths. As for hospital beds, we’ve got nearly 40% of regular beds vacant and almost 25% of ICU beds vacant.

Currently there’s not a whole lot we can say about this situation. Here in NC we’re not being hit very hard by this, but we can’t say if it’s “not yet” or “not ever” until we see how it goes over the next 2-3 weeks. So don’t take this information and immediately leap to the conclusion that we’re blowing this way out of proportion.

On a side note, if you are from a different state and can track the numbers on your blog, please do. I can’t possibly track all 50 states plus territories, and the CDC is doing a terrible job of displaying the data in useable format. If you’ve got the time, please handle your state. If your state is not publishing the data, harass them until they do. Tell them to follow the basic format that NC is using and point them to our DHHS COVID website.

EDITED TO ADD: NC DHHS just added “expanded data” that’s a fantastic resource. A quick look through shows that statewide we have 670 patients on ventilators (for any reason) out of a total of 2,519 ventilators. That’s a great sign that we have plenty of capacity right now. Go check out the data HERE

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