NC COVID Numbers 4-1-2020

Update on the NC COVID numbers available HERE. (Note, this links to a page that is updated every day. When you link to it, it will be current for the day you get there, not necessarily for the day I linked it.)

The numbers continue to rise (slowly so far). We’re up one death from 8 yesterday to 9 today. We have 3,137 more tests with 86 more confirmed cases and 47 more people hospitalized. What’s really good news is that we’ve got 94% of hospitals currently reporting and we’re still showing 40% of hospital beds and 26.5% of ICU beds free. (I’m maintaining a day to day spreadsheet to track these numbers over time)

After finishing the blog post yesterday NC DHHS added what amounts to a “supplemental” page that gives a really good overview of the current situation, including where all the hospital patients are located, a graph of how many cases by what date they collected the sample, and, my favorite, a measurement of patients on ventilators to total number of available ventilators.

That is a reassuring number. We currently have more than 2,100 ventilators available to any incoming patients for any reason.

If you’re reading this in a different state, maybe contact the DHHS equivalent in your state and ask them why they’re not putting out the same information. We can’t expect one person in Washington DC to put this together, but we certainly can ask our states to put together the information for them.

On a personal note, due to the nature of my job (which will remain shrouded in mystery out of respect for my employer) I went out today. I went to two locations for my job and then stopped in at The Wife’s parents’ house to trade supplies. Roads are dead quiet. I stopped at the grocery store near their house and didn’t see too much in the way of sort supplies. There are definitely some shortfalls, but there are so many choices that I can’t imagine people couldn’t find something that they could eat. The frozen prepared foods are kind of thin. Lots of choices still, but much thinner than the usual “OMG HOW CAN I CHOOSE FROM SO MANY OPTIONS!” we are used to. Keep your chin up. If you’re having financial troubles (and anyone out of work will be) make sure to avail yourself of any and all options.

NC DHHS has income assistance –
NC Dept of Employment Security has unemployment –

Do what you need to do to feed yourself and your family. No one will ever look down on you for needing assistance to ride out this god awful mess. I’m safe and sound, so the best thing I can be doing right now is contributing my tax dollars to seeing you get fed. Go get it. Make me happy.

And if you’re at the end of your rope,
1. Don’t be a dick. You’ve got work to do. People need you. Stick around and be useful. Seriously, people NEED you.
2. Get in touch with these guys. They’re our friends. They will help you out.

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