NC COVID numbers 4-3-2020

Our topline numbers are 2,919 new tests, 236 more confirmed cases, 75 more hospitalizations, and 3 more deaths since yesterday. We have plenty of both regular and ICU beds, but the ICU total has jumped more than 200 people overnight. While this might seem a lot, it’s actually a jump of just 9 people from two days ago. That makes me wonder if maybe yesterday’s data was incorrect somehow. Perhaps they reported 635 when what they really meant was 835. In any case, we’re basically the exact same place we were two days ago in terms of ICU beds.

Our ventilator count is increasing. Two days ago they reported 2,519 ventilators. Yesterday 2,818. Today they’re reporting 3,014. That’s really good news. At the same time the total number of patients actually on respirators has dropped. Two days ago it was 670, then up to 691 yesterday, and now down to 652. That’s good news.

Let’s look today at the demographics of our deaths. We have 19 deaths. How are they distributed among the population

Out of 19 dead, 2 were between 25 and 49, 2 were between 50 and 64, and 15 were over 65. This tracks with what we’ve been told. This is killing older people, fairly standard for a virus of this type.

For a disease that appears not to discriminate among cases, it sure seems to discriminate in deaths. Only 6 of the 19 deaths were female vs 13 males. If you’re a man over 65, please do your best not to catch this. I’m talking to you, Dad. And you, too, Father in Law.

Looking at the deaths, it appears that the breakdown among deaths is not really that far off from the racial makeup of North Carolina as a whole. In NC about 69% are white, 22% or so are black, and the remainder are Asian, “Other,” mixed race, and Native American. Whites are very slightly overrepresented in the deaths, but with such a very small sample size it’s the literally just one extra in the “white” column and one less in the “other” column from being almost exactly the same as our statewide racial distribution. So at least the virus isn’t racist as well as sexist. I can’t comment on the racial distribution among the total number of confirmed cases as they are missing race data for 653 patients out of 2,093. We can’t honestly report on anything where they’re missing data on over 31% of the total cases.

I continue to be impressed with the data that NC DHHS is putting out. It places all the information I want to know into some sort of context so not only do I know the info, but I can understand it. That’s actually hard to do. Good on them for doing it.

Once again, I’ll reiterate what I said for the last two days. If you need income assistance and/or unemployment, go get it. I’m just going to copy/paste what I put yesterday…

NC DHHS has income assistance –
NC Dept of Employment Security has unemployment –

Do what you need to do to feed yourself and your family. No one will ever look down on you for needing assistance to ride out this god awful mess. I’m safe and sound, so the best thing I can be doing right now is contributing my tax dollars to seeing you get fed. Go get it. Make me happy.

And if you’re at the end of your rope,
1. Don’t be a dick. You’ve got work to do. People need you. Stick around and be useful. Seriously, people NEED you.
2. Get in touch with these guys. They’re our friends. They will help you out.

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