NC COVID numbers 4-4-2020

Our daily numbers show the following changes from yesterday

  • 7,175 new tests
  • 309 new cases
  • 12 more hospitalizations
  • 5 more deaths

We are currently showing an approximate “death rate” (number of deaths divided by the total number of “confirmed cases”) of about 1%. This sounds wildly high for “just the flu,” but bear in mind that they are not testing anyone who doesn’t have symptoms or has “mild” symptoms. Quoting from Wake County (Raleigh, NC) guidance…

In general, patients who have mild symptoms consistent with COVID-19 do not need testing for COVID-19 and should be instructed to stay and recover at home. Also, please do not test patients who are not sick or who have already recovered from a respiratory illness.

Clinicians should use their clinical judgment and prioritize testing of patients for whom clinical management would be different if they are infected with COVID-19 and patients in high risk categories (e.g., patients in long-term or congregate care settings, elderly and/or those with respiratory comorbidities, health care workers, and first responders).

Wake County is the largest county in NC by population, having just passed Mecklenburg County in the last few months.

Our hospital and ICU bed count continues to look good as does our count of free ventilators. More than 3/4ths of our ventilators statewide are currently idle.

As a State, we appear to be in good shape. Let’s hope that remains the case.

Again, here are some links if you need help.

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