NC COVID numbers 4-5-2020

Our daily numbers show the following changes from yesterday

  • 1,272 new tests
  • 183 new cases
  • 10 fewer hospitalizations
  • 7 more deaths

I’m not sure that the bed count is useful this time as the data comes from only 62% of hospitals reporting. In any case, we can see that there is still significant empty bed space both in regular beds and in ICU beds.

There is usually a second update to the numbers during the day, but there wasn’t one today. I take that as a good sign. It’s Sunday, so I suspect people had some time off. Why is that a good sign? Because if they were truly panicked, no one would get even a minute off, and no one would have gotten away with a bed census reflected less than 2/3rds of the hospitals in the state.

Again, here are some links if you need help.

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