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October 22nd Blogmeet and shooting class

I have decided to open up the blogmeet and shooting class to readers. We are going to TigerSwan, near Fayetteville, and taking their 8 hour Intro to Pistol class.

The class is suitable for beginners, but unless you are a pro, you will learn and get better in this class. Costs are $210 for the class, plus $10 for food, PayPal fees, and drinks. I’ll be bringing some good Franklin County pork for lunch, along with some Gatorade and water.
Class requirements are a pistol, 5 mags, holster, 2 mag carriers, a sturdy belt, and 500 rounds of ammo for your pistol. Don’t have your own pistol? For $130 they will supply you with a Glock 17, 500 rounds of 9mm, plus holster, mags, and carriers. Just bring yourself and a sturdy belt.
After class we will return to Garner to have dinner (open carry if you like) at the Golden Corral. I still have 4 or 5 spots open in the class. Email me if you are interested.

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What I did on my summer vacation

Well now that things are settled down here, all the fires are out and I have caught up with the Gunwalker T-Shirt orders, I can tell you all about my 2 week summer vacation.
Readers will remember that I am a historical re-enactor. I spent my 2 weeks at a little get together we call Pennsic. This year we had 11,500 people camped out north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The SCA is a large organization with many facets. For a much better explanation of it than I could possibly give you, go here.
Pennsic is about 90 minutes from my parent’s house, so I even got to spend a day with them. There is a certain chipmunk who wishes I’d have just stayed away. He was caught by a .22 bullet after raiding the bird feeder.
I also got to spend some time showing my father how to use the Dillon 650 progressive reloading press he owns. He bought the thing nearly 20 years ago, but he never got it set up. When I bought my pistol, he had me set it up and use it, but he never learned how to use it himself. Now he knows how to use it.
Pennsic is our annual “War” between two of the “Kingdoms” in the SCA. It is the largest event we hold, and typically the battles run about 1000 people on a side. Yes, battles. And we don’t have some fat guy throwing beanbags and shouting “Magic Missile!” We hit each other with sticks, really hard.

The fighting is just one aspect of it, but it is a large part of what we do. One of the real draws of Pennsic, or indeed any SCA event is the people you meet. Here’s a photo of me with three people you should know. One is obvious who she is. The other two have asked me not to name them, but I can say that they are gun bloggers.
Breda apparently had a good time. She even danced. I do a bit of historical dance (the SCA time period is from 400-1600 AD, or thereabouts) so I taught her a few dances and we had a great time. The bread she baked for me was a huge hit. The other two were, as is typical of all my gunnie friends, really nice guys. How is it that you get a bunch of guys and gals, armed to the teeth, and they are the friendliest people around? Maybe Heinlein was right. An armed society is a polite society.
I had a great time. Even the drive home was great. The homecoming, however, sucked. Right after we left home, the power failed at the house. We came home to a house that was 90 degrees, and a refrigerator/freezer that hadn’t had any power for almost 2 weeks. We lost something like $400 worth of the finest beef and pork you can buy. (My farmer friend, who raised it, is also in the SCA) I tried not to cry as it all went into the trash. The power company sent out an emergency truck and he confirmed what my father suspected. The 110V still worked, but the 220V which powers the AC, refrigerator, and other large appliances, was off. They just cabled us into the neighbor’s power box. Basically we are running our house off a big extension cord. It’s pretty funny. But at least the AC works now.
Aside from that last part, my vacation was really good. During the time I was gone I got plenty of Gunwalker T-Shirt orders. Like I posted on Monday, I’ve placed the order for the shirts with the shirt printer. He’s promised them to me for the middle of next week. I’m back at work at my unnamed job. And in a couple of weeks I’ll be back up north for the NorthCoast Blogger meet in Ohio. Life is pretty good.


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Blogmeet and Shooting Class

In addition to the Gunwalker T-Shirts, I have one other project. I am hosting a blogger get together and shooting class on October 22, 2011. North Carolina is HOT right now, but in October we should have nice weather.
The class is a one day, 8 hour basic pistol class with a very highly regarded training company, TigerSwan. I’ve taken this class before and I was amazed at how much improved my shooting was after 8 hours and 500 rounds.
They really know how to teach. Some of you might be thinking, “I don’t need a basic pistol class, I’m already pretty good.” TigerSwan operates on the concept that “There is no such thing as ‘advanced tactical skills’ – there is only perfect execution of the fundamentals under stress.” And they are right. So join me in learning (or relearning) those basic skills in October. Here’s a link to the review that made me take their class in the first place. (PDF)
For those traveling in from out of town, I have set up a hotel that is right across the street from our dinner location. We’ll meet in Garner, NC and carpool the hour or so to the range. When we get back, we’ll have dinner at a local eatery. Because NC law still bars carry at a restaurant that serves alcohol (grrrr) we will be eating at the Golden Corral that hosts our local Open Carry dinners. Feel free to open carry. It won’t bother them in the slightest.

We already have 4 people signed up for the class. We have a minimum class size of 10, and an absolute maximum of 15. The keep the class small in order to maintain a high instructor to student ratio. The class alone is $210, but if you want to buy ammo and rent their Glock 17, holster, mags and carriers, it’s only $340 total. If you are interested, please email me.

Right now, I am limiting the class to bloggers, but if you are not a blogger, email me and I’ll put you on the list in case we have extra spaces in the class. (I already have 3 people on that list, so don’t wait!)
Don’t get left out.  


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October Blogmeet and shooting class

Now it’s time to get serious about this NC Blogmeet and shooting class. This is a video from the days before TigerSwan had their own range.

TigerSwan has us penciled in for Saturday October 22nd. I need a roll call of those who want to go. I’ve sent out emails to those who have already contacted me. In the next week I will set up a PayPal for this shoot.
$210 for the class.
$340 for the class if you want to use their gun (Glock 17) and their ammo. They also provide holster, mags and carriers. You need a belt.
Class starts at 8am, ends at 5pm. Unless you pay TigerSwan to use their stuff, you need to bring a pistol, magazines, holster, mag carriers, and belt.
I have scouted a hotel in Garner and have gotten us group rates at $89 a night. They will be supplying us a meeting room with WiFi and electrical connections. Details will be mailed to you.
Saturday night we will have a group dinner at the Golden Corral across the street from the hotel. Depending on how far you are going home, we might arrange something on Sunday as well.

Class is limited to 15 people MAX. Once we get 15 people, the registration will be closed. Contact me right away via email with all your basic contact info. I will set up the PayPal and we’ll get this ball rolling.

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Gun blogmeet in NC – How’s OCT 22 sound?

New info on the proposed North Carolina Gun blogmeet. How’s October 22 sound for a date? That’s late enough in the season that we should be able to dodge the worst of the heat. October is generally a pleasant month here in NC.
Here’s the proposed schedule
Friday afternoon/evening – Arrive, check in to hotel, informal dinner/meet and greet,
6:30 – 7:45am Car pool to TigerSwan
7:45am – 5 pm TigerSwan for a 1 day Intro to Pistol course
8pm –   Open Carry Dinner in private room at Golden Corral (Guns in restaurants that serve alcohol is still banned in NC, sorry)
Sunday – Go home.
For those with an extra day or two, Raleigh is available for touring.
I considered having everyone just go straight to Fayetteville, and hotel it there, but anyone who comes in via airplane will basically have to fly through Raleigh-Durham airport anyway.
We have a HARD limit of 15 participants in the TigerSwan class. The minimum for a private class is 10. The cost is extremely reasonable. For just the class, it’s $210. If you don’t have a pistol, for an extra $130 ($340 total) they will loan you a Glock 17, 500 rounds of 9mm, a holster, magazines and carriers, ear and eye protection. I just looked at LuckyGunner, and 500 rounds of their cheapest brass cased 9mm ammo shipped here is $118, so you see that they are really reasonably priced.
This class is not a high speed run and gun class. For all that they are run by retired Tier 1 military unit vets, their methodology is very simple. TigerSwan believes in proper fundamentals, and will teach those fundamentals to you. You will shoot at 25 yard targets, and you will hit them. By lunchtime last time I took this course I was putting all my shots in the black in a standard 25 meter NRA target at 25 meters. After lunch they had us shooting at USPSA silhouettes at 10 meters and we were shooting like rock stars.
Comment below, but if you want to get in on this, email me directly. Once I have 15 people, I will cut off the class. I’m waiting on more hotel info, but the one I’ve already scouted is $83.14 a night and will make sure that their full breakfast is out at 6am so we can leave in time to get to class.

North Carolina Blogmeet and shooting class?

Ok, I admit it; I’m still hyped up from the LuckyGunner blogger shoot. The machine guns were fun, but the best part was meeting all the bloggers and getting a chance to hang out with you all. John Richardson, Bob Owens and I talked a bit about having a NC blogmeet. Who’s in?
I was thinking about having this in September or later in order to beat the NC Heat. We have two options. First, we could just go to a local outdoor range and have a informal shoot/BBQ/party. Second, and much better, is that we could get together and go to TigerSwan’s new training center near Fayetteville, NC. Their list price for One Day Introductory Pistol is $210. Don’t have a pistol? For an extra $130 ($340 total) they will loan you a pistol (Glock 17, I think) a holster and give you 500 rounds of 9mm. The time I took the class there were 2 instructors and 7 students.
I’ve been through their one day class before and it was well worth the money. I’ve sent them an email asking how many people we’d have to put together to have a private class. I’ve also asked them what the limit is on number of people so that we can bring wives/husbands, responsible children, gunnie friends, whatever.
My plan was to get group hotel space here in Garner, just south of central Raleigh, and drive the hour to the range on Saturday. Everybody arrive Friday night and leave on Sunday. We could reserve a room at the local Golden Trough Corral and have an open carry dinner. Sadly, until the new law passes and becomes effective 1 December, guns in restaurants that serve alcohol is still a no-no in NC. The Golden Corral in Garner is one of 3 or 4 Raleigh area restaurants we use as OC dinner locations, so they won’t even bat an eye.
So, what do you think?