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Another “But” head

We all know the type. I’m a gun owner but…. Here’s another one.
He’s right. If you don’t bother to look at any of the facts, it is not hard to conclude that guns cause more problems than they solve. However, if you are even passably aquainted with the facts, the conclusion falls apart.
And I can’t take academics seriously who want to disarm me because they think it will make them safer.
He’s just another totalitarian, trying to control my life because he can’t control the criminals.

UPDATE: I didn’t make much of it when I wrote this post, but the column author’s son committed suicide. The professor talks about it in the column, in passing. He does say that the son didn’t use a gun to commit suicide, but he did use a gun earlier in his life.
There’s this family biography

So we have a drug user, and a convicted felon who committed suicide without a gun, but we need to ban guns to prevent suicide.
Maybe the good professor should have spent more time worrying about his son and less time worrying about my gun.


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You know, you can’t hunt with an AR

Frequently people get confused and make some stupid statement that leads you to believe that they thing guns are just for hunting. You know the type, the ones that say “I support the Second Amendment but….” They think you should be happy with a wood stocked bolt action rifle, because you can’t hunt with an AR-15.
For the perfect answer to this inane belief, go here and look at the photo.
How cool would it be for every gun owner to send this photo on a postcard to their “favorite” anti-gun politician? Can you just picture Carolyn McCarthy as the Wicked Witch of New York seeing it and screaming “I’m Melting!”  You could have a lot of fun asking her which part of this AR is “the shoulder thing that goes up.”

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It’s time for the citizens of Canton to get themselves a new City Council President. (*Audio*)

It’s time for the citizens of Canton to get themselves a new Mayor City Council President.
Listen to this absurd rant.

Apparently it’s ok to have guns, but carrying them is insane.
Ht: Cam Edwards, via Twitter

Update: Bill thinks we should all wear “Cunning Hats” and have a protest.


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Noooo! Don’t have Concealed Carry in Wisconsin!

Another sad letter to the editor bemoaning the expansion (restoration, really) of our rights.
Let me translate for you all. “I was in the Army! I know guns! All you kids, get offa my lawn!”
And when Wisconsin residents start carrying concealed handguns in large numbers we all know how much crime and mayhem it will cause.


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Gunmaker to little people: Drop Dead

Japete finally finds one of those mythical hunters/gun owners that support her gun grabbing agenda. In a comment, hunter and muzzle loading rifle builder Brent Gurtek says
I don’t have strong feelings about concealed/open carry, one way or the other. As long as those doing the carrying have passed a solid background check, took a good course & keep their hand in with their chosen weapon. When it comes to students carrying on campus, at least those under say 22 years of age, perhaps even a bit older, I would approach that with extreme caution.

So for Brent, unless you are 22, you have no rights. You might get to vote and get shipped off to war, but no bearing arms for you. If you are 18, you’re too stupid, hotheaded, and unreliable to exercise your rights.

The rest of us need to shell out the big bucks for a “good course” of training, and a “solid” background check. Then we need to practice regularly, presumably with proof provided to the government, in order to keep our “right” to bear arms. If you are too poor to meet Brent’s high standards, too bad for you.

Also, as Japete mentioned, if a DGU occurred on campus the carry permit holders on the scene & responding authorities would have to be able to easily & quickly identify each other or there could be some tragic “friendly fire” incidents. With some thought, there’s probably a way to satisfy this to some extent.

Not all that tough to do. The person running around shooting the screaming innocents: bad guy. The ones trying to shoot him: good guys. The one that points his gun at the cops when they announce over the bullhorn to surrender: bad guy. The guys who holster, and surrender immediately: good guys. It isn’t all that hard to understand.

I’d really like to see We, The People, put most of our efforts behind keeping dangerous weapons out of the wrong hands. And then if reasonable, intelligent & qualified folks wish to carry a weapon publicly I wouldn’t have much of a problem with it.

Reasonable, Intelligent, Qualified. Or put more simply, People like Us. The good sort. People who wouldn’t get black-balled at the Country Club. None of those red-necky trailer-trash types from the wrong side of the tracks. No negroes, please. It’s amazing how fast those three words turn into racism, classism and snobbery. It also turns out that Brent has a history of gun control fetishism, a curious hobby for a guy who makes guns. But I guess that it makes a certain amount of sense that a guy who makes $2000 plus hand built muzzle loaders for the well heeled has a gripe with me carrying a cheap plastic gun in public. Snob.

Not for long. VPC, Brady, and the usual suspects are trying to ban big bore handguns since they are capable of penetrating police vests. They are also after hunting rifles. They’ll just call them sniper rifles first.