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Why Colin Goddard is wrong

The new face of gun control

Handgun Control Incorporated  The Brady Campaign’s newest mascot was on Oprah recently flogging the anti-gun message. When you hear him speak, remember that Colin was disarmed and helpless by Virginia State policy. He was under 21, so a concealed carry license was unavailable to him, and even if he had been old enough, Virginia Tech policy would have subjected him to expulsion had he exercised his right to carry. Colin tries to say that the situation was too chaotic for him or anyone else to have used a gun to stop the rampage. Really?

So all of these actions were taken, and many more besides, but the simple action of pulling out a gun and putting a few rounds into someone was too much to hope for? Even a few rounds toward the criminal would have slowed him down enough to allow more people to get out of windows to safety.

Colin will forever remember laying on the floor of that classroom, helpless to defend himself from a rampaging maniac. He wants to make sure that you don’t have a gun. Since he knows how it feels to be helpless, how can he justify making sure that you are helpless too?

* –  All references from Wikipedia have had the perpetrator’s name changed to “XXX” in accordance with my policy against giving publicity to criminals