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Robb? What’s with the mop?

The Pants Free Lifestyle™ claims another victim
We must ban mops. For the children.

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Does this gun make me look fat?

Dressing for success is a bit more difficult when you’re lugging around a lump of metal on one hip and a full reload on the other. The Vuurwapen Blog is asking what Arc’teryx gear he should look at. Now I like the look of some of the Arc’teryx stuff. It’s probably the thing to wear if you’re some sort of hard core soldier from a military unit known only by acronyms or numbers. Unfortunately, I’m not only fat and out of shape, the furthest I get into the wilderness is the field on my friend’s farm. I need clothes that will blend with a different sort of background.
I don’t go too much into my job here on my blog, but I will tell you that I work for an insurance company and I do inspections. This means that my daily pants wear is black cargo pants. It’s great for carrying a flashlight and pen. I wear Wrangler cargo pants, purchased for less than $20 each at Wal-Mart. I carry (off the job, of course) in an IWB rig, so in the summer I just wear untucked polo shirts. Because I don’t particularly like a rough textured pistol grip grinding my skin off, I’ve taken to wearing a white undershirt, just like dad wears. He’d be proud that I’ve finally come around to wearing an undershirt. In winter, a long sleeve shirt plus a sweatshirt of some type and I’m set. I try not to wear a jacket over a loose sweatshirt, because that makes too many layers to fight with to access my pistol. I have to decide whether it’s jacket or sweatshirt.
Essentially, what I’ve found is that I have basically come around to the exact sort of clothing described by Caleb Giddings in his January 2008 post, Metro-Tactical. What sort of clothing do the rest of you wear?