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Engineering without a license turns into Lawyer-ing without a license (*Video*)

The case of the North Raleigh homeowners association that was reported to the State for “Engineering without a license” has gotten even stranger. Now they are turning an actual Attorney into the State for “Practicing law without a license.” He’s a lawyer, in DC. And he made clear that he wasn’t representing the homeowner’s association.
Here’s a video from NBC17 about it.

I stand by my previous statement.
Tar and feathers.

Engineering without a license fight heats up (*Video*)

Well, I thought that the whole “engineering without a license” thing had ended when it was reported that no charges were filed. Not so fast. Watch this video from my friend, Jackie Faye.

It’s not that the “study” wasn’t practicing engineering without a license, it’s that they couldn’t figure out who exactly to pin it on.
I hope that the lawyer sues their pants off. Then I want to see them paraded around the old Capital Building in their underwear. By then we should have the tar and feathers ready.
Let’s hear what the Engineer who started this whole thing has to say
Yep, a really big barrel of tar and every pillow in the city of Raleigh. 

Breaking news: No charges for Engineering Without a License

Not much info so far, but this from NBC17 Raleigh

Good for him. More when I find out myself.

More on NCDOT. Engineer getting international criticism (*Video*)

Jackie Faye interviews Dr. Joseph Hummer about the “study” produced by a Raleigh neighborhood association. His verdict?

The issue is what should the base assumptions be when deciding about traffic lights? Do you use current conditions? Or do you plan for future conditions?
Apparently NCDOT used the current conditions, with the 2 lane road, ignoring the fact that they are going to widen the road, which will probably increase traffic.

Practicing engineering without a license (*Video*)

My friend, Jackie Faye, interviews the Raleigh man accused of “Practicing engineering without a license.”
What makes a government functionary think that this sort of behavior is appropriate? Disagreement in public policy is normal. Different groups have different tolerances for risk and different views on appropriate ways to manage those risks. That’s what politics is all about. Instead of accepting what amounts to a policy paper, and evaluating it, this guy decided to try to intimidate his opposition. He forgot that you can’t silence people in the internet age.
Update: Jackie did another report two days ago about a homeless shelter in Raleigh that is listed as the home of record for 40 registered sex offenders. Check it out and tell me what you think.

Great take down of NC DOT traffic engineer in American Thinker

American Thinker posted a fantastic take down on the traffic engineer in Raleigh who turned in a citizen to the N.C. Board of Examiners for Engineers and Surveyors for “Practicing engineering without a license.” A couple of bits to make you want to read more.
Run, do not walk, to American Thinker, and rejoice that you have not done anything as stupid as J. Kevin Lacy. Lacy, as my father used to say, “won’t be able to sit down for the week.”