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Elliot Fineman wants ME!

Five days ago I received this handsome offer from the email account of Martha Rosenberg, Editor for Elliot Fineman’s National Gun Victim’s Action Council

Hello Sean,
Would you care to appear on our radio show, It’s the Guns, Stupid in upcoming weeks? Each show features pro and anti guests interviewed separately by CEO Elliot Fineman.

You would have 20 minutes or so to explain your positions and have a conversation with Elliot.

The show runs on Thursdays at 6PM EST. Here is a link to recent shows. og/category/its-the-guns-stupi d-radio-show/

We are attaching a description of the show.
Thanks. Please let us know.
NGVAC editors

They attached this press release type thingy,

announceshowSweet! How could I possibly resist? So after consulting with several gun blogger friends to see what they thought, I sent her this.

Dear Martha Rosenberg, NCGVAC Editor,

I have carefully considered your offer to appear on Elliot Fineman’s pejoratively named radio show as well as my possible responses. I have chosen, by way of a response,

“Are you freaking kidding me?”

Elliot Fineman? Why should I, a third tier regional gun blogger, use my tiny amount of fame to prop up the failed attempts of a gun grabbing rich man who is clearly insane? Sure, he’s not Mike Bloomberg rich, but he’s a whole lot wealthier than me. And to judge by his very few appearances on TV, his grasp upon reality is tenuous at best.

I’m sure that he looked like a good bet when Brady Campaign basically went bankrupt and CSGV descended into the Twitter version of the Jerry Springer Show. All the angry anti-gun figureheads from Brady’s farcical board of directors must have loved the idea of someone actually promising action instead of cynically using them to fundraise Paul Helmke’s salary while he did absolutely nothing to advance their agenda. But a couple of TV appearances later and the TV stations stopped calling Elliot, didn’t they? They just don’t forgive a rambling grumpy old man who’s so far gone that he openly attempted to extort Starbucks. It’s one thing to threaten a boycott. It’s quite another to demand a $10 Million cash payout.

The press will happily put lunatics on TV if they can use those lunatics to discredit gun owners. But by and large the press supports your gun grabbing agenda. Why would they wish to discredit their own side with a person who appears one step short of senility? I guess that’s why Elliot is now running his own radio show instead of appearing on TV.

This brings up an important point. Why are you exploiting the poor man? He clearly needs help and instead of making sure he gets it, you take his money and edit… something for him? What’s the matter, didn’t make the cut to join Bloomie’s paid staff? They’re rolling in cash. They claim 10 paid staffers in North Carolina alone! And the chance that they will make any meaningful changes to North Carolina gun laws is somewhere between a snowball’s chance in hell and the chance that I would lower myself to abusing a poor old man on his vanity radio program. Why don’t you get on Bloomie’s payroll. He might be crazy, but he’s at least got it together enough that no one feels sorry for him if you take his money.

I wish you well in any of your future endeavors that don’t include attacking the civil rights of 300 plus million Americans.

Sean D Sorrentino

I think that should prevent any further attempts on their part to return to fame on my back.

Elliot Fineman and the Professional Anti-Gun Leadership

This started out as a comment but morphed into a post. Thirdpower points out Elliot Fineman of National Gun Victims Action Council (NCVAC)’s apparent descent into lunacy. I don’t think he “descended” at all. I think he started out there and hasn’t stopped digging.

I think that Elliot is the reason NGVAC started and he’s the reason that NGVAC has suddenly stopped being newsworthy. Fineman thought he was the Honey Badger, but in reality he was the crazy aunt in the anti-gun attic. No one on his side had the balls to go out on the offensive against the “gun lobby.” He alone made the gutsy call to lead the 300 anti-Spartans through the Hot Gates and on to the open beach below. The reason that he alone had the balls to do that is because everyone else has enough sense to see that he and his 300 would get their asses kicked from here to Timbuktu.

The genius of the anti-gun lobby has been to occupy the key terrain of the Media and the Beltway. For 40 plus years they tried to turn this into a national level fight. They got GCA68 and then the AWB by fighting in Congress instead of trying to work on 50 State capitals. They got their media allies to act as a megaphone to make them look like a national organization when they were actually just a couple of lobbyists in DC. You see, they recognized that they were small and professional so if they could avoid fighting in all 50 legislatures they would have a chance. If they got outside of that very small location, they would be massively outnumbered.

Some time in the last 4 years the anti-gun lobby realized that they were permanently screwed. The AWB was an overreach, making gun control basically a death sentence to Dems in moderate districts. The anti-gun lobby then got the worst news ever. The 2010 elections not only wiped out the US House of Representatives, it absolutely CRUSHED the Dems in State legislatures all over the USA. And it happened in the election right before redistricting. This meant a more or less permanent Republican majority in most state legislatures. The anti-gunners wanted the fight to be Federal, where they could look relatively equal, but the vast majority of the laws that affect guns and self-defense are State level laws. You don’t go to Federal prison if your State doesn’t have Castle Doctrine.

Correctly reading the writing on the wall, the anti-gun groups have decided that they have lost. But that’s no reason not to make some money. Brady staked out the squishy center-left. They try to look mainstream, and they’ve hired a fundraiser whose brother was shot by a likely terrorist to be their President and a photogenic gunshot survivor to being their mouthpiece. CSGV has staked out the loony Left. They’re acting like total kooks online in order to attract donations. Hey, it’s a living. What’s a little dignity when you’re faced with a mortgage payment in this economy? Fineman must have gotten angry with the “establishment” anti-gun groups. I think they told him, “cool your jets, Pops. You’re here to be a sad looking figurehead. You’re here to be our human shield. Leave the actual decision making to us professionals, and we say that we should just try to make a little cash.”

Big Daddy Elliot, who made fat cash in “Strategic Marketing,” doesn’t need to hear that crap from nobody. He grabbed some other true believers and sold them some beachfront property in Arizona. He told them that if they just got one big win against squishy Starbucks, they’d scare every other business into putting up “No Guns Allowed!!!111Eleventy!” signs rather than face the wrath of Elliot NGVAC. The true believers leapt to their feet and followed Pied Piper Elliot right straight into the river where their dreams of a gun free latte promptly drowned.

Meanwhile the anti-gun establishment sat back and laughed at them. The “professional” anti-gunners knew that gun control was a lost cause. It was sad that Elliot had to go out and prove it, but that wouldn’t stop them from conning some other anti-gunners out of some pocket change. In a country of over 300 million there are enough stupid people to keep PETA afloat so there’s certainly enough to pay Ladd Everitt’s salary. Whatever else happens, they’ve got to protect their phony baloney jobs.

So there it is. Elliot Fineman was the only person who could have done what he did. No one else is crazy enough to have led a doomed cause straight into the brick wall of reality. The people who run the actual anti-gun groups know that their first requirement is to pay their own salaries. They can’t pay their salaries if they do stupid things like prove how toothless their organizations actually are. Now that Elliot’s insanity is revealed, the media avoids him like the plague. It’s only when the crazy person espouses Conservative ideas that they stick a camera in his face. No sense damaging their pet causes by showing what a lunatic one of their leaders is.