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And they wonder why we think they are humorless prigs

Leftists are apparently unable to deal with humor.

In keeping with the theme in today’s Weekly Briefing and the call therein for less know-it-all commentary, this post will not pontificate at any length about how offensive and troubling the “Random Thought” published today in the “Education Update” newsletter of the John Locke Foundation was. We all make dumb mistakes and have told “jokes” we’d like to have back.

 So what is the “NOT funny” joke that they are so worked up about?

Random Thought

The most “American” Olympic sport is Modern Pentathlon. I mean, it sounds like your average summer day in Detroit – swimming, running, riding, shooting pistols, and trying to stab a complete stranger with a sharp object.

So what part are the Lefties objecting to? I can see their point about the horseback riding. There’s not much of that in an average summer day in Detroit. Were they upset that Baltimore, Philly, Newark, New Orleans, and our beloved President’s own Chicago weren’t part of the joke?

OMG Guns on Planes!! Well, Almost…

Did you hear? Only quick thinking by unionized government drones selfless public servants of the TSA have prevented absolute Armageddon in the sky!

Channel 9 learned at least 31 people have tried to bring a gun through Charlotte-Douglas Airport since the beginning of 2011.

The TSA stepped in before those people could step through.

Oh, thank God for the TSA!

I know that many of you don’t click through the links, but you owe it to yourself to go to this one. They have a video up you have to watch. The text version of the story cannot capture the breathlessness of this video. The palpable fear of what is basically a non-story is off the scale. There were SIX GUNS SEIZED AT CHARLOTTE AIRPORT LAST MONTH!!! 

You’d think they were trying to drown raped babies in Alar. You see, the District Attorney isn’t “prosecuting” the people caught with guns at the security checkpoints. They are only socking them with “multi-thousand dollar fines,” but apparently reporter Scott McFarlane wants them perp-walked to the Federal lockup.

There is one shining moment where reason and sanity shines through. The reporter manages to track down a US House Representative, Paul Broun of Georgia’s 10th District and a foe of the TSA, and Broun delivers the best line ever.

“Thing is, a law-abiding citizen bringing a handgun on an airplane is not a danger,” Rep. Paul Broun said. “A terrorist with a handgun or a bomb is. We’ve gotta start focusing on the terrorists.” 

Who wants to bet that the reporter couldn’t see the sense in that statement?

Archie Bunker had it right


In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. In the land of the disarmed, the guy with the box cutter flies your plane into a building.

Why does this bother them so badly?

Is it because they can’t have their fundraisers at an anti-gun range?

They need to check their Depends. They’ve crapped their drawers again.

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Oh, how horribly cruel!

It was his first offense! He got 162 years! He will die in prison!

I mean, it could happen to anyone, right?
So this asshole, with his buddies, robbed seven places, shot at a dog, and then shot at a human?
Fuck him. I hope he dies (of old age) in jail.
Now if we could only convince the North Carolina justice system to treat criminals the same way.
The idiot liberals piss me off. First they want to take my guns away because of crime I’m not committing, and then they are pissing and moaning that assholes like this criminal are getting serious time for serious crimes.
Is it wrong of me to hope that they get victimized by the criminals they loose upon society instead of having them prey upon decent human beings?


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What does a cross feel like when faced with a vampire?

We know what happens when a vampire gets confronted with a cross, right?

Has anyone ever wondered what it felt like from the cross’s point of view?
I subscribe in my RSS feed to an extreme leftist blog run by professional agitators. Occasionally they say something stupid about guns. Like most professional leftists, the ratio of saying something stupid about guns/saying anything at all about guns = 1.0.
The latest is a quick post where Rob whines that there might be guns at both political conventions (a lie, NC bans that) and that a candidate for State Auditor is having a gun range fundraiser. He calls these two stories “sobering and depressing.” What can you say. He has a delicate constitution.
What’s fun is the screaming in the comments when I told Rob that their efforts to demonize gun owners was obviously not working as NC Concealed Handgun Permits were growing at about 20% per year. Other commenters are acting like vampires being menaced by the Cross. It’s kind of funny. So far there have not been any Markley’s Law violations, but we have had a Ravenswood Law violation. I’m surprised it took as long as it did. The pearl clutching is particularly entertaining.
Someone get loosen that guy’s corset and get him some smelling salts.

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Rosenthal lies about cops killed with own gun

Update: For some reason I ended up using the 2009 data when the 2010 data is available.
Total killed with guns (Same chart as above)                               – 498
Total killed with “own weapon,” (includes one baton!)                 – 47
47 is 8.69% of all officers killed feloniously. 46 is 9.24% of all officers killed with a gun.

Via Kurt Hoffman, we have John Rosenthal trying to tell us that gun rights are racist. That’s a switch, usually we tell people (quite correctly) that the original gun control laws were specifically tailored to take guns away from the people who were the “wrong” color. That’s right, it’s gun control that’s racist, not gun rights.

I’m not going to cause myself a brain hemorrhage by trying to read all of his arguments, and I’m certainly not going to spend all night refuting them all, but I’m going to talk about one that I know pretty well.
Unfortunately for Rosenthal, that info is easily available. The FBI helpfully posts all sorts of useful info on Law Enforcement Officers Killed or Assaulted. Here’s the home page.
Total killed with guns (Same chart as above)                               – 490
Total killed with “own weapon,” (includes one baton!)                 – 41
So for the math challenged, 41 is 7.65% of all officers killed feloniously. 40 is 8.16% of all officers killed with a gun. At a minimum Rosenthal has overstated his numbers by 100%. In other words, he pulled a number out of his backside and he hopes that you won’t notice.

In addition, as Kurt reminds us, the only State to mandate “smart gun” technology is New Jersey. And New Jersey specifically exempts police officers from those laws, so even if this fantasy tech existed, the cops getting killed with their own guns wouldn’t be using it.

Rosenthal lies about the numbers. He lies about cops using that technology.

If that’s the care he took with simple, easy to verify information, how much care did he take with the rest of his article?


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War on Cops ends not with a bang, but with a whimper

The last two years we’ve been subjected to all kinds of gnashing and wailing about the “War on Cops™” that was taking the lives of our peace officers. We were led to believe that the increase in “right wing extremism” was leading to the deaths of police in blazing gun battles with the brown shirted militia members even though it was pretty clear that the people who shoot cops are almost universally prior criminals, not Tea Partiers.

Law Enforcement Officers Killed or Assaulted
Year Felonious Accidental Assaulted
1996 55 45 46,695
1997 65 60 49,151
1998 64 78 59,545
1999 42 65 55,026
2000 51 84 56,054
*2001 70 78 56,666
2002 56 77 58,066
2003 52 80 57,841
2004 57 82 59,373
2005 55 67 57,546
2006 48 66 58,634
2007 57 83 59,201
2008 41 68 58,792
2009 48 47 57,268
2010 56 72 53,469
Average 54 70 56,222
Median 55 72 57,546

Radley Balko, who sometimes goes a bit off the rails but is generally a voice of reason and sanity on most issues, asks us why we aren’t hearing all about this “War on Cops™” anymore.
The Media and the gun hating Left (but I repeat myself) went absolutely nuts in the first couple of months of last year because of a short run of multiple cop shootings which skewed the numbers. But the larger thing that they missed was the fact that cop murders by firearm were only up in the last two years by comparison to three years ago which was a historically low year. If you spend a month eating one meal a day and then the next month you get three meals a day, no one screams that obesity is around the corner because you’re now eating THREE TIMES AS MUCH!!!
So why aren’t we hearing about this ending of the “War on Cops™?”  Probably because it doesn’t fit anyone’s agenda. The Media and the anti-gun Left (repeating, I know) can’t use that to ban guns and attempt to drive a wedge between the police and us. The police can’t use it to insist on getting more expensive and powerful equipment. And the politicians can’t use it to pander to whichever group they feel like pandering to that day.
We, as gun owners, don’t really notice it. We aren’t the ones out murdering cops. Anyone who is honest would be able to tell that within minutes of looking at the data. That just means that anyone who is saying something else is lying.


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Forsyth County Prosecutor complains that NC Castle law makes his job difficult

It’s things like this that show the vast disconnect between what the law should be and what it actually is.
Did you catch that? Prosecutor Jim O’Neill is actually upset that he can’t prosecute people for whom he has no physical or scientific evidence proving their guilt!
Newsflash for O’Neill: Innocent until proven guilty. Remember that?
Apparently not. O’Neill seems to think that if you claim self defense, it’s somehow up to you to prove that you are not actually a murderer. He just wants to sit back and twiddle his thumbs while you mount your self-defense case from your jail cell. Cops mess up the evidence? O’Neill doesn’t care. It’s not him going to jail because you can’t “prove” your innocence. Don’t have enough money for a good lawyer? O’Neill doesn’t care. He’ll take a plea bargain from your overworked Public Defender.
Here’s a clue. If there is no physical or scientific evidence, and no eyewitnesses, refuting the shooter’s story, then he’s innocent.
Maybe O’Neill should take up another line of work if he objects to actually having to prove a suspect’s guilt. If he can’t respect the bedrock principle of Innocent Until Proven Guilty, then maybe he shouldn’t be a lawyer at all, much less a County Prosecutor.
Make sure to leave a comment, or even better, write a letter to the editor. They need some push back against their assumption that anything that makes the prosecutor’s job more difficult is a bad thing.


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The Florida shooting case becomes news in Raleigh

Inevitably some reporter decided to go down to the gun shop/range and interview gun owners. I have no idea why they think they will get useful information out of people whose only knowledge of the case comes from the very newspapers and TV reports that are grossly misrepresenting what happened, but they come out anyway.
Watch the video
I think that on the whole, these gun owners represented us pretty well, but I’m still angry that the press has printed what has turned out to be a pack of lies about the case and then demands that the average gun owner react as if those lies are truth. I sent the reporter an email.
In most ways, NC Law is the same as Florida law. In NC you do not have to retreat from anywhere you have a legal right to be. You are certainly not required to attempt to retreat when your assailant is sitting on top of you and pounding your head on the pavement.
The cops handcuffed Zimmerman, put him in a police car, and took him to the station for interrogation. They then compared his statement to the physical evidence found at the scene, and to witness statements. They all matched. They all point to Treyvon attacking Zimmerman, taking him to the ground, sitting on top of him and pounding his head into the pavement. This is considered a deadly force attack in any jurisdiction, including North Carolina. It also points out that there was no duty to retreat even in states that demand you attempt to retreat because retreat is impossible when someone is sitting on top of you.
Now most of us would equate being handcuffed and hauled down to the station as an “Arrest.” The police called in “Investigative Detention.” In either case, the popular notion that Zimmerman was patted on the back, handed his gun back, and sent home to rest while the cops swept up the crime scene is certainly false.
The only specific difference I can see between Florida law and NC Law is that it is written in Florida law that if the police can’t find probable cause to dipute your claim of self defense, they can’t arrest you. Even here in North Carolina, absent probable cause the police can’t arrest you. And when the shooter’s statement, the physical evidence, and the witness statements all line up to say that it was a lawful shoot, they shouldn’t arrest you here in NC either.

Sean D Sorrentino
blogging at An NC Gun Blog

UPDATE: His answer.
Thank you for sending this email. It’s good to have this information.
I don’t expect a lengthy answer from him, he has a real job and is off doing it. The fact that he read the email means he has a chance of knowing the facts next time. He also might call and ask for help.
Getting them to call and ask when they don’t know the answer is half the battle.

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Apparently there are history buffs shooting up Fayetteville Waffle Houses

Let’s start from the premise that doing a drive by on a Waffle House is a dick move. I hope that anyone involved is caught and prosecuted. But I’ve got to have a laugh at the Fayetteville Observer’s choice in graphics
A Webley revolver? Do they really think that the drive by was done by historical arms collectors? Is the suspect a man in a red coat, wearing a white pith helmet whilst speaking in an upper class British accent?
It is a pretty looking gun, for all that it is not really appropriate for the story they are trying to illustrate.


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