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Sometimes being a good witness isn’t enough

Thursday we learned that pulling out a shotgun and taking a shot at housebreakers is a bad idea. But what about this case? She was doing as the police ask, being a good witness and not intervening.
This is exactly the scenario that Jackie Faye asked me about during the interview. She asked, would I go over “With your gun in your hand?” I said no. I wouldn’t draw my pistol unless it was needed. I would have done as the witness did. Called the police, taken photos, video, whatever, and basically been a good witness. But when he advanced on me, he would have gotten to see the business end of my XD .45ACP.
The reason? Because you never know who you are dealing with. Look closely at the offense dated 4-6-2002.
That’s for sure. Once he is captured, we can go on to discuss the other burning question in this case. Why was he free?


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