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At least he wasn’t shot

The gun grabbers are probably pissed about this one.

Three people were charged in the fatal stabbing of a 21-year-old Conover man that the victim’s family said stemmed from an armed robbery.

A dead body and no gun!

Suspect 2

Suspect 3

But no shortage of felons.

(Victim’s Father) said investigators told him that his son interacted with the three suspects while he was visiting his girlfriend Friday in Charlotte. “People need to know it’s not something that just happened. It was totally set up. They planned it, and they took advantage of his generosity and trust,”

I’m not surprised. Criminals committing crime is about par for the course. It’s sad and sickening, but not surprising.

Good thing it wasn’t a gun, he might have hurt someone

To avoid the death penalty, one murderer has decided to plead guilty in exchange for a Life sentence.

(Suspect) was sentenced Thursday to life in prison without parole for the 2011 killing of a former Creative Loafing newspaper photographer.

(Suspect), 31, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder, avoiding a death penalty trial for the killing of 55-year-old Chris Radok.

He didn’t use a gun.

The prosecutor said police had received a 911 call from a woman who said a man she knew had come to her home wearing bloody clothes and holding a bloody baseball bat. She said the man told her he had slit a guy’s throat and had hit him with a bat. Macon said the woman identified (Suspect) as the man with the bloody clothes and baseball bat.

When the anti-gunners have their vigil for the victims of “Gun Violence” they won’t be lighting a candle for this guy. To the gun grabbers this murder victim doesn’t count.


They’d rather take your gun than see criminals like this go to jail before they work their way up to murder.

Suicide by train?

The circumstances of this one lead me to believe that he might not have wanted to move out of the way.

A Burlington man was struck and killed by a train early this morning at a railroad crossing between Efland and Mebane, according to emergency medical services in Orange County.

The sheriff’s office identifed the man as 34-year-old (Victim) of 1010 Louis Street in Burlington in Alamance County.

(Victim) was sitting on the tracks and did not move when the crew blew the horn, according to Robin Chapman, spokesman for Norfolk Southern railroad company, which operates the tracks.

Generally when a train blows its horn, you notice and move.


It looks like he most recently got out of prison in November of last year.

One presumes that the usual suspects will not be screaming for better “train control.”

Old man gets all stabby

At least it wasn’t a gun death, right?
No word on motive, but there is this
We’ll just have to wait and see what the first felon gives as his reason for stabbing the second felon.


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Domestic violence leads to murder charges

What kind of person settles a domestic dispute by pushing his girlfriend down, causing her to hit her head?
Was it one more person who was law abiding right up until he snapped?
Once again we see that people who solve their problems with violence usually have a criminal track record.
Unfortunately for the gun grabbers, no gun was used in this killing. I am sure that is a great comfort to the victim.


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A victory for gun control!

Here’s a victory for gun control. This man didn’t shoot himself.
How’s that a victory for gun control?
He was a convicted felon. That means he was legally barred from possessing a gun. So instead of shooting himself, he took a swan dive off this bridge.
Good thing he didn’t have a gun, he might have hurt himself.
Don’t think I’m making light of the situation, I’m not. Suicide is a preventable tragedy. But gun grabbers love to dance in the blood of people who kill themselves with a gun. They count on the more than half of all “gun deaths” that are suicides to make up their numbers. Go read this post again. See how most of the “gun deaths” are suicides.
To the gun grabbers, this story is a perfect tragedy. Had he shot himself, they could have made all sorts of hay about a felon getting “easy” guns, and then they could have added one more number to their “gun deaths” file. The fact that he killed himself by jumping off a bridge means that he’s a total loss to them.
The fact that he was a human being, and that maybe a kind word and a useful place in the world might have saved him, are utterly immaterial to the gun grabbers. You see, they don’t want to stop suicide. They want to stop guns.

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Not enough justice to suit me

I posted about this twice before. Now the mother and her registered sex offender boyfriend have pled guilty to second degree murder.
There is no punishment great enough for this crime. Unfortunately we cannot hand out anything like what I think they should get.
To recap
I only wish that the judge had ordered that wherever they are confined that they must display a poster sized copy of the autopsy photos in their jail cells. Let them spend the rest of their lives looking at what they did to a 2 year old. If they had any remnant of a conscience they would need to be placed on suicide watch.
I suspect that they will both try to keep the details of their crime secret from their new roommates.

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Is there some sort of homing beacon?

I walk the streets every day, but I don’t see any outward sign that the people around me might be criminals.
Maybe I hang out in the wrong places, because I don’t get into fights, much less into fights that end in death.
How do they find each other? Is this some sort of criminal gaydar? Do they have a secret handshake that only identifies them to each other so that they can murder each other?
Or is the problem that some people lack the basic decency to let little slights go? Two regular people bump each other at a party and they both apologize. A thug and a decent person bump and the decent person apologizes, and if necessary, backs off. Two thugs bump each other and they get into a fight.
The gun grabbers are probably pissed off that no one thought to use a gun. How tragic is this murder, not only did the guy die, but the gun grabbers can’t even exploit the tragedy to disarm me.

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“Gun Death” choked to death and shoved down the stairs

Certain people have a tendency to solve their personal problems with violence.
These sorts of people tend to have previous close encounters of the legal kind.
Color me surprised. A guy who is a multiple felon with multiple DWIs and drug charges gets into a drunken fight with his drunken dad and murders him. Who would have guessed?
Luckily for dad, no guns were used in his murder. This means that the fools who measure success by “gun violence” reduction will not have the blood of this murder to dance in. Bad enough he got murdered without the gun grabbers exploiting his death to further infringe upon the rights of decent citizens.

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A history of violence? You don’t say!

Once again, the murderer is not what you would call a “law abiding citizen.” But then again, the victim isn’t either.

And now she’s dead. What’s interesting is how the situation developed.
Wow. Just as a point of interest, throwing bleach at someone is not very nice. But it looks like the whole thing followed a pattern of behavior that had become routine in their lives.
She apparently liked to settle her differences physically. And so did he.
Again, unfortunately for the gun grabbers, no guns were involved. She’s just as dead though.


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