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What if I need to kill a lot of people?

Whenever some jerkoff mass murders people with a semi-auto rifle we have the usual suspects lining up to screech “‘Assault weapons’ have no legitimate purpose! They are designed solely to kill!”

Ok, so what?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. They’re also good for target and sport shooting, as well as hunting. Anyone who owns an AR knows several things they can do with it that don’t involve killing anyone. But go with me for a second. For the purposes of argument, let’s pretend that the gun grabbers are correct. Let’s pretend that there is LITERALLY nothing else I could do with my AR-15 besides killing people.

So what? Really, SO WHAT?

I carry a handgun. I don’t carry it because I think an IDPA match will suddenly spring up. I don’t carry it because I’m hoping for a deer to pop up so I can whack it for dinner. I carry a handgun in case I meet someone who needs to get shot. I would hate to meet a person who needs to get shot and not be able to oblige him by shooting him. My handgun’s primary usefulness is to shoot people. Yes, shoot them only in the appropriate circumstances, but shoot them.

That’s what it’s for.

My rifle is the same, but even more so. I absolutely want to hunt a deer with it. I even have a silencer that I can attach to it so I can be a little more respectful of those around me. But that’s really not what I own an AR for. I own it in case I need to shoot someone.

Or several someones.

Its primary purpose is to shoot people. Not paper, not deer, and not those annoying coyotes who live on my friend’s property. The reason I own it is to shoot people who need to get shot.

So, for the purpose of this discussion, let’s assume that the gun grabbers are correct and my AR is solely for killing people. So what? You know that in certain circumstances it’s totally legal to kill another person, right? It’s even considered by most people to be a socially responsible thing to do. If someone kicks in my door at night with the intention of robbing, raping, or murdering me and my family, pretty much everyone agrees that putting a few bullets in him is not only legal, but moral, and ethical as well.


Why not? Who are you to tell me that I can’t or even shouldn’t do exactly that? What’s the difference to you if I shoot a home invader to death with a shotgun or with an AR? Dead is dead.


So what? What if I need to kill a lot of people?

This is usually their back up argument. First ARs are only good for killing. Then they’re only good for killing LOTS OF PEOPLE!

Again, so what? Let me philosophize with you a bit.

How many grains of sand constitute a beach? How many grains of sand do I have to pile up in one place before you are willing to call it a beach and not just a pile of sand next to some water?

One grain? Surely not.

Two grains? Still no.

Ten million grains?

At what point does a pile of sand next to water become a beach?

Same thing goes for self defense. When the gun grabbers fall back from “It’s for killing!” to “It’s for killing LOTS of people really fast!” they’re trying to make the argument that maybe it’s ok for you to kill one person who is trying to murder you, and maybe two… or three at the outside. But not TEN!

Why not? Is there some tipping point where the criminals have gathered enough people together who want to kill you that you’re outvoted? If the vote is three to one you’re allowed to fight back, but at ten to one you’re supposed to lay down and die like a good little subject?

No. I don’t care if you line up the entire population of Newark, New Jersey outside my house. If they try to take me, I’m legally, morally, and ethically permitted to keep shooting until every one of them is dead, running away, or otherwise unable to continue harming me.

The gun grabbers, however, are terrified of having this conversation. This conversation exposes them for what they really are. They aren’t anti-gun. They’re anti-self-defense. They don’t believe that you should be permitted to use deadly force for any reason. You’re not a government agent, sprinkled with the pixie dust that imbues cops and soldiers with the authority to kill. You’re just some peon whose life belongs to the State.

So the next time you’re given some BS line by the gun grabbers, ask them a simple question.

“Is it ever legal, moral, or ethical for me, a non-police officer, not military civilian, to kill another human being?”

If they’re honest they will say “no.” If they’re mealy mouthed about it, make them describe in detail when they believe you are permitted to kill another person. I’m betting you’ll get some convoluted explanation that basically means “never.” But if you get a “yes,” along with conditions that seem reasonable, ask them one more simple question.

“If it’s legal, moral, and ethical for me to kill another human, why do you care if I do it with an AR-15 rather than a 12 gauge?”

North Carolina 4th in nation in SchoolShootings™

When you hear “School Shooting,” naturally you think about things like Newtown, Columbine, and Virginia Tech. The gun grabbers like to exploit that thinking in order to pretend that there is a serious problem with mass murder in schools.

A new report says North Carolina is fourth in the nation for the number of school shootings since the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut two years ago.

Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America released the information Wednesday. They say there have been at least 95 school shootings in 33 states around the country. The data was collected for incidents that occurred at colleges, as well as K-12 schools.

Six of the shootings were in North Carolina, including a shooting at Salisbury High School in February 2014, and at Carver High School in Winston-Salem in August 2013. 

“That’s not a ranking that any parent, any student, any principal, any teacher wants to see that we have the 4th most school shootings in the country,” says Jackie Holcombe, a volunteer with Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.

They forgot to point out that Jackie Holcombe is a “volunteer” for Moms Demand Illegal Mayors for Everytown, a wholly owned subsidiary of Michael Bloomberg, Inc, only because she no longer has a job being mayor of Morrisville, NC. She pissed off the gun owners and GRNC led the charge to vote her out of office.

So let’s take a look at these SchoolShootings™. Are they incidents of mass murder and mayhem?

4/13/2013            Elizabeth City, NC             Elizabeth City State University

ELIZABETH CITY, N.C. – A 23-year-old student has been released from the hospital after being shot near a residence hall on the Elizabeth City State University campus Saturday.

Police officers patrolling the campus on foot responded to Butler Hall late Saturday about 9:30 p.m. after hearing gunshots. They found the student with a gunshot wound, a news release from the university said. Elizabeth City police also responded because there were officers on campus assisting with security for a concert that was taking place at the Robert L. Vaughan Center.

The student was taken to Albemarle Hospital, treated and released, according to ECSU.

No arrests have been made, but police said that the shooting was in retaliation for a fight that had occurred earlier in the evening at Butler Hall. The university did not say in the news release whether any suspects in the shooting had been identified.

University counselors will be available for students in Butler Hall today and students may also make appointments with counselors this week.

Increased security measures are also in place for the remainder of the semester, the university news release said. Students, faculty and staff should have their university ID cards with them at all times.

Following the shooting, the campus was placed on lockdown and visitors were eventually required to leave, the university news release said. With the exception of the concert at the Vaughan Center, all other events on Saturday night were canceled. Once the concert ended, attendees were routed away from the crime scene.

Shortly before 11 p.m., the campus lockdown was lifted.

This was the second lockdown at ECSU this week. On Thursday night, the campus was placed on lockdown about 11 p.m. after a report of shots fired on campus. No injuries were reported and the university said later that the shots were fired by someone who was not on the campus but in a wooded area east of the university. The lockdown was lifted less than two hours later.

No mass mahem. Not even an injury.

8/30/2013            Winston-Salem, NC         Carver High School

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — A Winston-Salem student pleaded guilty today to shooting another teen at Carver High School last August.

(Suspect), who was 18 at the time of the shooting, was sentenced in Forsyth County Superior Court to between two years and three years, two months in prison.

He was also placed on supervised probation for three years.

He was convicted of carrying a concealed weapon, possession of a firearm on school property, assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury and discharging a firearm within city limits.

According to eyewitnesses and police, the shooting happened outside of the school building at the end of a scheduled fire drill. Officer Tim Wilson, a school resource officer assigned to Carver, called in the shooting.

Wilson, a 25-year police veteran, saw the shooting and arrested the suspect without incident, Chief Barry Rountree said at a news conference on the day of the incident.

According to police, (Victim), 15, was shot with a .38-caliber handgun. A witness said four or five shots were fired. Police said that the shooting stemmed from an on-going dispute between (Victim) and (Suspect).

A contingent of 30 to 60 police officers responded to the scene and officers delayed traffic in front of Carver High School. Carver officials followed the district’s lockdown procedures for its schools immediately after the shooting.

Police set up an area at nearby Russell Community Center where parents could pick up their children. Authorities allowed school buses one at a time to pick up riders, so police could account for every student.

School officials released students to their parents or buses about 4:15 p.m. that day, and students were patted down before getting on buses.

A Carver home football game that was scheduled that night against Reynolds High School was postponed.

(Suspect) had previously been convicted of bringing a knife to school during the 2011-12 school year while attending Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. From court records, it appears (Suspect) enrolled in Carver High School the following year.

On Dec. 14, 2012, (Suspect) was arrested and charged with carrying a concealed gun and possession of marijuana. He was accused of having a .25-caliber handgun.

Then in January 2013, (Suspect) was charged with misdemeanor second-degree trespassing and resisting a public officer.

According to court records, he was accused of trespassing on property in the 1000 block of 15th Street that belonged to the Housing Authority of Winston-Salem. He was also accused of failing to stop when a police officer told him to do so.

At the time, he was a sophomore at Carver High School.

That May, as part of a plea arrangement, (Suspect) pleaded guilty in Forsyth District Court to the charge of carrying a concealed weapon, and Assistant District Attorney Aaron Berlin voluntarily dismissed the other charges.

Forsyth District Judge Victoria Roemer gave (Suspect) a suspended sentence of 45 days in jail and placed him on 18 months of unsupervised probation. Roemer ordered the handgun be destroyed.

(Victim) was involved in the 2011 beating of Rickie Wilson, a 58-year-old man with learning disabilities. At the time, prosecutors requested that (Victim) be tried as an adult, but a judge denied that request.

It was recommended that (Victim) spend a minimum of six months at a locked juvenile training center.

A fine pair of individuals.


The victim was convicted for previous offenses as a juvenile and did not have an adult criminal record.

11/2/2013            Greensboro, NC                               North Carolina A&T State University

GREENSBORO — A review of footage from N.C. A&T’s closed circuit cameras may answer questions about the campus shooting that took place late Saturday during homecoming weekend.

Greensboro police spokeswoman Susan Danielsen said police have the recordings, but would give no further details.

“There is surveillance footage, which we can’t release or talk about, from an investigative standpoint,” Danielsen said. “The content may help us find the people responsible for the shooting.”

A&T junior Devine Eatmon, 21, was shot at about 10 p.m. Saturday. The campus was placed on lockdown for about two hours.

Danielsen said police continue to search for four men in connection with the shooting, based on information from witnesses.

Information distributed by police the night of the shooting describe the number of armed men, but do not give specific, identifiable physical details.

Police have said that the shooting isn’t connected to an Oct. 29 shooting that occurred at Bluford and Regan streets, just a few blocks west of the homecoming incident.

Police said the man shot during homecoming festivities was about 50 yards away from the suspects.

“(Eatmon) was not the intended target,” Greensboro Police Capt. Mike Richey said.

Eatmon was shot near the Bluford Street Circle, just south of the residence halls known as Aggie Village. There were several clusters of people nearby at the time, Richey said.

The Greensboro department is heading the investigation of Saturday’s shooting at the request of campus police.

Eatmon is from Whitakers, approximately 20 miles north of Rocky Mount. He has been released from Moses Cone Hospital, where he was treated for a gunshot wound, said Samantha Hargrove, director of media relations for A&T.

Hargrove would not comment on whether Eatmon will receive time off or any other accommodation from his classes because of the injury.

A&T had additional police and security officers on campus for homecoming weekend. Following the shooting, the university increased patrols, Hargrove said. The exact number of officers the university added for the weekend was not immediately available.

The university does not think it needs to improve security for the school on a daily basis, Hargrove said. However, it will take steps to increase safety at the school for future homecoming celebrations.

“We view this as an isolated incident,” Hargrove said.

The last shooting on the A&T campus occurred in 2001, according to Hargrove.

A News & Record article of the account states that a 21-year-old man shot an A&T student in the chest during a dormitory cookout. The shooting victim survived.

I couldn’t find a story saying that they had located any suspects.

2/10/2014            Salisbury, NC                      Salisbury High School

SALISBURY, N.C. —A 17-year-old is being held under a $1 million bond after being accused of shooting a high school freshman in Salisbury.

(Suspect) of Salisbury is charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, possession of a firearm on school property and discharging a weapon on school property. It’s not known if he has an attorney.

Salisbury High School student (Victim) told the Salisbury Post that he was trying to break up a fight in the school gymnasium on Monday when he was shot in the stomach. The 16-year-old was treated and released after several hours at the hospital.

Investigators say the shooting happened during a fight between two groups, including some students. It is believed to have stemmed from a weekend fight.

Neither suspect nor victim had adult criminal records in the NC DOC database

9/30/2014            Albermarle, NC                                 Abermarle High School

ALBEMARLE, N.C. — An Albemarle teenager shot twice by a fellow student is still in serious condition, one week after the campus shooting. The attorney for (Victim) and his family says the 16 year old has a long road ahead of him. Medically, he says (Victim) hasn’t improved much over the past seven days.

“Still facing a long road from a medical stand point,” said Ken Harris, (Victim)’s family attorney. “He sustained profound injuries in the incident, and it’s going to be a long time before his medical situation resolves.”

Harris wouldn’t elaborate on (Victim)’s injuries, just that it’s a tough situation for him and his family. They’ve been by his side in Charlotte, since the shooting.

(Victim) was shot one week ago before class at Albemarle Senior High School. Police say (Suspect) shot him twice, then turned the gun over, and waited for police. Some speculate bullying led to the argument and shooting, but (Victim)’s attorney says it’s too early to say.

“I don’t think there’s been any confirmation at this point that this is a bullying situation,” said Harris. “I’m not saying that that won’t happen. I’m saying it’s very early in the investigation, and investigators have not reached that conclusion at this point.”

Harris says his firm is concerned about the school system and whether it did everything necessary to protect its students following reports (Suspect) was involved in another incident at a different school.

Time Warner Cable News reached out to Stanly County Schools, but never received a call back.

Albemarle Police Chief William Halliburton says the department has no comment on the bullying reports tied to this shooting, and they will not release any 911 calls from last Tuesday until the district attorney’s office has time to review them.

“Devastating for both families,” said Harris. “Of course, you expect your child will come home safely. And that’s our role, to make sure everything was done to protect those students.”

Harris says it could be months before they decide if there will be any civil action. In the meantime, Miller’s family asks for privacy as their teenager recovers.

Neither the suspect nor the victim’s names appear in the DOC database.

10/8/2014            Elizabeth City, NC             Elizabeth City State University

ELIZABETH CITY, N.C. (WAVY) – Police arrested the man who is accused of firing a gun Wednesday near the center of Elizabeth City State University’s campus.

(Suspect), 24, faces five charges of possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, going armed to terror of public, discharging a gun on educational property (a felony) and gun on educational property (another felony), according to officers.

University police said no one was hurt and they located (Suspect) and his car within an hour of the shot. (Suspect) fired the bullet by the outdoor classroom, which sits near the center of ECSU’s campus. spoke to ECSU Campus Police Chief John Manley about the incident. Manley said (Suspect) came across another student in the outdoor classroom shortly before 1 p.m. Manley said the two knew each other and had a previous dispute that dated back a few months ago. According to Manley, (Suspect) confessed he fired a gunshot into the ground near the student.

“His words were to us, directly, were that he fired a warning shot,” Manley said.

Manley said the incident was isolated and campus police responded quickly. He said the call came in at 12:57 p.m. and an alert was sent out three minutes later.

However, there have been discrepancies. Some students said they received the alert around 1:10 p.m. A campus news release said an emergency alert was sent out to campus at 1:14 p.m. is working to determine exactly what time the initial alert was sent to students and staff.

(Suspect)’s bond has been set for $156,000, and he is held in Albemarle District Jail.

Strangely, the suspect in this case doesn’t have any conviction records in the NC DOC database either.

So there you have it. At least this time the gun grabbers are only including actual on campus incidents, unlike the previous time where they included drive by shootings near campus. But do any of these situations sound like Columbine? Newtown? No. They sound like ordinary crime that happened to occur on school grounds.

Why do these people think that the magic line between “school” and “not school” repels crime? Is there something that makes people believe that the presence of people learning things prevents crime? If anything, these incidents point to the need for expanded concealed carry on school campuses. The magic line doesn’t stop criminals from bringing guns, much less stop them from committing crimes. So why is it that the gun haters want to keep the law abiding from carrying a firearm for self defense? Why do they need to keep us disarmed and helpless?

Marky-Mark wants a pardon, a guest post

One of my Facebook friends gave me permission to reproduce his post about Mark Wahlberg asking for a pardon from the Governor of Massachusetts. He agreed, but asked to remain anonymous.


So apparently, Mark Wahlberg is asking for a pardon for his 1988 felony convictions in the state of Massachusetts. Now, as a HUGE Mark Wahlberg fan(boy), and as someone who looks up to him and admires him as an actor and a top-tier professional in a field I want to get into, as well as my being a deeply appreciative veteran for everything that Mr. Wahlberg has done for America’s vets, my initial reaction was, “Sure, why not pardon him? Yeah, he did some awful, violent, racist shit back in 1988 as a teenager, but the man served his time and has genuinely turned his life around since then and become an exemplary model citizen.”

I’ve actually made multiple Facebook posts gushing over this guy, despite my philosophical disagreement with him over gun rights and the 2nd Amendment. He and Brad Pitt are the two guys that I absolutely look up to most in Hollywood. It’s fair to say I want to be like them.

THEN, I actually bothered to look into the situation and his reasons for wanting a pardon…

When Marky-Mark was fifteen, he had civil actions placed against him for hurling rocks at black people while screaming racial slurs at them. One year later, on April 8, 1988, Mark Wahlberg was arrested, while drunk and high, after robbing a liquor store and beating up two middle-aged Vietnamese men on the same day, just because they were Vietnamese. We know this because he verbalized his reason for beating the living crap out of them while he was doing it. Specifically, as he knocked Thahn Lam unconscious with a stick, he called him a, “Vietnam fucking shit” in front of several witnesses. Then, when the cops found him, picked him up and brought him over to the two men he has just attacked for identification as the perp, Mark said to the officers, “You don’t have to let them identify me, I’ll tell you now that’s the motherfucker whose head I split open.” He also made several remarks regarding “gooks” and “slanty-eyed gooks” during police proceedings. For his crimes he spent 45 days in a correctional facility, out of a 2 year sentence.

It is worth mentioning here that at one point, Mark Wahlberg was the number one suspect of both the Boston Police Department & Massachusetts State Police for the murder of an Asian man (though never charged for the crime,) and it is also worth mentioning that one of the middle aged fathers and husbands he attacked on April 8, 1988 lost his eye due to the absolute viciousness of Mark’s assault on the man’s face.

A teenage Mark Wahlberg quite literally blinded a man in one eye just because the kid was racist against Asians.

I also found the following quote in the comments section of CNN’s Facebook post several hours ago by an Asian man from Boston, MA;

Bui Khanh writes: “Hey Mark … remember those Asian children you terrorized on Dot Ave? … You and your buddies chased us as soon as we got off the school bus, threw rocks at us, called us names … Oh, should I remind you about the Savin Hill T stop too? Those were not reported, and I am sure you have forgotten, but hey, since we open up things that took place over 2 decades ago, might as well throw this in the mix.”

Now, I don’t know what happened at the Savin Hill T-stop, but whatever it was, it doesn’t sound good. And judging from Mark Wahlberg’s violent distant past, it was most likely a violent crime.

You could easily make the argument here that this was 27 years ago. Mark Wahlberg paid his debt to society as deemed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and has since dramatically turn his life around. He is an enormously successful actor and businessman, a husband and father of four, donates boatloads of hard-earned cash to all sorts of various charities, especially charities that help at-risk youth and Veterans’ causes, has started several charities of his own, and is, quite frankly, an admirable pillar of society. Without a doubt, Mark Wahlberg has come quite a long ways from attacking, blinding and possibly murdering Asian people on the streets of Boston. Those days are long behind him and NO ONE could realistically or rationally argue otherwise.

Now, when I first heard that Mark Wahlberg wanted a pardon from the State of Massachusetts, my first thought aside from being initially supportive was, “He probably just wants his 2nd Amendment rights back.” My initial instinct was that he wanted to be able to own and carry the guns that he uses in his movies, despite his public anti-gun stance. Lots of Hollywood elites have an attitude of, “guns for me, but not for thee.” They trust themselves with guns, (and hire guys like me to protect them with guns) but they don’t trust you or me with them.

I quite frankly didn’t give a shit about that. I figured that worst case scenario, the gun rights community could point to the fact that Mark Wahlberg was now a gun owner and would most likely become the proud holder of an incredibly rare (but not for long) Los Angeles County concealed carry pistol permit, and we could use that as yet another example of Hollywood’s (and the left’s) blatant hypocrisy on guns and 2nd Amendment rights. The best case scenario would be Mark Wahlberg becoming a gun enthusiast himself (like fellow A-lister Brad Pitt) and seeing the light on 2A rights.

Then, I actually read that CNN article…

Mark has listed three reasons for wanting a pardon for his felony convictions:

1) He says he wants to show the at-risk youth of Boston who he works with that a completely clean slate and total do-over/second chance are possible. I don’t buy it. He’s a movie mega-star and a multimillionaire. That’s the very definition of getting a second chance to make something of your life and doing your absolute best with it. He’s already proven through his life that second chances are possible. There is absolutely nothing that having his criminal record cleared up would do for his career or livelihood.

2) He says that his felony convictions could “potentially” be the basis to deny him concessionaire’s licenses to open restaurants in California and Massachusetts, and he wants to expand his Wahlberger restaurant chain. I don’t buy this, either. At all. I checked both California and Massachusetts laws, and there does not appear to be ANYTHING on the books that prevents a convicted felon from opening up restaurants in either state.

And now for the 3rd reason, listed way deep down in the article:

Moreover, he says, “given my prior record, Massachusetts and California law prohibit me from actually obtaining positions in law enforcement,” which he says prevents him from becoming “more active in law enforcement activities.”


3) He wants to be a Reserve Sheriff’s deputy in Los Angeles County, CA and thus be covered by federal law under HR 218, the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act.

“How do I know something so specific when he never actually said that?” you might ask…

Simple… As many of you know, I want to be both a police officer and an actor, much like our yellow menace-fighting friend Marky-Mark, over there. More specifically, I want to be a cop for my survival job while going on auditions and casting calls during my off time, and if I eventually do make enough money as an actor to do it full-time, I still want to volunteer in my community as a reserve police officer. I have an incredibly elite and rare level of training from the United States Marine Corps that only 1% of the Marine Corps Infantry, which is only a small fraction of the Marine Corps itself, which makes up only 1% of the veteran community, which only makes up about 1% of the entire population of the United States, actually has. I’m literally in the 1% of the 1% of the 1% of the 1% of the 1%, in terms of advanced tactical combat training. And I worked my ass off to get there. The United States government spent several million dollars on my training, and that, combined with my deep patriotism and sense of duty, leads me to want to use the training that you all paid for to give back to my community in a meaningful way, in the best way that I know to give back, despite whatever I may be doing for a full-time career. I have a passion for law-enforcement, and a desire to help people matter what else I’m doing with my life, using the incredibly unique and rare training that I’ve been fortunate and blessed enough to receive.

But what does any of this have to do with my statement that Marky-Mark wants to be an LASD Reserve Sheriff’s Deputy, and thus be covered by the HR 218/Law Enforcement Officer’s Safety Act, which allows off-duty and retired police officers to carry concealed firearms nationwide? Very simple:

The LA County Sheriff’s Department, which I was looking into for a while to work as a full-time LEO while I auditioned for acting roles during my days off, is WELL KNOWN for this. LASD has more reserve officers (800, specifically) than any other California police department. This is because the Sheriffs of Los Angeles County are well-known for giving out Reserve Sheriff’s Deputy credentials to wealthy A-list celebrities who give them large political donations for their reelection campaigns. Yes, in exchange for the right to carry a gun everywhere in United States, celebrities donate a huge amount of money to the sheriff’s reelection PAC, and they go through an abridged police academy, and are issued a badge and gun as sworn police officers, which automatically cause them to be fully covered under HR 218. The only condition that they have to abide by is that they have to donate 20 hours of their time each month to actually patrolling the streets as a cop. So for doing 2.5 patrol shifts each month, they get privileges that every other civilian does not.

The catch for Mark Wahlberg is that he is ineligible for this privilege because of his 1988 felony convictions in Massachusetts. THAT is the ONLY reason that he wants this pardon. He says he wants to “get more active in law enforcement activities.” You don’t need a clean criminal record to get involved in law-enforcement activities. MILLIONS of convicted felons all across America help the police every day, in an enormous variety of ways. They work as liaisons between gangs and the police, they work as consultants, they work as advisers, as informants of all kinds, they help with menial tasks, they give speeches on behalf of law-enforcement, and do a whole lot of other things, none of which require or allow them to carry a gun. Even celebrities like Jackie Chan have done recruitment videos for the LA County Sheriff’s Department itself, and don’t have to be (nor do they demand to become) duly sworn, armed deputies in order to do so. They do it out of a sense of community, and to help law-enforcement using their celebrity status. Not in exchange for a badge, agency credentials, and being allowed to carry a handgun with high capacity magazines around Los Angeles. If Mark Wahlberg actually wanted to “get involved with law-enforcement” and help the police, there are literally COUNTLESS ways for him doing that without actually being issued a badge and gun.

Much more importantly, being a police officer is a PRIVILEGE. Guys like me literally spend our entire lives dreaming about it, and join the military and go to college for it. We work our asses off, stay clean and away from drugs, carefully choose our friends, don’t get mixed up with the wrong crowd, and don’t commit incredibly violent hate crimes. We don’t go around beating up, blinding, or murdering Asians just because they’re the “yellow menace” Many of you have seen my handful of Facebook posts regarding my absurd struggle to get hired as a full-time municipal police officer, just because I was diagnosed with PTSD while serving my country. Now, Mark Wahlberg wants the fact that he blinded a man out of pure racism to not hold him back from having a badge, gun, and carry privileges.

Is there some animosity on my part that a job I’ve been struggling for almost 4 years to get, a job that I’ve wanted my entire life and sacrificed deeply for, would be INSTANTLY handed to him on a silver platter, despite his violently racist past, just because he’s a celebrity? Yes, absolutely. I have no problem admitting that. But ask yourself this question… How would you feel if you were an Asian and Mark Wahlberg stopped you in Los Angeles County, CA during one of his required 2.5 police shifts a month?

Even as a filthy-rich, world famous A-list celebrity movie star worth $200 million, the man has STILL never made restitution to Hoa Trinh for blinding him, nor has he even so much as reach out to him to apologize, to this very day. He even says in interviews that he’s at peace with it & sleeps fine at night. Sounds like a real remorseful, repentant guy.

I wonder how “at peace” Mr. Trinh is with only one eye…

Five years in prison for felons in possession?

I got a nice email today from a reader.

I read your blog regularly. I’d like your thoughts on trying to pass legislation for a mandatory 5 year prison sentence for the charge of convicted felon in possession of a firearm.

I’d like to see it with no pleading out or dropping the charge for a plea to other crime/charge. Basically, if your a felon and you’re in possession of a firearm, guaranteed 5 years in the big house…

Do you think this would get traction in the legislature? Especially with the shooting of the soccer player in his hotel room by a felon in possession of a firearm in the next room.

I’m tired of seeing in the police blotter of my local Goldsboro paper, felons getting probation for this charge or it being dropped completely for a plea deal. Let me know.

Oh, keep up the good work that your doing.

Thank You
Reader *G*  (Name redacted for privacy)

I feel your pain, Reader *G*. This is the response I sent him.

Reader *G*,
Thanks for your kind words.

Here’s the problem. There already is a law that mandates 5 years, no parole, for Felon in Possession. It’s a Federal law. And it’s not really that common to see it prosecuted.

I have a couple of problems with this approach. If we are going to make it a crime for people convicted of most felonies (which are defined at the Federal level as “a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year”) we should set and enforce strict penalties. I am tired of it being dropped as plea bargains and treated as a fairly minor crime. If we plan on continuing to treat convicted people as criminals for the rest of their lives, then we should set and maintain extremely strict punishments.

Here’s the issue with that. I don’t think we should continue to punish criminals beyond the term of their sentence. If someone has been ruled “safe enough to release into the public,” then we should release them entirely. Let them vote, buy guns, serve on juries, whatever they like. I am very concerned that we keep punishing people far beyond the term for which they were sentenced. We should look very seriously into some sort of legal “rehabilitation” to steal a Soviet word and use it. We need a mechanism where we look at former criminals and restore full citizenship rights to as many of them as we can. Either that, or we need to set strict time limits on how long convicts can have their citizenship rights suspended.

I am not a fan of “background checks” for possession or carry of a firearm. I resent the fact that I have to prove my fitness to exercise a fundamental Constitutional right. I am not in jail, nor prison, nor in a mental ward. By definition I am a free man. I should not have to seek a permit from the government to speak, print a newspaper, go to church, buy or carry a gun, or any other civil right. But we have a system where it is considered normal that someone will call the FBI to make sure I’m not a criminal or a crazy before I buy a gun. That’s wrong.

Any person who cannot be trusted with a gun cannot be trusted without a custodian. If he cannot be trusted with a gun, he cannot be trusted with a kitchen knife, gasoline, matches, or the contents of the cupboard under the sink. All those items are dangerous yet freely available to anyone who wants to buy them without a background check or really, questions of any kind. And no one bats an eye. A person released from prison for the worst possible violent crimes can go down to a car dealership, hand them money, and climb into a supercharged sportscar and blast down the highway at triple digit speeds and at no time will anyone check his criminal history. He’s far more dangerous doing something like that than mere possession of a firearm. Yet only my gun excites any consternation? That’s insane.

We need to, as best we can, determine who is a dangerous person and lock them up. If they commit crimes, put them in prison. If they are just insane, put them in mental hospitals. And we need to leave everyone else alone.

I hope that you listen to my podcast, Gunblog VarietyCast. I do a Felons Behaving Badly segment each week during the podcast, same as I do on the blog. This coming podcast, Episode 14, I will be talking about the killing of Nathan Clark, the 13 year old soccer player just last week. I will have some very pointed things to say about a “justice” system that frees a man who has 28 felony convictions.

I hope you’ll check it out.


We need to reform our criminal justice system. We treat criminals too leniently which makes more honest citizens into victims. We treat honest citizens like possible criminals because we aren’t willing to lock up the dangerous people permanently. And the resulting carnage is used by the anti-liberty forces to take away all of our rights.

Sometimes the good guy with a gun uses has baton instead

A 14 year old with a butcher’s knife and a clown mask inside a middle school cafeteria is not something to be taken lightly. But one School Resource Officer stopped the threat.

A school resource officer is speaking out for the first time after he was deemed a hero for stopping a middle school student armed with a clown mask and two butcher knifes.

“It didn’t really sink in until it was over with,” Deputy Danny Lindley told WBTV.

The incident happened Tuesday morning at West Rowan Middle School in Salisbury.

Investigators say the student started waving a butcher knife ‘wildly in the air’ while wearing a clown mask. It happened in the school’s cafeteria.

That’s when Lindley found the 14-year-old student waving a 12-inch butcher knife.

I find it interesting what the deputy said about his choice in weapons.

Wednesday morning, Lindley said he could have shot the teen, but decided to use a less lethal method to stop him.

“A person with a knife, we’re basically trained that we can use up to and including deadly force,” Lindley added. “I felt that since there were no other children around him and no one was in immediate danger that I would start at the lower end of the use of force continuum which would be the asp baton.”

A gutsy choice, as a butcher knife is just as sharp in the hands of a 14 year old as it is in the hands of an adult.

This deputy showed up with several choices. He had his fists, his baton, and his gun. He might have had pepper spray as well. He had a choice and he selected the baton and won. What would you have been allowed to use? What choices would you have been permitted? What choices would the staff of that school been allowed had there been no School Resource Officer available to take the risk for them?

Sadly, that’s not a rhetorical question.

School officials say it shows the importance of the School Resource Officer program in middle schools. Those positions had been eliminated in Rowan County, but were brought back after grant money was found to fund the positions.

Resource Officers in Rowan-Salisbury middle schools were restored in March of this year.

Anyone want to bet that the elementary schools don’t have School Resource Officers? Who would be there to stop an adult from taking a knife to any one of the elementary schools and carving up the staff and students until the police showed up?

We need a better system than one that expects school staff to die as human shields until the authorized forcible response unit manages to arrive.

When you announce that all fairgoers are disarmed…

When you announce that all fairgoers are disarmed, you should not be surprised when that attracts criminals.

Raleigh police are searching for two armed men who robbed two people at gunpoint late Saturday…

Police say the victims were walking to their vehicles after returning from the North Carolina State Fair around 11:30 p.m. when the armed men approached them and stole their wallets. 

Well what did Troxler expect? He made absolutely sure that everyone and their criminal brother knew that anyone coming out of the fair gates was disarmed for the robbers’ convenience.

How would it have been different if the announcement was “Any fairgoer might be carrying a gun…”? Would criminals be so quick to rob a group of people they knew had a possibility of being concealed carriers?

Disarming people makes them easier targets. Disarming them and then telling the whole world that they are unable to defend themselves attracts criminals. This is why I demanded my free armed escort to my car on the day I visited the fair.

For background on the State Fair Gun Ban, check out GRNC’s alerts on the subject.


GRNC Alert 10-13-14: Judge in State Fair Case Legislates From Bench

GRNC Alert 10-24-14: Troxler Lies about Fair Security

And here’s a short video I took showing the Security Theater at the State Fair.

They deny your right to defend yourself and then don’t even do a good job pretending to provide security.

What’s driving Durham crime increase?

Gang warfare, says the police.

The shootings that drove early numbers up were largely due to a feud between two factions of the same gang, according to police: likely a power struggle that led to a series of retaliatory shootings.

“What I think most people would be shocked to hear is that this violence, most of it, was Bloods shooting at Bloods and fighting amongst themselves,” Smith said.

The story says that “gang involved incidents” account for just 7% of overall violent crime in Durham, which is odd since the FBI reports that

Gangs are responsible for an average of 48 percent of violent crime in most jurisdictions and up to 90 percent in several others, according to NGIC analysis

I think this results from a difference in definitions. If one limits “Gang Related Activity” to just incidents of one gang going after another, or intra-gang conflicts, then the lower number makes sense. The real death toll comes from drug related killings which are certainly gang related, but not necessarily gang warfare.

An important note. It’s clearly not the increase in Concealed Handgun Permits causing the problem. It’s the same people that were always causing the problem, the criminals.

And he’ll be back on the street in no time at all

Police charged him with Trespassing on School Property, Possession of a Weapon on School Property, and Disorderly Conduct.

“I wanted to do something for all the children that have ever been sold into sex slavery and get out on a stage with a motherf***ing ax and a f***ing toothpick of a f***ing knife, my katana, and just lay everything down,” Kirk Cowart told in a rambling jailhouse interview hours after police arrested him for sneaking into a Virginia Beach high school with a hatchet.

Workers at Salem High School discovered Cowart on the auditorium stage. Police said he likely entered the school while the cafeteria was accepting an early-morning delivery on Thursday.

Watch the video Click through and watch the video and you can see that he’s completely nuts. (Video removed because it autoplays, go to link)

Here’s the thing. His charges are all misdemeanors in North Carolina and are probably misdemeanors in Virginia as well. They might get him a bit of help, but the minute he’s determined to be no longer an immediate threat to himself or others, he’s back out on the street.

Cowart’s father told WTKR his son suffers from mental illness and lives in his own imaginary world.

The problem is that his imaginary world intersects with our real world, and no matter how loony tunes this guy is, smacking someone upside the head with a hatchet is going to cause real effects in the real world.

There is no earthly reason that this guy should be free to roam the world. He should be in a nice safe place where he’s carefully monitored. It isn’t fair to us and it isn’t fair to him to ignore his problem and hope that he never kills someone or himself.

This guy is a prime example of why David Codrea is right about background checks. A person who shouldn’t have a gun shouldn’t have a hatchet either. Nor gasoline, matches, kitchen knives, or the contents of the cupboard under the sink. Anyone who cannot be trusted WITH a firearm cannot be trusted WITHOUT a custodian.

The anti-gun fanatics will congratulate themselves for making sure that Virginia bans him from having guns yet they will ignore the fact he has access to many other dangerous items. They won’t care that in 6 months this guy will be roaming around free, with deadly weapons as close as the nearest kitchen knife block. They won’t object to him wandering down to the local Wal-Mart to pick up a 5 gallon gas can. But they’ll cheerfully support a law that makes it illegal for me to loan my gun to a friend.

That should tell you what their real agenda is.

#NRA’s Billy Johnson imagines a world where guns were treated like other rights Gun control fanatics freak out

I’ve long thought that the bulk of anti-gun activists are emotionally challenged individuals. It appears that they are mentally challenged as well. How else do you explain the virulent reaction to what is really an innocuous video?





Oh dear! What did the NRA say now? Are children going to be forced to carry AR-15s in class? Are we finally becoming Margaret Atwood’s totalitarian Christianist theocracy, with children being forced to be the revolutionary vanguard?

Well, not exactly. It seems that Billy Johnson, of NRA News and Amidst The Noise has asked us a simple question. Why does US “gun policy” start from the  strange position of assuming that it is a good government position to limit access to a fundamental Constitutional right? Billy asks why guns aren’t treated like every other thing our government calls a right.

Watch the video and see for yourself.

You see the part where he says we should force all children to carry guns at school? Me neither.

Billy asks some good questions. Whenever something is considered a “Right” by our government, the Left goes out of their way to insist that the government not only allow people that right, but pay for it. Or force others to pay for it. Education? It’s a “Right” and so schools are free. We’ll leave aside for now the discussion of what is and is not a right. Go talk with Kevin Baker if you want to know the difference between a “Right” and “something that people have decided is important and so try to call a ‘Right’ but actually isn’t.”

Billy is correct. Since gun ownership is a fundamental Constitutional right, why is the government going out of its way to make it as difficult as possible to exercise that right? Why does the Federal government tolerate some states in their attempt to make it extremely difficult to “keep” arms and almost impossible to “bear” them? Would they tolerate a state which treated your right to free speech the same way?

If the Left was consistent, they would insist that the Second Amendment be treated just like the First. But no one actually expects the Left to be consistent. So instead of acknowledging the arguments made by Billy, they misrepresent his statements, freak out publicly, and insist that he is some sort of crazy lunatic for even opening his mouth. You can always tell who the Left thinks is a danger. The ones they attack the loudest are the ones they know are hurting them.

Well, Billy, you’re taking flak. That means you’re over the target.

Andrew Branca: on Trayvon shooting “Do it exactly like George [Zimmerman] did”

Friend and Podcaster Luke Apps of Triangle Tactical Podcast interviewed Andrew Branca, lawyer and author of “The Law of Self Defense.” Andrew throws out a little red meat. Here’s a sample.

Check out the whole interview at Triangle Tactical Podcast, episode 86.