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Brits get gun training – In Switzerland

So how do you know that weapons use is being normalized? When the Financial Times of England publishes a story about a company offering a weekend holiday in Switzerland to shoot a pistol and rifle.
It’s a pretty fair review of what sounds like a fairly standard range trip here in the USA. It sounds like they got good instruction from competent folks. If you’re interested, their website is here. I wonder if they’d host a blogger get together?
Here’s the one part I don’t get.
Rather than wrestling for a gun so you can disable it in that armed robbery, wouldn’t it be easier to just pull out your own pistol and put a few rounds center mass on the robber?
Oh yeah, this is marketed to the people who live in that place where Great Britain used to be.


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Castle Doctrine gets fantastic treatment on TV (*Video*)

The Castle Doctrine part of HB650 got fantastic treatment in this story on WRAL. They took the time to interview Paul Valone, the President of Grass Roots North Carolina, and they basically let him present the information.
Spend some time and watch this video from WRAL.

I am massively impressed. No attempt to ridicule or belittle firearms owners. No funny camera angles or strange editing. Instead, it was a straightforward presentation of the new “rules of the road” for Castle Doctrine. If you were wondering why Paul was the President of GRNC, wonder no more. He made us firearms owners look good. He even made the TV presenter look good.

If you like the video, you might want to drop their newsroom a note telling them how much you appreciate them doing such a good job. Nothing like an atta-boy (girl, in this case) to encourage future good stories from them.

Victims usually have records too

It’s a sad fact of life that the sort of people who kill and get killed have a strong tendency to have previous criminal records. Normal people settle their differences peacefully, or at least not fatally. The sort that gets into lethal confrontations tends to have other run-ins with the law.
No word on who the shooter was. Hopefully he will be caught very soon. The victim, however, has some interesting criminal history.
The club sounds like it is a bad place. Even if Alcohol Law Enforcement decides to let them keep their license, I’d avoid the place.

Doctors are not trained in that is a hive of suck and fail. It’s basically useless except for finding the latest irrelevant web ads. Imagine my surprise when I find this foolish screed from a pediatrician who is incensed that he isn’t invited to give his ignorant advice about guns to parents.
Now no one comes to me asking if that pesky chest pain is heartburn or a heart attack. Who would be stupid enough to ask (or listen) to a doctor about gun safety? Now consider what the American Academy of Pediatrics considers good gun advice
·         Do not purchase a gun, especially a handgun.  
·         Remove all guns present in the home.  
·         Talk to your children about the dangers of guns, and tell them to stay away from guns.  
·         Find out if there are guns in the homes where your children play. If so, talk to the adults in the house about the dangers of guns to their families.  
Luckily, no doctor has ever been stupid enough to try to talk to me about guns. My current doctor is a flaming libertarian. I think he has his own Wookie suit. I have a ready answer if ever run into the other sort of doctor.
Malpractice insurance is a bitch.

Someone shows some sense

In the wake of the unintentional shooting of a kid at a slumber party, someone thought, hey, maybe if we taught kids about guns, they wouldn’t act so stupidly around them.
This is such a sensible idea that I’m sure that the entire board of the Brady Campaign is having heart palpitations as we speak. In my mind, nothing teaches children not to screw around with dangerous things like showing them exactly how dangerous they can be. Next step, take them all to the range. Who knows, the next JJ Racaza or Julie Goloski-Golob might be among them.