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This would be a fun experimental rifle

AR-15 in .308? But not an AR-10? I stopped in to Templar Custom a few weeks ago and Bob, the resident Mad Scientist, made me watch this video about the DPMS GII rifle.

Seems reasonable. I’ve held the AR-10 forgings. They’re huge. I can’t imagine an AR10 that didn’t feel like a boat anchor. But what’s the rifle like?

DPMS brought their truck to the Gander Mountain grand opening.

GanderMtn9And they had some GII rifles.

The SASS (Semi-Auto Sniper System) and the Recon


The Hunter


and the AP4 along with the Magpul MOE


I picked them all up and I found them to be fairly light. The Recon was really nose heavy with all that rail out front, but the AP4 and the MOE were pretty nice. They all seemed to be about the same size and weight as a regular AR15.

I asked and like the video said, anything from the magwell back is stock AR15. I can drop in a Giessle trigger and a Vltor Modstock. The barrel nut threads are the same outside diameter as the ordinary AR but the thread pitch is slightly different.

I’d like to get one and see how it shot. Then I’d like to give it to Bob at Templar Custom and have him make me a barrel, mount it with his RaceRail handguard and generally try to make it as close to my AR as possible, just in .308.


It would be a pretty cool experiment.

I think I should start a Kickstarter campaign

I need money quickly so I could buy this. Sadly I don’t think I could get Erin Palette to run a fundraiser for me. She’d likely want this for herself.

A North Carolina sheriff aims to cash in an ancient machine gun officers can’t use to afford modern crime-fighting riot gear it doesn’t own.

The Rowan County Sheriff’s Office has owned a Prohibition-era Thompson submachine gun for decades. The “Tommy Gun” became infamous from its use by both law officers and criminals like Al Capone.

It’s now popular among gun collectors.

I wonder if the Wake County Sheriff would sign the paperwork? You’d think that the Rowan County Sheriff would call him up and put in a good word for me if I coughed up the cash for the gun.

Hit the tip jar on the right side. If I get enough, I’ll bring it to the next blog shoot.

I get to shoot a Tommy Gun

The Thompson Submachine Gun is probably on every gun owner’s “Lottery List,” and for good reason.


 It’s a blast to shoot.

Big thanks to Guy Smalley for letting me shoot his Tommy Gun and to John P. Richardson for working the camera.

I wantses!

How could I not want one of these?

 So, how do I get a double-barreled shotgun with no particular historical value that I can trash by cutting the barrels short? And can they shoot slugs?

Watching the Cowboy Action shooters run a double barrel is a hoot. I wonder if you could take a short-barreled double to a tactical shotgun class. Doc Holliday used a double barrel coach gun at the OK Corral.  It would probably still work.

I can haz Vector with suppressor?

I have a moneymaking plan that I think that Kriss would like to be part of. First, let’s look at a little photo.
This is the Kriss Vector, in .45ACP. You will note that it is attached to the new Defiance suppressor designed specifically for the Vector.
I wantses. More than Robb wanted his Vector, I’ve want this. I even did a little video of this rifle at the Luckygunner shoot. (Pre-Defiance suppressor)

So here’s the deal. Kriss gives me the Vector SBR and the Defiance suppressor. Then I swing a deal with my local gun range. Every box of .45 ACP ammo sold to feed the Vector gets $1 sent to Kriss. It’s a win all the way around. I get the rifle and suppressor. The public gets to shoot it. The range sells more ammo. And Kriss gets a couple of dollars up front and lots of sales due to the exposure.
So, what do you say, Kriss?


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Super-Secret sneak peek at the rifle barrel you all want

In addition to being your blog host, I moonlight as Deputy Assistant Shop Monkey at Templar Custom.

Here’s what I spent my Sunday working on.

This is the new prototype barrel from Templar. It’s an integrally suppressed AR barrel. The idea is that a barrel that is 16 inches overall, but has a suppressor built in would not require you to register your rifle as a Short Barreled Rifle.
The barrel will still be subject to a $200 tax stamp for the suppressor, but the rifle itself will be a normal AR-15. Couple this with Templar’s FastRail quick change barrel system and you can run a standard unsuppressed barrel normally, and in about 5-10 minutes, swap it out for this suppressed barrel.
The barrel will be 17” overall, including the outer tube. Overall length with the stock collapsed is 34”. This is about the shortest you’re going to get without springing for another $200 SBR tax stamp.
Bob is still assembling the gas block, but he hopes to test fire it soon. Video when we get it running.

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5 Guns I lust after

I think I’ll jump on this meme before everyone else weighs in.
Lust is a strong word. I don’t really lust after any guns. I’m a believer in the Andrew Tuohy seven guns theory, which is that you need seven different guns. Everything else is gravy.

1.       Semi-auto mag fed rifle – My Templar AR-15 is already ordered and on the way
2.       Center fire rifle suitable for medium game – I have a .243, but I could use a larger one
3.       12 gauge Shotgun – I still need one of these
4.       .22 LR rifle – My Ruger 10/22 Liberty Training Rifle is AWESOME!!!
5.       Service size handgun – I already have a XD-.45, but I’d like a Glock 17
6.       Compact handgun – I could use a Glock 19, or maybe a Ruger LCR
7.       .22 LR pistol – If the 10/22 is awesome, my 22/45 with Volquartsen trigger is even better.
So I have two ways to go with the “lust list.” If I assume that my lust list is intended to fill out the holes in my “need” list, I would “lust” after these
1.       A .300 Blackout barrel for my Templar AR, or even better, the barrel and a second Templar AR with a 6.5 Grendel barrel and a scope. I also want a .50 Beowulf barrel, but I think that’s probably overkill for anything short of bear and moose. I would like to have a “Short range” AR with 16” 5.56, 16” 300 Blackout, and 16” .50 Beowulf, all topped with an EoTech, and a “long range” AR with an 18” 5.56 and an 18” 6.5 Grendel, all topped with a nice scope.
2.       Mossberg 590 A1 with ghost ring sights and a 20” barrel. I like how the Mossberg has a tang mounted safety.
3.       Glock 17 (TigerSwan!)
4.       Glock 19 (Also TigerSwan)
5.       Kriss Vector. I mean, did you really have to ask?
Now let us assume that what Robb actually meant was, “assuming you have all the guns you “need,” which guns would you get? So, assuming I have the Tuohy list of seven covered,
1.       A Kriss Vector (duh!)
2.       An M1 Garand, the greatest battle implement ever devised. Plus they are fun to shoot.
3.       A really pretty, high end custom bolt action rifle. Something with pretty wood furniture suitable for display.
4.       An AK that I’ve built myself.
5.       A Gatling Gun. I don’t know if I’d like the pretty brass one from the SHOT show, or if I’d like an 1876 type. I’d still like to get that Gatling Gun named as the State Gun of North Carolina. He was born here you know.


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I want this rifle

You are looking here at my next rifle.

This rifle is the personal rifle of Bob Reynolds, of Templar. He built it last week and brought it along to the Blogmeet in Greenville. I got to shoot it and I want one. I think that the only think I might change is the stock.
This particular onehas a 16 inch barrel and is chambered in .223 Wilde (a hybrid 223 Remington/5.56 NATO) that will shoot basically every normal 223 and 5.56 ammo available. The rail is Bob’s proprietary FastRail system. This particular one is 14.5” long. It allows you to remove the barrel in about 2 minutes, and replace it just as fast. If you have spare barrels, you can change calibers, barrel lengths, or both. I will do a later post about how well it shoots, but suffice it to say that it is far more accurate than I am.
If you want your own rifle, ask Bob. He’ll build it just the way you want it. If you already have a rifle, and just want to have this really nice rail, you can buy one here.

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I need a new front sight

All right all you technical guys. I need a new front sight for this gun.
The problem with this gun is that it is a target pistol, and is set up from the factory for a “6 o’clock hold”
This would be great if I was planning on shooting bullseye with this pistol, but I am not. In order to make the bullet impact close to where I am aiming, I had to dial in 16 clicks down on the rear sight. This buried the rear sight, and still didn’t get me all the way on target. You can see that I did shoot reasonably close to the target, but I was still aiming a bit low to get this
What I need is a taller front sight. Does anyone know where to get a slightly taller front sight for a Ruger 22/45 Mark III (P512MKIII)?

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Silencers in North Carolina

Yesterday I had a really nice conversation with a guy in Charlotte that sells silencers.
He had been researching info on how HB650 affects us as gun owners in NC and ended up on my “HB650 What does it do?” page. Since he saw that I am interested in a Kriss SBR and a silencer to go with it, he emailed me and we ended up having a phone conversation that lasted about an hour.
Unfortunately I will not be able to buy a Kriss from him right now, but it was nice to know that there was someone that specializes in silencers here in North Carolina. Give his web page a look and if you need more info, email him. And if you are going to the Charlotte gun show this weekend, look for him. Tell him that Sean, from NC Gunblog says hi. You can also tell him that when I can scrape enough money together for a silencer, I’ll know who to call.

FTC Notice: I have not received anything from Eric of NC Silencers, nor has he promised me anything in the future. I just thought he was a nice guy when I talked to him and thought my readers would like to know about him. In the meantime, feel free to pucker up and kiss my backside. Nosy government agencies piss me off.

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