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TigerSwan offers a compact version of their Instructor Pistol

When several bloggers, readers, and I took our Intro Pistol class in October at TigerSwan, several of us got a chance to shoot this gun.
It’s a Glock 17, the full duty sized 9mm pistol, but with some added components.
  • KKM Precision Match Barrel
  • 3.5 lb Glock Trigger Bar Connector
  • Dawson Precision Adjustable Rear Sight
  • Dawson Precision Black Front Sight
  • Vickers Extended Tactical Glock Magazine Release
  • Glock Factory Extended Slide Release
If you consider that the sights alone will run you about $105, and the barrel $165, you are already above the $760 asking price for this Glock.
There was a problem, however. I like the Glock 17, but it is a tiny bit large for concealed carry. I inquired, and Bryan Searcy has agreed to make a Glock 19 version available with all the same components for the same price. He says you can have it on a Gen 3 or a Gen 4 base, and you can have it in full size Glock 17 or compact size Glock 19.
When you consider that Brian recommended that civilians carry a 9mm with hollowpoints as their concealed carry gun, and how nice his pistol was to shoot, I can see myself getting their Glock 19 here in the near future. When we run the class again in the Spring, I think I will be shooting this gun.
TigerSwan doesn’t have their Glock 19 on their website. Contact them directly for more info. If you happen to live in the Raleigh area, they are perfectly happy to let you buy the pistol from them at their Apex corporate headquarters, saving you the trip to their Fayetteville area range and pro-shop.

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Brian Searcy weighs in on the Caliber Wars™

Which is better, 9mm, .40S&W, or .45ACP? Now I have long been a .45ACP man. Bigger is better, right? So while I was taking the TigerSwan Introductory Pistol class, I asked the lead instructor, President and Chief Operating Officer, Brian Searcy what he thought.
Brian has 16 years with the US Army’s Tier 1 counterterror unit, commonly called Delta Force. He’s been all around the world carrying basically whatever he’s wanted. I thought it would be crass to ask him how many people he’s shot, but it’s a fair bet that he’s had to shoot people. Given that he said during class, “I’ve never seen anyone shot in the pelvis that didn’t drop like a sack of potatoes,” and “I’ve seen people shot in the jaw, and in the top of the head get up and walk away, but I’ve never seen anyone shot in the eye orbits get back up,” he’s probably shot his share of people. Here’s what he said.
“Get a 9mm. Civilians are not limited by the Geneva Conventions and can carry hollowpoints. A 9mm hollowpoint is devastating. Plus 9mm is cheaper and you can practice more”
He said that “The Unit” has gone to carrying .40 S&W, but only because they can’t use expanding ammo in combat.
I guess that shoots my “bigger is better” theory right in the backside.
Did I mention that I got a chance to shoot his personal Glock 17? It’s the same one they sell at their pro-shop. First shot hit on a steel man size silhouette at 65-75 yards. I missed the other 6 shots, but I did hit it once.

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How I spent my Saturday

Recognize the rifle?

This is the “Alaska Hunter” rifle built by Bob at Templar Consulting.
I got to spend a few hours with Bob at his shop. Bob (a different Bob) from Bob’s Gun Counter and Confederate Yankee pointed out that Bob from Templar Consulting was selling AR lowers for $65. I got two lowers, sequentially numbered. Bob also showed me the original “Alaska Hunter” rifle. This is the actual rifle that we supposed to be given to Sarah Palin. For whatever reason Sarah has decided not to accept the rifle and it has been returned to him. Bob plans on auctioning it off, proceeds to benefit some worthy cause. I’ll let you know when he sets up the auction.
While I was there, Bob showed me a few things that he’s building, and a few ideas that he’s working on. I think I will be spending a bit of time with him at his shop learning a bit more about AR building and machining.
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Sean steals a meme

Larry wrote up a list of guns he wants. I think I shall swipe the meme and write my list.
1.       Mossberg 590A1 9 shot Ghost Ring sights (can you change out the barrels on the 590A1 to swap in a turkey barrel?)
2.       AR-15 of some type
3.       M1 Garand or an M1A (Appleseed!)
4.       XDm 4.5 in 9mm
5.       XDm 3.8 Compact in 9mm
6.       XDm 4.5 in .45ACP
7.       Kriss Vector
What do you think?

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Do you have too many guns? (*Video*)

I wish! But it’s a fair question. How many guns do you really need? Andrew at Vuurwapen Blog has this handy video listing the 7 types of firearms you need.
1.       A semi-auto, magazine fed center fire rifle. Think AR or AK or some other proven battle/”assault” rifle
2.       Bolt action rifle in a caliber suitable for medium/large game
3.       12 gauge shotgun, preferably with ability to change barrels
4.       .22LR rifle
5.       A service (full) sized handgun
6.       Compact handgun
7.       .22LR handgun

I think he’s on to something here. I now own numbers 4, 5, & 7. I was thinking of buying #3 next. A Mossberg 590A1 would be sweet. I own the stripped lower for #1. I don’t have a compact handgun, nor does the bolt action rifle I own qualify as “suitable for medium/large game. It’s chambered in .243Win. That’s  big enough for deer, but not really big enough for anything bigger. I will eventually get my grandfather’s pre ’64 Winchester Model 70 in 30.06, but since it’s going to be inherited from my father, I hope that I don’t get it for many years to come. It’s a nice rifle, but I’d rather have the father than the rifle. He’s a trial sometimes, but far more valuable to me than even a pre ’64 Model 70.
So what do you think of Andrew’s list?

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More awesome things to spend my filthy lucre on

Earlier this week I posted that I have purchased a Ruger 10/22 rifle and all the parts to turn it into a Liberty Training Rifle. I successfully installed a Volquartsen hammer/bolt release kit (what a sweet trigger!), an extended magazine release, and a recoil buffer, but I just could not get the front sight off without beating on it with a hammer. I was concerned that I would bend the barrel so I dropped it off with the gunsmith to install both the Tech Sights and the sling swivels. While I was at it, I bought some extra 10 round mags, and I even picked up some of the new Ruger factory 25 round mags and a mag loader. I should be all set for an Appleseed shoot. Anyone want to come with?
The thing is, even having spent quite a bit of tin on this admittedly cool rifle, I still wanted more. So today I’ve ordered another gun that I have wanted for a long time.
That’s a Ruger 22/45. Trigger time is trigger time. No sense wasting money shooting full caliber when you can shoot 10 rounds of .22 for each round of .45 ACP. Plus I can use the 22/45 to teach others the fine art of pistol shooting. The little 22/45 is perfect for teaching flinch free basic pistol skills to new shooters while also allowing me to focus on perfecting my trigger pull. And it didn’t break the bank. I pick it up on Thursday (barring some screwup) along with my rifle. This means both of them should make it to North Coast II.
I can’t thank you all enough for buying my shirts and putting these fine weapons in my hands. I still have a few extra shirts. Email me for details. (Sorry, no Small or Mediums)

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That sound you hear?

Listen closely. Can you hear it? That soft sobbing that sounds like someone just lost her dog? That’s the sound of Sarah Brady and her compatriots crying.
Today I spent a bit of my filthy lucre gained by selling Gunwalker T-Shirts. As promised, I spent it on a gun. Unfortunately I didn’t earn anywhere near enough money to buy the Kriss Vector that I wanted, so I had to set my sights a bit lower. I purchased a Ruger 10/22. At $280, including tax and the hard case to store it in, it was much closer to my price range.
I bought the plain Jane wood stocked, blued barrel version with the intent of turning it into a Liberty Training rifle. I will finally be able to go to an Appleseed shoot. What’s even better about the rifle is that I can use it to teach others how to shoot. Imagine the gnashing and wailing you will hear as I teach others how much fun it is to shoot a rifle. I will be passing on the disease of firearms competence to a whole new generation of future holders of an insurrectionist view of the Second Amendment.
I might even have just enough cash left over to buy a Ruger 22/45 pistol, which is the gateway drug to getting a concealed carry permit. You know how it goes. First the ladies are scared to death of guns. Then they get to know you and realize that you are a trustworthy sort of person who owns guns. Then they screw up their courage and ask you to teach them to shoot. Then, all of a sudden, they are standing in front of the Sheriff with their hand out demanding their government issued permission slip to exercise their God Given Rights, and why does the government license this sort of thing? They don’t license free speech!
So each of you that has purchased a Gunwalker T-Shirt (which will go into the mail as soon as I receive them on Wednesday or Thursday) thank you. Not only have you purchased a fine shirt which will be useful in starting many interesting conversations, you have contributed to the spread of gun ownership among all the people who I will teach to shoot.

Sorry all the crying is disturbing you.
Per Weer’d’s request, edited to add:
All the parts for the upgrade to Liberty Training Rifle arrive around the end of August. I should have it completed for the North Coast blogmeet.
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Liberty Training Rifle

Well it looks like there is no possible way my “profits” from the sale of Gunwalker T-Shirts will stretch to cover a Kriss Vector. This really isn’t a surprise. I still want a Kriss, but I won’t be able to afford it any time soon.
Instead, what do you all think about this?
This is a photo of a “Liberty Training Rifle.” It’s a Ruger 10-22 decked out with nice aperture sights plus some special mods to make it operate basically like a M1 Garand. The LTR is the “standard” practice rifle for Appleseed shoots, something I’ve wanted to go to since I first heard of them. Their home range, in Ramseur, NC, is less than an hour and a half from here. I’m thinking of going either in September or October. The October date is the weekend before the NC Blogmeet and shooting class.
The Liberty Training Rifle has
Ruger 10-22
Tech Sights
USGI sling & Sling swivels
Extended mag release
Bolt release
Recoil Buffer
None of the mods make it less useful as a .22 caliber varmint gun, so I can still use it to go rabbit hunting on my friend’s farm like he asked me to. Plus, I can use it to teach people how to shoot. Some people find rifles less intimidating than pistols. 
So what do you think?
The only problem is that I don’t have an M1 to use for the long range days at the Appleseed shoot. Does anyone want to loan me one?


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