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Another Defensive Gun Use that the gun haters will ignore

No one ended up dead, so the gun haters won’t include it in the official score.

A would-be stun-gun robber outside a Concord bank was in for a shock of his own Monday when a local business owner pulled a real gun on the suspect.

Our hero was Gary Spencer, 36, of Spencer’s Extreme Cleaning Services. (Warning, music autoplays) He saw the robbery in progress and pulled the gun out of his wife’s purse to intervene.

“He didn’t get the money, and I didn’t have to shoot anybody,” Spencer said, relieved. “The good citizens actually got to take one home yesterday. It felt good to help somebody out, you know, out there in the world.”

The victim’s injuries were described as “minor” in the incident report, but Spencer said he looked pretty rough after Monday’s stun gun assault.

“That thing was tearing him up,” he said. “I wouldn’t never want to get touched by one of those things.”

He said the victim was thankful the incident didn’t escalate further.

The man got to keep his money, and “the suspect who came with the stun gun left with less than he came with,” Spencer said.

Good on you, Mr. Spencer.

And if you live in the Charlotte, NC area and need some pressure washing done, you might want contact him to get a quote.

Shot 12 times plus 3 in his vest, Sikh Temple cop tells his story

We heard about Police Lt. Brian Murphy. Now he’s well enough to tell his story

The first shot hit him in the face, left side of his jaw, the 9mm bullet moving down, ripping through his larynx, bouncing off his spinal column and lodging in his right neck.

He remembered his training – “in a high-risk incident I will survive.” And he moved, even as 11 more bullets pierced his arms, hands, legs and the back of his head, even as three more bullets struck his protective vest, even as the gunman kept coming, firing at close range.

His biggest regret?

“People always ask me, do you flash back, do you have nightmares,” Murphy says. “My answer is no. I have none of that. I’m lucky and I touch wood. I’m very fortunate that way. But what I do look back at is what I could have done different. I have always been a big proponent, no reason to go over 70 miles an hour. You put others at risk. But if I could have gone 100, could I have stopped him from shooting just one other person?”

I think you’ve done plenty, Sir. 15 bullets meant for others hit you. You tied him up until your brother officer could shoot him.

There is a long video interview at the link. Watch it.

Remember, YOU are the weapon. The gun is just a tool.

Caught in a restaurant shooting with no gun? A crazed psycho shooting up the place and you don’t have so much as a pocketknife with which to defend yourself? Use what you have to get what you need. (From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

Why did he do it? Aside from the fact he needed to, I mean? (Also from the PI)

And then he follows up the incredibly brave act with something we’re seeing a lot of in the true heroes we seem to be surrounded with. (From Seattle PD “Blotter” blog, linked by the PI)
What was it that made the difference? One word. Will. He had the will to win. In the South, it’s called “Oh HELL No!” He didn’t stand around wishing he had something better, he got off his ass and used the chair to effect change. He was the weapon. The chair was just a tool. He had a plan.
You have a plan, right?


People coming in from other blogs can check out my travel blog. The Wife and I went to Slovenia. New posts each day, including plenty of castle photos. This one is especially cool.


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Sadly the words “whipped him until he couldn’t stand up” never appear in this story

Apparently Asheville is not the city to whip up on your underage girlfriend. Some of the ladies will take offense
After they told the 26 year old off for beating on his 16 year old girlfriend, he pulled a knife on them. So they took it away from him. Sadly they did not stab him to death, curb stomp him, or take turns kicking him in the crotch. He ran away like the little bitch he was, and was eventually captured by, of all people, a trio of Alcohol Law Enforcement officers.
Well what else did you expect from a person pulled a knife on two women for telling him not to beat up his underage girlfriend? Did you honestly think he was an honest, upstanding citizen?
No word yet on whether the ladies will get keys to the city or their photos posted in city hall.


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The last full measure of devotion

We expect our soldiers to do their duty. We demand it of our fathers. Here is a man who did his utmost.

RIP Mr. Cantrell. We pray for the comfort of your widow. We were lucky to have you in our service. Your daughters were blessed to have you as a father.

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British Marines recapture hijacked ship

This is a good news, bad news story. First the good news.
Awesome. They should be proud. Now the bad news.
What are they going to get? A smack upon the bottom and a stern warning not to do it again? Maybe if they got shot and fed to the sharks, fewer people would become pirates.

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A woman who could use your help (*Video*)

Hurricanes don’t select their victims based upon their guilt or innocence. The trash the good and bad alike. Here’s one lady who could use a bit of help.
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If you’ve got a few extra bucks, you might want to send her some. (Make sure to write that the money is a personal donation TO HER, or she’ll probably use it to send more care packages)

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Nine against Four Hundred, the SAS’s Rourke’s Drift

Ten years before the SAS came to public attention in the wake of the Iranian Embassy Siege, they were engaged in a secret war in Oman.
This is the unit that our own Delta Force is based upon. Read the whole thing. So far the book is only available for Kindle, but you can bet I’ll be buying the book when it’s available


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Fox meets his match in an 80 year old lady with a shovel (*Video*)

Don’t mess with this lady or her daughter. She’ll give you a taste of the shovel.

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It’s a baseball bat for the next miscreant who decides to bite her daughter. I bet that goes for two legged critters as well.


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Happy Memorial Day

Today I will be driving back from the LuckyGunner shoot. I was fortunate in my 9 years of military service in that I was never in any danger that was not caused by my own stupidity. Others were not so lucky. Today we remember those who didn’t come home.

On military bases they will raise the flag this morning and lower it to half staff. Then at noon they will begin firing a slow 21 gun salute, 1 shot every minute. The last shot sounds at 12:20pm, and the flag will be raised smartly to full staff for the rest of the day.

That always struck me as just exactly right. Of course we mourn the loss of so many. But we also celebrate what they bought. We are free, the pains of war rarely affect us directly, and we are free to do as we please.

It’s a good place they have died to protect. I’m glad to live here.