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Japete lying more than usual

I’m not going to link to Brady Campaign board member and all around lunatic Joan Peterson’s blog. I had to stop reading her blithering maunderings a long time ago. There’s only so much crazy I can deal with, and she’s over the line. But Weer’d Beard reads her so I don’t have to.

I have been writing about things that can go wrong when the wrong people are able to get their hands on loaded guns. But it’s not just the wrong ( prohibited buyers) who do bad things with guns and bullets. It’s sometimes those who can legally buy guns who have no intent to kill anyone but do anyway in a moment of anger, depression, jealousy, during a relationship separation, after too much alcohol, or while believing, sometimes falsely, that another is out to harm them. Occasionally a shooting is justified to save one’s life. But most of the shootings in America are not for that reason. The majority of gun deaths are among people who know each other( pg. 10)

Link is safe, it goes to Weer’d.

Let’s discuss the last statement, and the unwarranted inferences she draws.

The majority of gun deaths are among people who know each other (pg.10)

She links to this Bureau of Justice Statistics PDF. In addition to mischaracterizing it as a chart on “Gun Deaths™,” she fails to take into account is this statement at the bottom of the BJS chart.

Note: Detail may not sum to total due to rounding. The percentages of victim/offender
relationships are based on the 63.1% of homicides from 1980 through 2008 for which the victim/
offender relationships were known. The percentages of homicides involving multiple victims or
offenders were known for 69.1% of incidents.

That’s quite an omission, isn’t it? They’re leaving out the more than one third of single victim/single offender relationship data.

Let’s go to the source. The FBI’s Crime in the United States 2012. I took the top line data and made a pie chart to show the victims in each category of relationship,


Look at the first three largest categories of relationships. “Unknown,” “Acquaintance,” and “Stranger.” We can even see, by process of elimination, what the FBI considers an “Acquaintance.” The FBI defines “Acquaintance” as a person who is not a “Stranger,” but is also not a

  • Husband
  • Wife
  • Mother
  • Father
  • Son
  • Daughter
  • Brother
  • Sister
  • “Other Family”
  • Friend
  • Boyfriend
  • Girlfriend
  • Neighbor
  • Employee
  • Employer

So it’s basically someone who you’re not related to, not friends with, don’t live near nor have some employment relationship with, but you still know. Somehow.

You know who comes to mind when I try to come up with a person who is none of the things above? Drug dealers. Rival gang members. Criminal associates. Not related, not friends, not neighbors, and not in some sort of employer/employee relationship.

Clearly, “Acquaintance” is a very broad category of people you don’t really know all that well, but just don’t happen to be perfect strangers. And when you add up all the “Unknown,” “Stranger,” and “Acquaintance” murders, they represent 79.65% of all murders in the US during 2012. Not exactly a ringing endorsement of the myth that it’s just family members murdering each other in a fit of pique.

Moving on, let’s look at the unwarranted inference Joan Peterson draws from this data.

Occasionally a shooting is justified to save one’s life. But most of the shootings in America are not for that reason. The majority of gun deaths are among people who know each other.

So in Joan Peterson’s tiny little mind, the fact that people involved in homicides (sort of) know each other means that using a gun to defend your own life against a person you (sort of) know is wrong.

Does that even make sense? Is that even rational? This is what I call the “Reverse Rumplestiltskin Defense.” In Rumplestiltskin, the woman gets hauled off to a dungeon and forced to spin straw into gold, which, of course, she cannot do. Rumplestiltskin offers to do the spinning for her in exchange for her first born child. Later, after marriage and now that she’s pregnant, she resists. Rumplestiltskin, for some reason, offers her a deal. Figure out my name and I’ll give up my claim to your child. On her third guess, she gets the name and Rumplestiltskin vanishes, without taking the child. Joan’s view is the exact inverse of the story.

In Joan Peterson’s view, it might be OK for me to shoot a perfect stranger in self defense. But as soon as I know the guy’s name (or, as is probably the case in most of the murders, his “street” name) I’m not allowed to shoot him? Is that even sane?

What we’re dealing with here is the same thing that causes the gun haters to come out of the woodwork to decry guns after school shootings but to refuse to acknowledge the common everyday killings. They know that if they went on TV and talked about Ice Dog shooting Ray-Ray, no one would ever call them back. The reality is that most murders are among and between criminals or are criminals killing family members. It’s rare that those murders leap out into what we might call “polite society.” We tend not to care if criminals kill each other. As long as they are killing each other, they’re not bothering us. It’s cold, but true.

Joan misuses incomplete statistics to draw an unwarranted inference. And that, plus her enormous lack of sense, is why I stopped reading her.

Let Joan’s crying begin

Six days. That’s all it took for Utah to send me a renewed Utah Concealed Firearm Permit. I applied for a renewal on Sunday and I received the new CFP in the mail today. That’s service for you. And the best part is that they renewed it for 5 years from the date of the original CFP’s expiration date, so I’m good until 5-18-2019.

I just made Joan Peterson cry

Long time readers of this blog will remember that I started blogging as a response to Joan Peterson at (no link for her) censoring her comments. Mostly I’ve gotten away from reading or even thinking of her. It’s better for my sanity not to be exposed to her. But today I spent $15.75 just to make her cry.

I just renewed my Utah CFP

utah renewal

So how does renewing my Utah CFP make Joan Peterson cry?

This is my North Carolina CHP reciprocity map.


And here’s the same map with a Utah Non Resident CFP added.

Will you look at that! For the princely sum of $15.75, I will may carry a concealed handgun in the state of Minnesota at any time in the next 5 years! And I didn’t even have to get out of my desk chair to do it because Utah makes it an easy online process to renew!

And now you know how $15.75 well spent can make a gun grabber cry for five whole years. For those who want me to actually travel to Minnesota, hit up my PayPal with some travel money and I’ll be more than happy to visit.

You can make your own reciprocity maps HERE.

Someone made a video for me!

Watch the video.

Barron Barnett made this video based upon my comments when the kerfuffle started.

I just can’t help myself!

I try to ignore Joan Peterson. Too much crazy makes you crazy, but I followed a link on Sebastian’s Twitter feed and found the following

Some of these folks have no common sense. Take this Colorado man who thought it would be O.K. to show up at a showing of The Dark Knight with a loaded gun strapped to his waist for all to see. Yes it’s his right. But is it right? Why in God’s name would a gun permit holder want to display his gun in a movie theater showing that particular movie in that particular state? I’m sure the gun guys will say it’s because he has a right. Sometimes, dear readers, one must practice humility and restraint. People don’t like seeing openly carried guns in public places.

Let’s try that a slightly different way.

Some of these folks have no common sense. Take this Alabama woman who thought it would be O.K. to ride in the front of the bus for all to see. Yes it’s her right. But is it right? Why in God’s name would a black Alabama woman what to exercise her rights in that particular bus in that particular state? I’m sure the civil rights guys will say it’s because she has a right. Sometimes, dear readers, one must practice humility and restraint. People don’t like seeing openly defiant black people in public places.

Don’t try to read the rest of her post for facts, logic, or consistency. It will only make you stupid.  I do want to comment on this part here, though.

It’s time for a conversation, to say the least.

Joan, we’re having that conversation. You’re just not invited. We discussed your input and we decided that nothing was served by taking seriously the rantings of an obvious loony. We’re having a conversation and we’re collectively coming to the decision that most of the gun laws we have are completely stupid, so we’re getting rid of them.

UPDATE: MarkOfAFreeman proves once again that people aren’t much bothered by open carry. How dare he. He’s making Joan Peterson cry.

Chris proves that his cat is smarter than Joan Peterson

It seems that even Chris from Arma Borealis’s cat is smart enough to recognize that inanimate objects pose no threat.

One wonders how sad it must be to lose an intelligence contest with a housecat.


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Why I call Dennis Hennigan “Denny Henny”

A funny tweet showed up when I was eating dinner tonight,

and I just had to respond.
You see, I don’t see her as “Pollyanna.” Pollyanna had an optimistic outlook. From Wikipedia
This clearly does not describe japete. A bowl cut statist moron, however…
I was trying to explain this to my wife, and figured out that most people don’t know who “Henny Penny” is. Henny Penny is the name of the chicken widely referred to as “Chicken Little.” You know, the one who’s always running about screaming “the sky is falling!”
This led to a discussion of Dennis Hennigan. He either is or is not the current Acting Director of the Brady Campaign. There is some question about this as Brady hired another gun hater to be their Director, but their press releases keep saying Dennis is their Acting Director.
I’ve been referring to Dennis Hennigan as “Denny Henny” for a while now. It’s not just an annoying diminutive of his name, but also a reference to the fact that he spends his adult life running around screaming “the bullets are falling, the bullets are falling.” You can all feel free to use my nickname for him.
I think he got hit on the head with an acorn one too many times.

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Barron Barnett responds to Joan Peterson’s rant

After the gun grabber groups got PWND in their attempts to politicize the deaths of “gun violence” victims, they lashed out with all the fury you would expect from narcissists. Our old favorite gun grabber Joan Peterson accuses us of having “No Shame” because we polluted their mawkish ceremony by posting photos of our guns with candles in response to their candlelight vigils. The point being, candles don’t stop violence, being in a position to fight back does.
It’s too long to effectively summarize, so go read the whole thing.

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Dear Joan Peterson, GFY. Signed Sarah.

The lady that everyone calls my blogmother, the gun control racket’s crazy aunt in the attic, Joan Peterson managed to get offended at the bunch of gun and candle photos posted by gun bloggers in response to the Brady Campaign’s insipid “Too Many Victims” whinge-a-thon.
The best response so far is from Sarah, at Cranky Chicks With Guns.
Read the whole thing.
Joan? You and your whole crew got Pwned. You got slapped silly in the blogosphere, on Twitter, and in real life.

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Was the (reportedly now dead) Mt. Rainier National Park shooter a prohibited person?

The latest reports are that the jerk who murdered a Park Ranger has likely been found dead. If so, good riddance.

But was he a prohibited person?

Having a restraining order on you is a Federal bar to possessing firearms. Will we find out that he was a prohibited possessor for other reasons as well?

The media is playing up the “Iraq War Vet” angle. We all know that there are (pardon my French here) assholes from every walk of life. I don’t have any sympathy for people who murder others. I don’t care if you have PTSD or if you ate too many Twinkies. Your personal issues are of no consequence when you pull out a gun and kill an innocent person. Unless
he is responsible for what he did or failed to do.
I suspect that we will find, when it’s all said and done, that even if he was not formally a prohibited person, he will have done enough things that he should have been had anyone bothered to report his activities to the proper authorities. This is the exact same issue as we find in the murder of japete’s sister. Everyone knew that the killer was out of his gourd, but no one bothered to say anything. Now we listen to the narcissistic sister of the actual victim whine about how the law needs to be changed so that she can feel good about her lack of appropriate response at the time. We will likely find that had anyone bothered to do what was right, this jerk would have been either in jail or in a rubber room somewhere.
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