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This is what winning looks like

One of the things Scott Adams says in his podcast is how the moments right before winning looks a lot like the moments right before losing. Let me explain how gun owners can seriously win on gun control while looking at all times like we gun owners are losing…

Privately, the White House has floated at least one particularly unorthodox idea: an app connected to the National Instant Criminal Background Checks system that could be used to conduct background checks on private gun sales, according to three senators and other officials familiar with the proposal who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the proposals have not been finalized. 

Now the gut reaction of most gun owners who are politically active will be “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!” But before you jump up on that table and do your best Patrick Henry impression, let me explain why this is a good idea.

Currently, only Federal Firearms Licensees (gun stores, basically) can access the NICS system in order to conduct background checks. Right after Sandy Hook, Republican lawmakers proposed a method that would allow private citizens to access NICS so they could conduct a background check before a private sale.

It was a simple plan.

A gun buyer would log in to a free federal web portal and enter some personal information. If the buyer passes the background check, he or she would get a multi-digit key code, good for 30 days, to print out and take to a seller. That seller would use the same portal to confirm the authenticity of the background check

The Dems (driven by the gun grabbers) rejected it out of hand.

Why would they do that? If they wanted gun sales to proceed only after a background check, why would they make it impossible to conduct those checks outside of an FFL? The answer is obvious. They don’t care about the background check. They only care about getting the transfer on paper. If they don’t get the transaction written down and permanently recorded, they can’t later take that information and create the firearms registry that they actually want.

There’s an agenda here. The gun haters want to change two things about firearms. First, they want to change firearm ownership from an ordinary liability into a strict liability. Basically we treat dangerous objects like guns just like dangerous objects like cars. If someone runs into your car and your car hits another car, they guy who hit you is responsible for all the damages. They want to change that into a strict liability like for explosives. If you’re transporting explosives and someone runs into you, YOU are liable for the damage from the resulting explosion even though the other guy hit you and caused it. That’s how they want guns treated under tort law.

More importantly for this discussion, they want to reverse the burden of proof on firearms possession law. Instead of the law forcing the government to prove that someone possesses a firearm unlawfully, they want the law to force anyone in possession of a firearm to prove the firearm is possessed lawfully. Instead “innocent until proven guilty,” they want firearms ownership to be “guilty until proven innocent.” They want specific licensing and ownership documentation for anyone permitted to own a firearm and strong punishment for anyone who hasn’t complied with every jot and tittle of their licensing system. When the cops see you have a gun, it’s up to you (and your expensive lawyer) to prove that you have complied with the law and are legally in possession of the firearm.

This is what people mean when they say “firearms are a right, not a privilege.” When something is yours by right, the government cannot take it away without proving that you fall into a special case where your rights have been taken. If it is only yours by privilege, then it is you who must prove that you fall into a special case where you are permitted.

This “background check app” is what’s called a Devil’s Fork.

Image result for damned if you do damned if you don't

It’s a test. If you just wanted Background Checks, this is everything you’ve asked for. But if “Background Checks” are just a stalking horse for the universal firearms registration that you REALLY want, then this is the worst possible thing in the world.

Gun grabbers can’t possibly accept this.

But they can’t reject it either.

Damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

They will reject it. They have to. Accepting it is an off ramp on the highway to gun banning. It throws a permanent roadblock between them and their fantasy of registering all guns, licensing all gun owners, and slowly reducing the numbers of both. It’s a stake in the heart of their long term plans.

But if they reject it, they get two things.
No Background Checks at all.
Their duplicity exposed for all to see.

Us: “OK, guys, you win. Here’s your background checks.”

Image result for you get nothing

And then for ever after we get to beat them to death with “We offered you background checks and you refused. You don’t actually want background checks, what you really want is registration.”

Their argument will be “oh! People will just refuse to do the check!”

[C]ritics say Coburn’s plan relies too much on voluntary compliance by private sellers.

“It’s unworkable,” said Ladd Everitt of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, “and there would be no incentive for any private seller to do a background check under the legislation.”

Our response will be, “And people will refuse to go to the FFL.”

Their real problem with this plan is pretty obvious.

Another problem for gun control advocates: There would be no lasting record of the sale.

“When there’s a crime committed, a police agency can go to a manufacturer and ask, ‘Hey, where did this gun go?'” said Mark Kelly, who founded Americans for Responsible Solutions with his wife, former Rep. Gabby Giffords. The manufacturer can point to a federally licensed dealer, who would have a paper record of the sale, “and then they can help them solve some crimes,” Kelly said.

This was back when Starman was new to the gun control game. I doubt he would be stupid enough to give away the registration game so obviously.

The true goal here is registration of all firearms. The only way they will ever be able to prove transfers didn’t happen legally is to require all transfers to be registered with the government. That’s their end game. Registration, licensing, confiscation, enough red tape and bureaucratic nonsense to dissuade all but the most dedicated from becoming gun owners. Gun Culture dwindles down to just a few old guys clinging to their break action single shot shotguns (and maybe a Bible or two) and eventually just dies.

Robert Francis O’Rourke shot a giant freaking hole in their “No one wants to take your guns” argument, and this will shoot a giant hole in their “we just want background checks on all gun sales.” They never wanted just background checks. Background checks are just a stepping stone to their actual goals.

We need to put out weight behind this and push. Some simple app that allows us to conduct our own private, untraceable background checks before private sales. Something that doesn’t tell the FBI what guns got transferred. Something that doesn’t leave records of the check. Something like the Coburn plan.

Maybe it’s time to do another t-shirt run

It looks like CSGV is planning on abusing the English language again in an attempt to raise some cash.


As Joe Huffman points out:

The “well regulated” part of the Second Amendment has been explained so many times that the only way someone who follows the issue could be unaware of true meaning of this is if they put significant effort into denial. For example in the Heller Decision we find (pages 23 and 24):

Finally, the adjective “well-regulated” implies nothing more than the imposition of proper discipline and training. See Johnson 1619 (“Regulate”: “To adjust by rule or method”); Rawle 121–122; cf. Va. Declaration of Rights §13 (1776), in 7 Thorpe 3812, 3814 (referring to “a well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms”).

So Everitt, mocking people for failure to understand the meaning of “well regulated”, gets it totally wrong himself.

So maybe I need to do my own shirt. I have a phrase I trot out whenever people try out the “Well Regulated” gambit.

“Well Regulated” means “Subject to Lots of Laws” in exactly the same way that “Infantry” means “Filled with Children.”

I think I could sell 250 shirts faster than CSGV. And I promise to spend all my money on ammo and guns.

There’s a nice 9mm Walther PPQ down at Fuquay Gold and Guns…

Why is far Leftist “Progress Ohio” running a fake Chardon school shooting memorial website?

Ladd Everitt and his band of far leftist anti-gunners have been spamming Twitter with exhortations to “leave a note of support” at what appears to be some sort of memorial website “” Prompted by a tweet from @spartywrx, I decided to Whois the website. Here’s what I found.
So the owner of Remembering Chardon is Progress Ohio. Like pretty much anything with the word “progress” in the name (except for Progress Energy) Progress Ohio is just another astroturfed far left organization. Read their website and see what amounts to a laundry list of Leftist causes.
So why is an extreme leftist (albeit one that tries to appear “responsible” rather than violent) website running a “Memorial” website for a school shooting? I think it’s just a way to collect emails to add to their mailing list. The Left as a group is anti-gun. The leader of CSGV, Josh Horwitz, wrote in his book that guns were a threat to Progressive politics.
While we try to believe that the various leftist groups out there are independent, the reality is that they are just one big group. A political hydra with many heads in many issues. The anti-gun lobby is just one face of a much larger group.
Feel free to use the number and the email address and ask Bret Thompson of Progress Ohio just what the heck he thinks he’s doing with his fake memorial website. If you want a real memorial, go here.

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The gun grabbers roll out the Nuts and Sluts defense against Emily Miller

If you haven’t seen it, go and give Ladd Everitt’s post a read. I know, he’s a disgusting troll and we all know that, but still, read his post.

Back? Now read this series of Twitter posts between Sebastian (TBFKASIH) and some loon calling him(her?)self “GunSensus.”

This is the “Nuts and Sluts” defense.

So, Ladd thinks that Emily is crazy for complaining that she has to leave the city of DC and travel to the home of a strange man to get training based upon a poorly Xeroxed list. Apparently it’s considered crazy nowadays for a woman to think that a person with a brick and mortar store presents a more professional image, and therefore is a bit safer, than the guy operating out of his basement.

And “GunSensus” goes straight for the old “She’s a WHORE!!!” defense. I mean, what can you say about this? There’s no other way to describe the disgusting Tweets than that. According to this troll, Emily Miller, a relatively pretty woman who wants a gun and happens to hold conservative beliefs, is an attention seeking whore who should be treated exactly as if she stripped her clothes off and posed naked in a skin mag. That kind of gives you a window into how “GunSensus” views women, doesn’t it?

The thing is, these aren’t attacks designed to hurt Emily Miller. They might, but that’s not the point. These attacks are designed to tell other women that certain beliefs and actions are Not Acceptable™. They are telling other women, don’t get a gun, and especially don’t complain about the absolute idiocy of the DC gun buying process. If you do, they say, we will treat you as if you are a crazy whore, and we will do everything in our power to hurt you and embarrass you in front of your family and friends.

I think that this attitude tells you everything you need to know about how the gun grabbers view women. They think women are property. They think women who don’t hold the approved views are crazy whores who deserve the modern equivalent of public exposure at the stocks. These gun grabbers are the exact moral equivalent of the witch burners in Salem.

And Emily? Welcome to our side. If you didn’t think you were on our side before, your enemies have decided to make sure that you knew you were on the side of us lunatic insurrectionists. I’m sorry you have to deal with the blind hatred of people who will never bother to know you. As far as they are concerned, the fact that you want a gun makes you an unperson. The fact that you exposed their anti-gun policies in our nation’s capitol makes you this month’s Emmanuel Goldstein. You’re getting your daily dose of Two Minute’s Hate. It might be difficult to deal with if the gun grabbers had any power.


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