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How murderous is the USA anyway? or Piers Morgan really is racist!

Miguel points out that the USA is listed 108th in intentional homicide rate. He points out that for Piers Morgan to say

“And you have by far the worst rate of gun murder and gun crime of any of the civilized countries in this world.”

It’s both disingenuous AND racist. Let’s look at the Wiki page “List of Countries by Intentional Homicide Rate.” Taking that data, organizing it and turning it into a bar graph we get this.

Murder Rate Overall

See that little red circle? That’s “murderous” USA compared to everyone else. We barely beat out Turkmenistan for 108th place.

That graph is hard to see, so here’s all the graphs.

Countries with homicide rates 20 or above per 100K

 Murder Rate above 20

Countries with homicide rates 10 to <20 per 100K

Murder Rate 10 to 20

Countries with homicide rates 5 to <10 per 100K

Murder Rate 5 to 10

Countries with homicide rates 2 to <5 per 100K

Murder Rate 2 to 5

Countries with homicide rates 1 to <2 per 100K

Murder Rate 1 to 2

Countries with homicide rates <1 per 100K

Murder Rate 0 to 1

I’ve helpfully colored in the USA at 4.2 murders per 100K. You should also bear in mind that our rate of 4.2 is not just murder, but murder and non-negligent homicide. It’s an entirely different discussion when we start comparing how different countries report their data. (TL/DR version: Japan lies as a matter of police procedure)

Piers Morgan is being disingenuous when he points solely to “gun murder” and “gun crime.” We as Americans don’t care if a murder is committed with a gun or a knife, or with “personal weapons.” Dead is dead. I’ll be happy to accept 4.2 per 100K rather than worse in 107 other countries.

Piers Morgan is also a racist when he says that any country with worse murder rates is not civilized. Like Miguel says, perhaps Piers longs for the days of British Imperialism, where Englishmen went abroad to force other “uncivilized” nations to be more like (Formerly Great) Britain.

Let’s take Piers Morgan EXACTLY at his word. He only wants to talk about GUN murder. Here’s a graph of the Wiki data from “List of Countries by Firearm Death Rates.” I’ve organized it by firearm homicide rate, highest to lowest.

Murder Rate Guns

For those of you who can’t read tiny print, let me make a list of all the “Uncivilized” countries that Piers Morgan dismisses.

  1. El Salvador
  2.  Jamaica
  3.  Honduras
  4.  Guatemala
  5.  Swaziland
  6.  Colombia
  7.  Brazil
  8.  Panama
  9.  Mexico
  10.  Philippines
  11.  Paraguay
  12.  Nicaragua
  13.  Zimbabwe
  14.  Costa Rica
  15.  Uruguay
  16.  Argentina
  17.  Barbados
  18.  United States

Hell, some of those places are so civilized that rich white folks go there on vacation.

Near as I can tell, the majority of these countries they are modern representative democracies.There are a few hell holes on the list, but taken as a whole, the only difference between most of these countries and the USA is the fact that the USA is majority white. So when he says we have the worst “Gun Murder” and worst “Gun Crime” rates of any “Civilized” nation, what he’s really saying is that we’re the worst in that category for “white” nations. He sees civilization strictly in terms of race. If that’s not racist, I don’t know what is.

I dare Piers Morgan to go to each of these countries embassies and tell them that he thinks that they are “uncivilized.” If he’d film it, his network would be able to make Super Bowl level advertising rates on his program. Everyone would tune in to watch an annoying racist prick get his ass kicked.

Buy your leather sap before Raymond sells them all!

I’ve shown you my sap already.

Mine’s the one on the bottom. It was handmade by Raymond, here in Raleigh.

Now’s the time to get your very own sap. Raymond is clearing out his inventory at rock bottom prices. He has some very fine saps, nothing over $50! And that includes shipping. So hop on over there and grab yours before he sells them all. Tell him Sean sent you.

There is no law against carrying a sap in North Carolina. I carry mine into restaurants that serve alcohol because NC prohibits me from carrying my gun. The State bans me from carrying one tool, so I carry another. Remember that YOU are the weapon. The gun is just a tool.

FTC disclaimer: Raymond did not pay me for this link or endorsement. I paid good hard cash for my sap. If you don’t agree that my endorsement is based upon the quality and usefulness of my Raymond Sap, feel free to come over and I will demonstrate how well it works.

Someone made a video for me!

Watch the video.

Barron Barnett made this video based upon my comments when the kerfuffle started.

My new sap has arrived!

I posted a while ago about leather saps as defensive tools and Raymond’s handmade leather saps. In that post I said that Raymond was working on a version of the four-ply Junior sap, but with lead shot instead of a solid head. He came through for me.

The photo above is of a Boston Leathers “Junior” sap, as well as a clone that I worked up for Sean. It was tricky, as it took more layers and hardware than I usually use, but the end result came out pretty solid. If I can streamline the process, I’ll be doing more of this style in the future, but in the meantime, I’m focusing on the basic 8″ design that I get the most requests for

It looks cool

The sap on the left is a genuine Boston Leather Four-Ply Junior. The one on the right is my lead shot version. It doesn’t have the spring shank or the cast lead head, so I think it will be a bit less brutal, but still effective. I also like the fact it was handmade just for me.

Raymond has plenty of styles, so check him out. And remember, even if you can’t own a sap in your state, Raymond can make you a leather and lead shot fish billy. Or a tire pressure checker. Or even a book weight. You can contact him directly at

r.desmarais – at – netzero – dot – net

Tam asks, I answer

Reflecting upon the silly stories written about the unfortunate adoptive father who shot a burglar who attacked him with a knife only to find out that the attacker was his adopted 16 year old son, Tam asks

I would like to see a Venn diagram of the following sets of people:

1.Those who say that rape and other crimes of violence aren’t usually perpetrated by masked strangers in bushes, but rather by acquaintances or even family members, and…

2.Those who say you shouldn’t own a firearm because statistics show that it is more likely to be used on a family member or acquaintance than on a masked stranger in the bushes.

 Well, here’s your answer

 Rapists should be shot. Who they know and who they are related to is completely irrelevant.

A funnier answer here.

Elliot Fineman and the Professional Anti-Gun Leadership

This started out as a comment but morphed into a post. Thirdpower points out Elliot Fineman of National Gun Victims Action Council (NCVAC)’s apparent descent into lunacy. I don’t think he “descended” at all. I think he started out there and hasn’t stopped digging.

I think that Elliot is the reason NGVAC started and he’s the reason that NGVAC has suddenly stopped being newsworthy. Fineman thought he was the Honey Badger, but in reality he was the crazy aunt in the anti-gun attic. No one on his side had the balls to go out on the offensive against the “gun lobby.” He alone made the gutsy call to lead the 300 anti-Spartans through the Hot Gates and on to the open beach below. The reason that he alone had the balls to do that is because everyone else has enough sense to see that he and his 300 would get their asses kicked from here to Timbuktu.

The genius of the anti-gun lobby has been to occupy the key terrain of the Media and the Beltway. For 40 plus years they tried to turn this into a national level fight. They got GCA68 and then the AWB by fighting in Congress instead of trying to work on 50 State capitals. They got their media allies to act as a megaphone to make them look like a national organization when they were actually just a couple of lobbyists in DC. You see, they recognized that they were small and professional so if they could avoid fighting in all 50 legislatures they would have a chance. If they got outside of that very small location, they would be massively outnumbered.

Some time in the last 4 years the anti-gun lobby realized that they were permanently screwed. The AWB was an overreach, making gun control basically a death sentence to Dems in moderate districts. The anti-gun lobby then got the worst news ever. The 2010 elections not only wiped out the US House of Representatives, it absolutely CRUSHED the Dems in State legislatures all over the USA. And it happened in the election right before redistricting. This meant a more or less permanent Republican majority in most state legislatures. The anti-gunners wanted the fight to be Federal, where they could look relatively equal, but the vast majority of the laws that affect guns and self-defense are State level laws. You don’t go to Federal prison if your State doesn’t have Castle Doctrine.

Correctly reading the writing on the wall, the anti-gun groups have decided that they have lost. But that’s no reason not to make some money. Brady staked out the squishy center-left. They try to look mainstream, and they’ve hired a fundraiser whose brother was shot by a likely terrorist to be their President and a photogenic gunshot survivor to being their mouthpiece. CSGV has staked out the loony Left. They’re acting like total kooks online in order to attract donations. Hey, it’s a living. What’s a little dignity when you’re faced with a mortgage payment in this economy? Fineman must have gotten angry with the “establishment” anti-gun groups. I think they told him, “cool your jets, Pops. You’re here to be a sad looking figurehead. You’re here to be our human shield. Leave the actual decision making to us professionals, and we say that we should just try to make a little cash.”

Big Daddy Elliot, who made fat cash in “Strategic Marketing,” doesn’t need to hear that crap from nobody. He grabbed some other true believers and sold them some beachfront property in Arizona. He told them that if they just got one big win against squishy Starbucks, they’d scare every other business into putting up “No Guns Allowed!!!111Eleventy!” signs rather than face the wrath of Elliot NGVAC. The true believers leapt to their feet and followed Pied Piper Elliot right straight into the river where their dreams of a gun free latte promptly drowned.

Meanwhile the anti-gun establishment sat back and laughed at them. The “professional” anti-gunners knew that gun control was a lost cause. It was sad that Elliot had to go out and prove it, but that wouldn’t stop them from conning some other anti-gunners out of some pocket change. In a country of over 300 million there are enough stupid people to keep PETA afloat so there’s certainly enough to pay Ladd Everitt’s salary. Whatever else happens, they’ve got to protect their phony baloney jobs.

So there it is. Elliot Fineman was the only person who could have done what he did. No one else is crazy enough to have led a doomed cause straight into the brick wall of reality. The people who run the actual anti-gun groups know that their first requirement is to pay their own salaries. They can’t pay their salaries if they do stupid things like prove how toothless their organizations actually are. Now that Elliot’s insanity is revealed, the media avoids him like the plague. It’s only when the crazy person espouses Conservative ideas that they stick a camera in his face. No sense damaging their pet causes by showing what a lunatic one of their leaders is.

Blogger gets his Rifleman patch at Appleseed wearing the coolest shirt in the world

I think it was the shirt.

No worries, though, as I did finally score a 219 on my fifth attempt, and even that was with three or four FTFs.

He’s having problems with his 10/22, but he managed to still make the score. Good job.

Now go and see a photo of him in the coolest shirt in the world. 

Blogger goes to Appleseed’s Rifleman Boot Camp

It’s like summer camp for shooters! My friend, blogger at Arms are the Mark of a Free Man, is off for a week of shooting at the Appleseed home range in Ramseur.

Back in March of this year, I attended a two day Appleseed shoot with 10 other bloggers, but I was probably the only one who didn’t write about it afterwards. I don’t really have a good excuse for that. Even though I didn’t make Rifleman and earn my Rifleman patch, I wasn’t the only one, as about half of us didn’t make it. It’s not uncommon to not make it the first time.

Given my marked improvement, I figured that if two days could do that, eight days of Appleseed would be even better, right? Well, I guess I’m going to find out.

He’s going to blog each day, so if you don’t already have him in your RSS reader, add him now.

I sure wish I could go.

So you like “Real Life Stop Motion?”

Bluesun links to a cool video of a Bastille Day parade in Paris. In the video, it appears that someone has built a diorama and animated their entire miniature parade. Except it is actually a video of a real parade, with some post-production work. It’s a cool effect which makes an otherwise boring parade video into something worth your attention.
I saw this for the first time about a week ago. It was in a paragliding video. I sat through this video amazed that it wasn’t the most complex stop-motion animation I’d ever seen.

Did I mention that anyone who wants to get rid of me as a gun blogger only has to give me enough money to buy a paragliding kit and travel around the world flying? Here’s your chance anti-gunners. Hit the PayPal and I’m gone flying! Assuming that all of the anti-gunners together could scrape that much money together at one time.
I guess you’re all stuck with me.

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My blog comment on the Florida shooting

Want to know how I feel about the Florida concealed carry shooting?


also, Daddy Bear asks a very good question.


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