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Walnut Creek Amphitheatre robbers get away with half a million dollars

An interesting story close to home. I live not too far from the Walnut Creek Amphitheatre.

Three armed suspects entered the office and robbed employees of cash, wallets and cell phones before fleeing on foot, Raleigh police said

Walnut Creek Amphitheatre is an open air concert venue that seats about 20,500 including lawn seating. Some other stories made mention of the robbers getting away with “an undisclosed amount of money.”

Well, the 911 call came out today and the amount of money stolen is extraordinary.

Click to listen to the 911 call

At the 1 minute 10 second mark the operator asks if the robbers took anything. The answer is so surprising that I contacted the Raleigh Police Department’s Public Information Officer for confirmation. PIO Jim Sughrue confirmed that the female caller reported $500,000 had been stolen.

From the original press release, dated 8:21PM July 13

Shortly after 11:30 a.m. today, Raleigh Police Department officers responded to a robbery call at the business offices of the Walnut Creek Amphitheater. Three armed suspects had entered the office, robbed it of cash and taken wallets and cell phones from employees before fleeing on foot.

In addition to converging on the crime scene, RPD officers and other law enforcement personnel circulated in the surrounding area. A short time later, a Wake County Sheriff’s Office deputy detained an individual walking in the vicinity. That suspect, (Suspect 1) (DOB 8/20/92) has now been charged with six counts of robbery with a dangerous weapon, (one count concerning the business and five counts related to employees), along with five counts of second degree kidnapping. He has been transported to the Wake County Detention Center.

The two other two suspects who are known to have been involved in the robbery remain at large. Officers were able to locate money stolen during the crime and work remains underway to determine if cash and other property remain unrecovered.

Take some time to listen to the 10-1/2 minute audio. And then ponder the question, why did Walnut Creek Amphitheatre have half a million dollars in deposit bags on a Monday morning, apparently with just about zero security. The caller reports that the robbers had her co-workers face down at gunpoint and when she came in they forced her into the “cash room,” which was already open, to open the safe.

Security isn’t about the money. Money can be replaced. You put security in place to prevent your employees from ending up face down on the floor, wondering if they are about to get murdered.

The 911 call audio raises the interesting question of inside information. I would have no idea that they had more than $500 at that location. Sure, they sell tickets that could be expensive, but don’t most people buy concert tickets online? Even if I was the sort of vile creature who might like to steal people’s money at gunpoint, it wouldn’t even occur to me that they had enough money to be worth stealing.

The caller says several things that indicate she thinks that they had inside info. When you design security, the only inside information you want your employees to have is “it would be too hard, too dangerous, and too unrewarding to steal from this place.” Either these robbers got incredibly lucky, or they got tipped off.

The caller said she’d been working there for 20 years and nothing like this has ever happened before. Stay safe out there. Even if you never go looking for trouble, trouble might come looking for you.


The #MuslimLivesMatter and #ChapelHillShooting hashtags are a sophisticated social media campaign

This is the first time I’ve seen the power of the fully operational Death Star Muslim social media campaign. A random shooting in Durham County becomes a cause célèbre for Muslims around the world.

Let’s have a little timeline. The first 911 call of shots fired came in at 5:11 PM on Tuesday the 10th of February. At 6:15 am the next morning I got mentioned on Twitter.

I’m out walking my dog, and I scratched my head wondering what the heck the #ChapelHillShooting was. So I backtracked the tweets, checking out @RBPundit. I found a raging hashtag war with #MuslimLivesMatter and #ChapelHillShooting getting tweeted all over the place. They were pushing the “Muslims murdered by Christian Terrorist, Western Media Silent!” Then I found this.

Killer of 3 NC Muslim Students Was Hardcore Anti-Religion Atheist Progressive A horrific triple homicide was committed yesterday in Chapel Hill, NC, as three Muslim students were apparently murdered by a deranged anti-religion progressive.

Look at the time stamp. February 11 at 2:18 in the morning. Even if that was 2:18 Pacific time, that would still be only 12 hours after the first shots fired call. It points to the Raleigh newspaper, The News and Observer.

CHAPEL HILL — Police charged a Chapel Hill man Wednesday with first-degree murder in the deaths of three Muslim students in a quiet neighborhood near Meadowmont, just south of N.C. 54.

That’s date stamped Tuesday the 10th, so it was no more than 6 hours after the first shots fired. Let that sink in for a minute. The “Christian Terrorist” (and that’s a direct quote of many, many tweets I saw) meme had gone around long enough that someone at PJ Media had looked up the guy’s Facebook page and found out that he was an atheist, and a militant one. And that rebuttal was posted no later than 12 hours after the shooting, and more likely only 9 hours. By the time I saw the #ChapelHillShooting hash tag on Twitter at 6:15 AM, there were thousands of “Why is the Western media hiding this terror attack on Muslims!” tweets. This, as a result of a spontaneous movement is frankly impossible. It cannot have happened that way at all. I’ve traced back tweets as far as I am able and have found “Western media Silent!” tweets at 1am Eastern. That basically can not have happened without some large group pushing the meme.  

So it looks like right around 1AM on the 11th, about 8 hours after the first shots fired 911 call, the Twitter campaign takes off, pushing a narrative of “Islamophobia.”

By now, however, we all know that the shooter was not a “Christian Terrorist,” despite all the claims on Twitter

Here’s what I see. This is a campaign to push the idea that Muslims are the victims of “Islamophobia” in the west and especially in America. I believe that this campaign is a direct response to the #IamCharlieHebdo hashtag. It’s a direct attack on the west, with the Muslims attempting to regain the mantle of “Victim” by attempting to portray everyone racist and bigoted because the victims in this incident were Muslims.

We were played. And they did a fantastic job of it.

I spoke about this in The Squirrel Report Podcast, which I have embedded in this post. The discussion of this incident starts at the 1 hour 2 minute mark. It is very much NOT SAFE FOR WORK. The language in this podcast is very strong. It is tagged explicit on iTunes, so be warned.

The curious case of the kidnapped father

Luke over at Triangle Tactical brings us a discussion of why you should carry a gun at home.

How many times have you heard someone say this? “I don’t carry at home, I live in a good neighborhood” or “I only carry when I’m going somewhere I might need it”

A Wake Forest, NC man was kidnapped from his home 5 days ago, and transported to Atlanta where he was being held in an apartment. This morning he was rescued by FBI agents, and it appears from the article that he’s okay.

The kidnapped man’s daughter works as a Wake County Assistant District Attorney, but there’s no word on whether or not that had anything to do with his kidnapping.

Carry your gun. It’s a lighter burden than regret.

Shooting in Garner

Without shooting the guy inside the Town Hall, I don’t see how this could have happened any closer to the Garner Police Department than it did.

A 35-year-old man gunned down in front of an apartment complex Wednesday night is in critical condition, and police are looking for a white Nissan Altima or Maxima that was seen fleeing the area shortly after the shooting.

Lets look at the map.

Garner Shooting

Using Google Maps it appears that the shooting and the Police station are about 100 yards apart.


And it looks like the victim is well known to the police as well. I’ll bet that when they catch the shooter, he’ll have a record as well.

Democrats stabbing each other

This is a bit disturbing

Police have charged a man with stabbing and seriously wounding two well-known Democratic political strategists at their home in North Raleigh on Monday evening.

I keep up with the local crime news, so I saw this yesterday. None of the three have any convictions in the NC criminal database, which is pretty unusual.

(Suspect 1) and (Victim 1) are natives of Lenoir and old friends. (Suspect) served as (Victim 1)’s best man at the couple’s wedding in 2009 and worked with (Victim 2) at Sky Blue, a political consulting group.

(Victim 1), 27, is well known among North Carolina Democratic political circles. He is an online strategist who has helped many politicians and non-profit organizations with direct mail and email campaigns.

All three are registered Democrats, and all three work directly in Democrat politics, so we can rule out angry Republicans.

The cops are kind enough to let us know that they don’t think it was “domestic” in nature. By that I’m assuming they are politely trying to say that it wasn’t some “love triangle” thing.

So unless we posit that the Dems are a criminal organization, this appears to be a case of three totally non-criminal people in an attempted (if she survives) murder. I imagine that the story will be interesting if the cops ever let us hear what actually happened.

On a side note. The names of the two political consultants. Who the heck named these two? Do their parents hate them? Or are names like that the NC equivalent of “Skipper” and “Muffy,” the sort of weird names that rich people give their kids?

Murder right around the corner

I heard the sirens last night. This is what they were going to.

Police have charged a man with the fatal shooting of a 36-year-old woman at an apartment complex.

Investigators called the shooting was “domestic related.”

Strangely enough, neither were felons



The story tells that he had two DWIs, but they ignore the pair of Assault on a Female charges he was convicted of in 2001. Many domestic violence misdemeanors in NC are charged as “assault on a female.”

It would be interesting to see if he was subject to any protective orders, or if those assault charges were domestic related.

Duke Non-Rape case “victim” out on bail

I predict mayhem.

You remember the Duke Non-Rape Case, right? Well the woman at the center of that case is now free on bail.

One month after a judge denied a request to dismiss her charges or reduce her bail, accused murderer (Suspect) was released from Durham County Jail on Wednesday after posting bond.

She is accused of stabbing her boyfriend to death almost a year ago.

North Carolina has a law that says anyone on trial for something other than a capital offense is entitled to bail. That’s because pre-trial confinement is not intended as a punishment, but merely as a way to make sure you show up for trial.

Sometimes that means letting the crazy people out. I guess that the same laws that protect this crazy woman also protect me.

The New York Boycott page is now online

LaRue started it. Olympic Arms followed suit. I have a feeling that a lot more companies will jump in. I have decided to maintain a “New York Boycott” page so that we can keep track of the companies that put your Second Amendment rights before profits.

NC GunBlog’s New York Boycott Page

Tell your friends. Tell your enemies. If you know any firearm manufacturers, tell them too. We want a widespread boycott of anti-gun states. There is no way that firearm companies should be selling firearms to the people who taking rights away from their own citizens. My email address is on the boycott page, so any companies that want to be added should email me directly.

Didn’t he know that schools are “Gun Free Zones™”

Kid in a Raleigh high school got caught with a gun today.

An Athens Drive High School student was caught at school with a handgun today, according to Raleigh police.

A school resource officer with the Raleigh Police Department discovered the gun while investigating a theft, according to a letter to parents from William Crockett, the school’s principal.

“While there was never a direct threat of harm to anyone, bringing a weapon to school is a very serious offense,” Crockett wrote.

They will likely update the article soon. I’ve got the press release from the Raleigh Police. It’s not posted electronically, so I can’t link it.

Officials at Athens Drive High School and the Raleigh Police Department’s school resource officer assigned to the school were conducting a follow-up investigation that stemmed from a disturbance in the cafeteria this morning.

During the course of that follow-up work, a student at the school, (Suspect) (DOB 7/11/95), was found to be in possession of a handgun and was taken into custody by the SRO. The gun had not been reported to have been displayed by the suspect or reported to have been involved in any incident at the school today.

(Suspect) was transported to the Wake County Jail and was charged with carrying a concealed weapon, possession of a gun on educational property, possession of a stolen firearm, resisting delaying or obstructing a law enforcement officer, and possession with intent to sell or deliver marijuana.

The investigation of the incident is continuing.

So what sort of person brings a gun to school


17 years old and already convicted of, and on probation for, a Class 1 Misdemeanor Larceny conviction. 

Good thing there was an armed guard on the school. Too bad we can’t have one guarding the smaller children.

She’s not a hero

One of the blogs I read is not political at all. It’s the personal blog of a friend of mine that I know from a historical re-enactment group. A couple of days ago she had to call 911 for a house fire.

“Crap.” I thought. I banged on the door again and yelled, “Your HOUSE is on fire!” I went back to the car, to find something to possibly break a window with, so I could let the dog out before the fire got to the house. Just as I got to my car, the homeowner poked her head out of the door, looking sleepy and confused.

I yelled, “Your house is on fire! You need to get your dog and get out!” She started to come out, and I yelled, “Call your dog!” She ducked back inside, and I could have kicked myself. Never let someone go back into a building that’s on fire. Cardinal rule of fire safety. The fire was just starting to go after the carport, so I didn’t immediately yell at her to come back. She came out again within the three minute mark of me going to yell at her again, with a large tabby and a little bichon frise-looking puppy the size of a chihuahua.

My friend stopped, turned around to verify what she saw, called 911, beat on the door, roused the neighbor, put the neighbor and cat and dog in her car, and waited while the fire department extinguished the fire. Yet she’s not a “hero.”

I got a deluge of “WOW YOU’RE A HERO!” I got really upset. Because what I did was not heroic.

It’s close enough for me. You don’t have to risk your life being Johnny-on-the-Spot. You’ve just got to do the right thing when confronted.

Why don’t you click over, read the whole story, and say thanks for being an awesome neighbor.