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Committing the crimes Americans won’t commit?

The cops are saying that they have found an assault rifle that might have been involved in a local double murder.

Wake County sheriff’s deputies have charged an 18-year-old woman with possession of an assault rifle that may be linked to the shooting deaths of a Garner couple this month.

For once, they got the terminology correct. The woman is charged with possession of a weapon of mass death and destruction. That’s the charge for having an unregistered machine gun or short barreled rifle.

They’ve placed an immigration hold on her because there’s some question if she’s in the country legally.

Rock the Vote!

Here’s an online poll. It’s just below the Top Story photo.

Gun Control

  • None
  • Ban Assault Weapons
  • Ban Handguns
  • Universal Background Checks

Right now NONE is winning 77% to 20% for the weenies who think that we should have to say “Mother May I” to the government just to buy and sell personal property.

Make sure this gets even more lopsided.


You know, there’s a simple solution for this problem

Two legs bad, four legs bad as well?

Lauren Hodge, of Chapel Hill, recalls walking her Jack Russell terrier last summer when she was approached by a coyote.

“I saw a great big, fat rogue coyote that had been plaguing our neighborhood,” she said Tuesday. “My dog was going crazy. I was terrified.”

Her daughter, Hannah, had a similar encounter when she and her dog were chased into the woods by one.

Encounters with coyotes, like the Hodges’, are becoming more common.

I’d even be willing to help out. I have a nice shiny new rifle which would be perfect for explaining to coyotes that their presence is no longer required.

Someone needs to explain to these people that unless they teach the animals that humans are at the top of the food chain, the animals will never learn. If you run and hide, you are food. If you shoot them dead, not so much.

WRAL tries, mostly succeeds (*Video*)

In a breath of fresh air, WRAL “Multimedia Reporter” Mark Binker tries to explain the complex web of laws that you and I deal with every day.


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It’s a breath of fresh air because almost all gun discussion on the mass media avoids using facts. They media spends most of the time trying to ignore the fact that most of what they ask to be illegal is already illegal. There can be no other reason that gun grabbers spend so much time trying to tell us that machine guns should be illegal. Umm, guys… National Firearms Act? Ever heard of it?

Poor Mark ran into the wall of information and honestly did his best to explain the laws. Unfortunately, whenever an outsider tries to explain something, insiders quickly see all the flaws. I want to tease him about it, but then I try to imagine myself (not a car racing fan) trying to explain the rules of NASCAR to anyone and I realize what he’s up against. Luckily, I have Mark’s email address. You might remember Mark as the person primarily responsible for posting the (mostly) redacted NC Concealed Handgun Permit database online.

If you read the WRAL piece before, read it again. You’ll see that many of the errors are corrected. Originally he fell afoul of the whole “clip” vs. “magazine” issue. He was also under the misapprehension that you couldn’t carry a gun where alcohol is sold. It’s actually where it is sold AND consumed. As I told him, it’s perfectly legal to carry a gun to the convenience store to buy the beer you’re going to take home to drink. He was also told by the Attorney General’s office that short barreled rifles and short-barreled shotguns are against the law in North Carolina.

I used the email address I had and to my surprise I got a fairly quick response. He changed out the “clip” for “magazine,” corrected the sold and consumed, and after some back and forth added a bit that explained that federally registered SBRs, SBSs, and silencers were legal in NC.

There’s one part that I’m still not happy about.

Practically speaking, the federal government tried to outlaw “assault weapons,” those that serve no purpose other than killing people, in 1994.

Mark, are you kidding me? Are you really trying to tell me that

  1. My AR-15 serves no purpose other than killing someone, and
  2. That killing someone with my AR is not a valid purpose?

This kind of editorializing has no place in what should be a straight news story. First off, it’s just plain wrong. An AR is the single most popular rifle sold in America. It’s used in competitions of all sorts, from local “Zombie shoots” all the way up to the rarefied competitive level of the President’s Rifle Match. The AR is a perfectly acceptable hunting rifle, though why people think that only hunting rifles are acceptable escapes me.

But most of all, saying that a rifle is primarily a tool to kill someone doesn’t make it a bad thing. My rifle is set up so that I can use it for home and short range defense. My suspicion is that if I put two or three rounds from my AR in the high center chest area of a home invader, he is unlikely to survive. This does not impugn the rifle, or me, in any way.

Overall grade for Mark’s effort is B. Mark got a lot of information correct, and he was willing to correct his info when he was told it was wrong. That counts for a lot. Unfortunately, that piece of really egregious editorializing knocks him out of the A range.

Mark, when you’re ready to learn about gun owners, let me know. You have my email. We’ll take my AR to the range. Have you seen the fantastic range that Wake County built for us?

Another murder-suicide proves only cops should have guns!

Not the idiot football player, a different idiot.

(Suspect) fatally shot his wife Amber Seymore in the head Monday morning and then turned the weapon on himself, according to the state medical examiner’s office.

So what sort of person was he?

(Suspect) was a retired police officer with Bay Area Rapid Transit in California, according to his LinkedIn page.

That has to hurt the gun grabber cause. They are forever telling us that only cops and military should own guns. Yet come the next “candlelight vigil” they will celebrate this woman’s death while ignoring the fact that her killer was an “only one.”

The gun grabbers like to tell us that people are too violent and dangerous to trust with deadly force. Yet once those same “people,” get blessed with government pixie dust, and get a badge, the gun grabbers are happy to let them carry a gun. I think that what the gun grabbers really want isn’t a gun free world. I think what they want is a master.

The kids are all right

Oh what a bunch of sad pandas the faculty of NC State University must be right now. All that expensive indoctrination going to waste.

A recent survey of North Carolina State University students and faculty shows a huge political divide between faculty and the student body.

44 percent of students who responded to The Pack Poll said they would vote for Mitt Romney, 42 percent prefer Barack Obama, and the rest remain undecided or prefer another candidate. The margin of error is +/- 2.98 percent.

81 percent of faculty members, however, said they would vote Obama, compared to 15 percent who favor Romney. The margin of error is +/- 6.1 percent.

Even scarier, from the faculty’s point of view is the horribly racist opinion of the students that Voter ID is a good idea.

57 percent of students support a requirement that voters show photo ID; 22 percent are in opposition 

 Ouch. The Liberal indoctrination is failing.

Someone’s begging for a cease and desist letter (*Video*)

Copyright infringement is not a good way to start your adult life.

Mitt Romney’s comment about Big Bird in the presidential debate Wednesday sparked an idea by two University of North Carolina students.

They cranked up a website,, and are sellling T-shirts with Big Bird on them for $20.

They say they will donate the proceeds to charity, but that’s not going to save them.


 (RSS Readers, Click HERE for Video)

How many ways is this a bad idea? You can see their shirts here. I especially like the one with Big Bird holding a sign that say “Romney just fired my ass.” That should be worth double points in the “How bad will the eventual lawsuit be” sweepstakes. The two Shepard Fairey “Hope” style ones are awesome. How many copyrights were violated there? There’s Big Bird, There’s the use of Shepard Fairey’s iconic poster, and if you remember, Fairey’s poster was a copyright infringement of the original AP photo.

I’m pretty sure that even if they Sesame Street people are happy with the idea (which they won’t be) they have to defend their copyright. If they fail to defend it in this case, the next person who violates it can claim that they’ve abandoned it. Given that Sesame Street is a multimillion dollar property, they’re not going to let a couple of college idiots get away with it.

Unless your friend works for Blackwater…

Once again the whiners are out in force. Have you ever noticed that there is a group of people whose preferred solution for everything is to whine that the government isn’t doing enough? People who think that holding a rally and singing Kumbaya will change basic human nature?

Local residents are coming together after another attack last month on the American Tobacco Trail.

The July 31 attack, in which a man said he was struck while jogging between Enterprise and Fargo streets, is the latest in a string of incidents along the trail dating back nearly two years.

In response, the city’s District 3 Partners Against Crime group, which encompasses much of southern Durham, is spearheading a “Walk the Trails With a Friend Day” community event. PAC facilitator Patricia Burchett said the goal is to get neighborhoods along the trail to participate in a day of walking that will culminate in a gathering downtown.

Let’s face it, unless you got your walking companion from the Blackwater Rent-a-Friend program, he’s just going to get robbed right along with you.

Here’s my plan. Police make a general announcement. They tell everyone that, just as a FYI, the American Tobacco Trail does not fall into the limited exceptions of House Bill 650, so they are unable to ban firearms on it. That means that anyone who holds a valid Concealed Handgun Permit from North Carolina, or any other state, may feel free to carry their handgun while they enjoy nature on the ATT. Secondly, Durham Police Department has started a new exercise program. On a rotating basis, police officers of all departments will be walking, biking, and running the ATT, in plain clothes carrying their weapons. Some will be SWAT officers, others will be detectives, some alone, some in pairs.

The practical upshot of all of this will be that any potential robbers will face the very real possibility that instead of a wallet or a watch they might receive a bullet instead. And besides, even if all the criminals decide that the ATT is too dangerous for them, the Durham PD officers will get some exercise, which will bring down medical costs overall. It’s a win-win.

Is that too harsh?

I had lunch with my fellow Americans today

I sat down to a meal with some of my fellow Americans today.

I case you can’t tell, I’m the one in the middle.

I went to the Sikh temple in Durham, NC. I showed up at about 11:30 and went inside. The rules are that you must take off your shoes and wear something on your head. They were kind enough to loan me a hat that looks like a surgical cap.

What I heard wouldn’t have been out of place at any random Christian church in the nation. Peace, love,  equality, goodwill towards all men, that sort of thing. They made good use of technology too. They had a computer set up to display running translations of the songs they were singing. I’ve not been in church in a long time, so I don’t know if that’s done in any Christian churches to display the particular hymns being sung or for the readings, but it was really helpful for me to follow along.

After about 45 minutes of singing and playing (it was more of a performance than a sing along) we had some speakers. There were Sikhs as well as guest speakers. Let’s get the bad out of the way.

Dear Mr. Muslim guy. The bullets were NOT aimed at you. Racists hate everyone except their race, so we can assume that the Sikhs who were murdered were killed because they were brown-skinned followers of a non-Christian religion. They were not killed because someone mistook them for Muslims. It really bugs me when people make an effort to be associate victims.

Now to the good stuff. I am a patriot. The sight of the flag makes me happy. I believe in America and in Americans. I take second place to no one in love for my country. The Sikh speakers, especially the President of the temple, exceeded me in patriotism by a long shot. America is not blood, and it’s not soil. America is ideas, and the people who believe them. These were Americans. They might have been born here or far away. But once they started talking about America, the “best” and “safest country in the world”, you could tell that they were Americans. These are not scare quotes, these are direct quotes from the speakers. Thomas Jefferson might have had a problem understanding the accents, but not the sentiments.

And now for the funny part. There must be some sort of gun enthusiast radar. I don’t know if they found me or I found them, but we found each other. The guys I was sitting next to were both Sikh and gun owners. We talked about guns, and we’ll be getting together sometime soon to go shooting. One of my new friends said that he was surprised that no one in the Temple shot at the intruder. He was mystified as to why there was no one with a gun available to shoot back. He assured me that it was almost certain that there were concealed carriers in the congregation. I did not go to the temple to advocate for concealed carry. I was, however, treated to a discussion of how banning guns would not change anything. I was told that criminals would get guns no matter what the laws, and that taking guns from the honest people would only make things worse. In short, it was a discussion pretty much like any that you would read on any pro-gun blog.

Then we had a tasty lunch.

UPDATE: In comments, someone wonders why no Sikhs fought back. At least one did.

You’re right, but not for the reason you think

NC Policy Watch is a FAR left outfit here in North Carolina. How far left? Close enough to Pol Pot that they could have lunch together, but the ghost of Ted Kennedy would need a telescope to watch them.
NC Policy Watch, in an unprecedented moment of agreement with Civitas, a conservative pro-business organization, thinks we should get rid of the state lottery. Why? You’re going to love this.
You mean that the lottery is teaching citizens that it is a vast leviathan that will take everything they have and crush them like a little bug?
Around here I call that “Truth in Advertising.”


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