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Michelle Dockery Monday: My favorite celeb in my favorite color

Michelle finally showed up in something that I could post without violating someone’s copyright, and she did it in fine style, rocking my favorite color, Purple.


 Still no word from her publicist. I’ve asked to be Michelle’s ambassador to the gun blogosphere. All I need is some photos from them, but so far nothing. She’s missing a great outlet to a much underserved community.

Michelle Dockery Monday: How not to be a superfan

(UPDATE: The original posted video was pulled, so I found another version)

I love Costume Dramas. I always have. But I realize that the stars of these shows can’t parade around in period costume all the time.


Michelle, I’d take you in a burlap sack.

Michelle Dockery Monday: Michelle is flattered

Michelle Dockery says she is flattered by all the fan attention she gets as a result of Downton Abbey.

Michelle Dockery has spoken of her flattery at the attention and adoration she receives from Downton Abbey fans.

The actress plays Lady Mary in the ITV1 period drama, which is one of the most watched programmes on British television.

Dockery admits that there have been some unusual fan tributes over the years, but that she appreciates all of them.

Strange how she doesn’t mention her being named as Official Blog Girlfriend of this humble blog. But she appreciates it anyway and I’m glad.

So Michelle, when are we going on our first date? I know a great little shooting range where I can teach you how to shoot a pistol. And if our first date goes well we can have ourselves a wonderful little weekend getaway.

Recoil therapy is a great stress relief for us acting types. Plus it’s good training for future roles which require firearms handling skills.

Michelle Dockery Monday: Happy Birthday Michelle edition

So official NC GunBlog Girlfriend, screen siren Michelle Dockery, is now 31 years old. That’s old, but only by idiotic Hollywood standards. I turn 43 here in a few days so by my standards she’s just now growing up.

Socialite Life (there is such a magazine?) has a series of photos of Michelle at the various red carpet affairs she’s been to in the last couple of years.

Two things, Michelle.

  1. Your publicist is still failing in his or her duties. I’m not getting regular updates about you, and I’m especially not getting any photos of you. Your publicist could be assured of getting a once a week mention of you in a major (well, kinda minor actually) and well-respected (I hope) English language sports related (shooting is a sport!) blog. This is crossover appeal territory. Getting your photo in fashion and “socialite” magazines is easy work. Getting your photo and info about your life in front of the men who might otherwise avoid your film and TV work is a coup of the first order. My email is on the page “Blog Policies including Reciprocal Links and email address.” Please have the publicist email the photos with me along with a photo release. I won’t violate other  people’s copyright.
  2. Stop by here before Christmas. We can celebrate our birthdays together. If you’ll pardon my saying, you look like you could use a few slices of cake.

Michelle Dockery Monday: Michelle is available!

I haven’t pried to deeply into Michelle Dockery’s personal life. The only time I heard anything about her love life she was living with an architect in London and she kept him out of the public eye. Sounded cool to me.

Well I apparently missed the memo about that relationship being over. She started dating someone else and now that’s over too.

Michelle began dating Joseph after her three year relationship with Trent Davis ended.

A source added to the newspaper: ‘Michelle was really sad when it didn’t work out with Trent. She really believed the relationship would go the distance and thought there was a chance they would get married. But it wasn’t to be.

‘All of her friends were shocked when she and Trent split. She starting dating Joseph, but called it off after a few months. She wasn’t ready for a new relationship.’

Well that sucks, Michelle. If you need a place to crash while you sort your love life out, that offer of a guest bedroom is still open.

PS. Michelle, your publicist sucks. I’m still not receiving any promotional photos of you. I’m not going to steal copyrighted photos from other websites and post them. That’s just a douche move. If your publicist is willing to make sure that your failed relationship ends up in the major tabloids, at least get me some photos to post.

There are two things about you that are your big draw. One, obviously, is that you are very attractive. Second, your voice. Neither one works well in print so have your publicist send some photos. Better yet, come visit. We can make a video of me teaching you how to shoot. Proper firearms training would be very valuable in your future movie career.

Michelle Dockery Monday: She can stay at my house

So the cast of Downton Abbey wants to do an episode in the USA?

How about the Crawleys make a visit to the U.S.?!

As fans of the PBS series already know Lady Cora (Elizabeth McGovern) is American and her mom lives in Philadelphia.

“I think we need to encourage [show creator Julian Fellows] to write an episode in New York or something like that,” Michelle Dockery, who plays Lady Mary, told us at the Emmys. “Let’s hope, because I’d love that,”

I’ve got a guest room, and NYC sucks. The Biltmore is just a few hours west of here. Who’s to say that the Crawleys couldn’t get an invite to visit the Vanderbilts?

Michelle Dockery Monday: I’m not terrified

Us Weekly, which I think is one of those checkout line quasi scandal rag celebrity magazines, posts “5 Things You Don’t Know” about Michelle Dockery.

#4. Thanks to her character’s antics, men tend to keep their distance

Dockery jokes that her now-infamous scene with a Downton guest who becomes her lover — and then dies in the middle of sex — has scared potential real-life suitors away. “Men are terrified of me now,” she quipped to David Letterman last year.

I ain’t skeered!

Michelle, please check with my wife first, though.

Michelle Dockery Monday: Dockers

I’m torn about this one. You see, I hate the British class system.


 “Dockers” sounds very much like the sort of stupid upper class twit name you see when rich Brits get together in movies about the early 1900’s. I really hope that she isn’t as air headed as this interview makes her out to be.

Listen to the  interview and if you’re sharp, you’ll hear that her accent changes. You see, the “Received Pronunciation” (RP) accent that we associate with the upper class Brits isn’t Michelle’s actual accent. She’s from Essex. She said in an interview that being from Essex is roughly the equivalent of being from New Jersey.

In the interview Michelle talks about a parody of Downton done by a couple of girls and a doll house. Here is the first half of the first episode.


I love how they describe the characters, especially “strikingly beautiful, if bitchy and selfish eldest daughter” and  “irrelevant second daughter of the title character.”

You can see all the episodes here.

Michelle Dockery Monday: She’s coming to visit

Well it looks like Michelle is here in the States. Strange that she didn’t mention it to me. Not a phone call nor even an email.

THE stars of Downton Abbey were out in force this weekend whilst on a promotional tour of the States, where they gave fans a sneak preview of the dramatic third series.

Well she, or her assistant should email me directly. I’m a fairly busy guy and it’s only polite for her to give me a bit of warning before she comes to see her favorite blogger.

Michelle Dockery Monday: Season 3 preview

Season Three of Downton Abbey is set to air in September in the UK and in January here on PBS.

PBS has dropped some hints about what’s going to happen

The aristocratic Crawley family endures a financial crisis. And, despite the engagement of Matthew and Mary at the end of last season, all is not well — gasp! — with the pair played by Dan Stevens and Michelle Dockery.

but to he honest, it doesn’t seem all that unpredictable. Of course there will be problems with Matthew and Mary. The whole show is built around three things.

  1. The cast-iron decency of Count Grantham
  2. The crazy antics of the Dowager Countess
  3. Problems between Mary and Matthew.

Here’s my problem. My biggest problem is that Michelle Dockery’s publicist sucks. I don’t like to violate people’s photo copyright. I’m only using this photo because it was “released by PBS” presumably for publicity purposes, and is therefore fair game.

Michelle, if you ever Google yourself and find yourself here, smack your publicist about the head and shoulders. Then explain to him or her that they need to be sending me photos of you that I can publish without violating anyone’s copyright. It’s “Michelle Dockery Monday” and I would appreciate if I could get enough photos to post this feature EVERY Monday, not just once in a blue moon.

It’s tough being a fan who has scruples.