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Rosenthal lies about cops killed with own gun

Update: For some reason I ended up using the 2009 data when the 2010 data is available.
Total killed with guns (Same chart as above)                               – 498
Total killed with “own weapon,” (includes one baton!)                 – 47
47 is 8.69% of all officers killed feloniously. 46 is 9.24% of all officers killed with a gun.

Via Kurt Hoffman, we have John Rosenthal trying to tell us that gun rights are racist. That’s a switch, usually we tell people (quite correctly) that the original gun control laws were specifically tailored to take guns away from the people who were the “wrong” color. That’s right, it’s gun control that’s racist, not gun rights.

I’m not going to cause myself a brain hemorrhage by trying to read all of his arguments, and I’m certainly not going to spend all night refuting them all, but I’m going to talk about one that I know pretty well.
Unfortunately for Rosenthal, that info is easily available. The FBI helpfully posts all sorts of useful info on Law Enforcement Officers Killed or Assaulted. Here’s the home page.
Total killed with guns (Same chart as above)                               – 490
Total killed with “own weapon,” (includes one baton!)                 – 41
So for the math challenged, 41 is 7.65% of all officers killed feloniously. 40 is 8.16% of all officers killed with a gun. At a minimum Rosenthal has overstated his numbers by 100%. In other words, he pulled a number out of his backside and he hopes that you won’t notice.

In addition, as Kurt reminds us, the only State to mandate “smart gun” technology is New Jersey. And New Jersey specifically exempts police officers from those laws, so even if this fantasy tech existed, the cops getting killed with their own guns wouldn’t be using it.

Rosenthal lies about the numbers. He lies about cops using that technology.

If that’s the care he took with simple, easy to verify information, how much care did he take with the rest of his article?


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“Gun Homicide” documentarian responds

There’s two key pieces of data that you haven’t told us. What was the prior criminal record status of the victims and killers?

I’ve done the research on the 2010 Raleigh murders and it was very enlightening.

Her answer
Sean, [Scroll down, you can’t link to individual comments, ed]
Thanks for your feedback and for sharing your article. Prior criminal record was not part of the records analyzed for this particular article about homicide in Durham.
I’ve responded
That seems odd. It’s hard to discuss criminal violence without discussing the criminal element of the violence. Ignoring the fact that on average more than half of the victims and about 2/3rds of the killers are previously convicted criminals might mislead the unsuspecting reader away from the perfectly obvious conclusion that murder is an ordinary hazard of engaging in the criminal drug trade.
Homicide is not evenly distributed among the population. The average person, not engaged in crime and not intimately associated with criminals, relatively unlikely to be killed or injured in criminal violence. When people ignore the fact that homicide is generally confined to the criminal classes they start making unwarranted conclusions. They start to blame the weapon used instead of the hand that wielded that weapon. Failure to honestly discuss all the factors involved in a problem leads to promotion of ineffective our counterproductive “solutions” being offered for that problem.
I believe that if you check, you will find that the numbers from Durham will mirror the numbers from Raleigh. You will find that most of the murders, even a disturbing percentage of the ones labeled as “domestic,” are committed by and committed against previously convicted criminals.
We’ve always known what drives criminal violence. It isn’t the weapon, but the motives. The majority of killings in our society revolve around the use and distribution of illegal drugs. Because drug dealers can’t resolve their problems in court like a legal business would, violence is used to settle disagreements. Like any other arena where violence is the solution of choice, those quickest to use violence and the most ruthless in application of that violence will win. Failure to confront this obvious reality leads to bad policy choices on our part.
If you want to reduce all violence, gun violence included, you need to deal with the root causes. Drug prohibition is no different than the more famous alcohol Prohibition. Al Capone and his rivals killed each other in carload lots, but since Prohibition was lifted you don’t see Jim Beam and Jack Daniels shooting it out on city streets, do you? If Jim Beam and Jack Daniels have a dispute, they can sue each other. It’s messy and expensive, but people don’t end up dead in the streets. That avenue of dispute resolution is not open to drug dealers.
The drug trade is the root cause of the majority of the violence we see in society. The war on guns is merely a proxy war in the war on drugs. Rather than confront the reality of violence or the reality of this country’s failed drug control policy, people want to blame the guns. This is because it is easier to blame guns and pass laws against people like me who will follow them than it is to deal with the root causes. My suggestion is that you focus on the causes, rather than the symptoms. Instead of killing an alligator, you should drain the swamp.
I’ll keep you posted as to her reply. I am not hopeful, however. She’s a working on a documentary about “gun violence.”
Usually when they get far enough into it that they are making documentaries, they aren’t reachable.

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Gunz R BAD in Durham!!!

Gunz R BAD in Durham!!!
Via the ever helpful folks at NCGV (snort) I found this blog post by Leanora Minai where she explains that 81% of all homicide in Durham was carried out with a gun.
She never comes out and says what she thinks can be done about “Gun Violence™,” but I think you can guess.
I’ve left her a comment asking her for the most important data, the data she left out. What percentage of the victims and killers were prior criminals?
My guess is that, much like others fixated on “Gun Deaths,” she doesn’t care about the criminals as much as she cares about the guns.


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CSGV tells the truth, mostly by accident

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Ownership made a strategic mistake today on Facebook. They told the truth. No one said that Ladd was very smart.
(Click to enlargify)
If you read this, you see that “Coalition to Stop Gun Violence,” which is effectively Ladd Everett the communication director, correcting a commenter. The commenter says that (in her mind) the kind of thinking that led to the linked video is “Tragic and accounts for the highest crime rate in the civilized (if you can call it that) world” [I cleaned up the typos] Ladd responds with “Not crime rate – gun death rate.” And then he allows that “Although our homicide rate is also very high.”
We gun owners have been saying for years that “Gun Death™” is a made up distinction. Now we have actual evidence that even they know it. The fact that death by firearm is such a high number in this country relies on one simple fact. More than half of all “Gun Death™s” are suicide. For a country where guns are not available, the suicidal must pick a different method. The gun control shills bank on people not knowing this. They bank on the average person believing that all these “Gun Death™s” are murders. They have to pitch it that way because if they said, “The US has the 34th highest intentional homicide rate in the world!” no one would pay them any attention much less give them a dime.
The next thing that they try is the whole “civilized” country gambit. They usually try to dress it up a bit by saying “Western Industrialized country not at war,” but it usually amounts to the same thing. What they really mean is “Country where wealthy white people can comfortably vacation.” Or to be brutally honest, “Place without any brown people, and not Russia.” I’m not sure if it was Breda or Tam who calls this the “Tallest midget at the State Fair” gambit.

But still, 34th sounds pretty high. There are lots of countries in the world. So let’s put it in perspective.

(click the graph to embiggenate)
See that little red oval? That’s us. That’s our total intentional homicide rate put in perspective. Doesn’t look so bad for a country that is awash in guns, now does it?

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Was the (reportedly now dead) Mt. Rainier National Park shooter a prohibited person?

The latest reports are that the jerk who murdered a Park Ranger has likely been found dead. If so, good riddance.

But was he a prohibited person?

Having a restraining order on you is a Federal bar to possessing firearms. Will we find out that he was a prohibited possessor for other reasons as well?

The media is playing up the “Iraq War Vet” angle. We all know that there are (pardon my French here) assholes from every walk of life. I don’t have any sympathy for people who murder others. I don’t care if you have PTSD or if you ate too many Twinkies. Your personal issues are of no consequence when you pull out a gun and kill an innocent person. Unless
he is responsible for what he did or failed to do.
I suspect that we will find, when it’s all said and done, that even if he was not formally a prohibited person, he will have done enough things that he should have been had anyone bothered to report his activities to the proper authorities. This is the exact same issue as we find in the murder of japete’s sister. Everyone knew that the killer was out of his gourd, but no one bothered to say anything. Now we listen to the narcissistic sister of the actual victim whine about how the law needs to be changed so that she can feel good about her lack of appropriate response at the time. We will likely find that had anyone bothered to do what was right, this jerk would have been either in jail or in a rubber room somewhere.
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Gun Control is dead, Sebastian dances on its grave

We all know that it’s tough to ban an item even when it has to be imported. If anyone with a bit of skill can make it himself out of commonly available parts, banning it would be impossible.

That video is merely the victory lap. The dancing on the grave of gun control, if you will. Here’s how they did it.
The finished project, above, works as advertised.
Send this video to every anti-gun person you know. Ask them how the plan on banning something that any competent machinist can make using commonly available CAD drawings.
The genie is out of the bottle. You can’t stuff it back in.
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You know, you can’t hunt with an AR

Frequently people get confused and make some stupid statement that leads you to believe that they thing guns are just for hunting. You know the type, the ones that say “I support the Second Amendment but….” They think you should be happy with a wood stocked bolt action rifle, because you can’t hunt with an AR-15.
For the perfect answer to this inane belief, go here and look at the photo.
How cool would it be for every gun owner to send this photo on a postcard to their “favorite” anti-gun politician? Can you just picture Carolyn McCarthy as the Wicked Witch of New York seeing it and screaming “I’m Melting!”  You could have a lot of fun asking her which part of this AR is “the shoulder thing that goes up.”

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Brian Searcy weighs in on the Caliber Wars™

Which is better, 9mm, .40S&W, or .45ACP? Now I have long been a .45ACP man. Bigger is better, right? So while I was taking the TigerSwan Introductory Pistol class, I asked the lead instructor, President and Chief Operating Officer, Brian Searcy what he thought.
Brian has 16 years with the US Army’s Tier 1 counterterror unit, commonly called Delta Force. He’s been all around the world carrying basically whatever he’s wanted. I thought it would be crass to ask him how many people he’s shot, but it’s a fair bet that he’s had to shoot people. Given that he said during class, “I’ve never seen anyone shot in the pelvis that didn’t drop like a sack of potatoes,” and “I’ve seen people shot in the jaw, and in the top of the head get up and walk away, but I’ve never seen anyone shot in the eye orbits get back up,” he’s probably shot his share of people. Here’s what he said.
“Get a 9mm. Civilians are not limited by the Geneva Conventions and can carry hollowpoints. A 9mm hollowpoint is devastating. Plus 9mm is cheaper and you can practice more”
He said that “The Unit” has gone to carrying .40 S&W, but only because they can’t use expanding ammo in combat.
I guess that shoots my “bigger is better” theory right in the backside.
Did I mention that I got a chance to shoot his personal Glock 17? It’s the same one they sell at their pro-shop. First shot hit on a steel man size silhouette at 65-75 yards. I missed the other 6 shots, but I did hit it once.

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Updated More Officers Killed in the Line of Duty

We’ve been treated to some breathless stories about how much more dangerous it is this year than last for police officers. Like many stories of this type, it ignores the bigger picture in order to hype the smaller one. As anything else, data on officers killed needs to be viewed in context. I have accessed the FBI’s Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted data for since 1996. For each year, I have recorded the number of officers killed feloniously and accidentally. I have also entered the data for officers assaulted.

As you can see, while higher than 2009, and much higher than 2008, the number of officers murdered in 2010 was not out of line with historical data. The number of officers murdered was only slightly higher than the average number killed in the last 15 years. The same goes for officers killed accidentally.
Most people are visual, so it’s easier to see and understand the data if it is in graph form. Here’s the number of officers killed, both feloniously and by accident.

As you can see, there seems to be no pattern to the data. This is pretty normal with data of this type. Police officer murders are generally random events. They happen at relatively low levels compared to the total number of police officers. This isn’t much comfort to those who lost their lives, but it’s a fact. When you have relatively few of something, the changes from year to year represent statistical noise rather than any real trend.
Here’s the data on officers assaulted.

Not much to see here either. It’s nice to see that overall assaults on police officers seems to be falling to the lowest level since 1997, but without several more years it would be hard to call it a trend.
In the end, we can only pay attention to who is killing officers. The latest FBI report said

This shouldn’t surprise anyone who reads this blog. Criminal activity is generally confined to a small subset of the total population. In general terms, past performance is a good indicator of future actions. Leopards don’t change their spots. If you’ve spent 20, 30, 40 years being a good upstanding citizen then the likelihood you will kill anyone, much less a cop, is really small. Don’t let the statistics showing an increase in police murders this year over last year, coupled with the info that a large percentage of police were killed with firearms, be used to tar honest gun owners. It’s also a good idea to remind your local cops that their enemies are the criminals, not the honest citizens that the criminals prey upon.
Honest gun owners are the natural allies of police. Don’t let the gun owners turn the cops against us.
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More officers killed in the line of duty

We’re hearing once again that Police officers are being murdered in the line of duty. In 2009 there were 48 “felonious” deaths, and in 2010 there were 56. That’s an increase of more than 14%. That’s bad news no matter how you look at it.
Here’s what no one is telling you. Total accidental deaths in 2009 – 48. Total accidental deaths in 2010 – 72. That’s an increase of 33.3% (one third!) So all deaths among police went up, but accidental deaths went up more than double the felonious deaths.
Here’s another little tidbit.
I don’t imagine that this surprises anyone. People who attack cops are people who generally have a criminal background.
Don’t worry though, the gun grabbers will scream for more restrictions on the rights of law abiding gun owners. It won’t affect the criminals who are out murdering out police officers, but that won’t stop the anti-freedom lobby from calling to more gun restrictions.

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