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Bloomberg buys state affiliate of CSGV

The Coalition Cult to Stop Gun Violence Ownership has many state level affiliates. They are, in the words of Dr. Brian Anse Patrick,

antigun groups, although often generously funded under private foundation program initiatives, resemble the skeleton crews left on an abandoned ship – a “director” and a sole office assistant to respond to media queries, with a remote and largely silent “membership” that exists more as an abstract statistical aggregation than a living body.

The group here in North Carolina is North Carolinians Against Gun Violence (NCGV) and they fit Dr. Patrick’s description to a T. They were so bad that they didn’t even have a Director. NCGV ran out of money and she bailed, leaving their office assistant Gail Neely to attempt to fill her place.

Well it looks like Mike Bloomberg has purchased NCGV and has pushed the office assistant over the side as well. Via email…

Starting August 4, 2014, NCGV will welcome a new Executive Director!
Becky Ceartas comes to NCGV with 13 years of experience in public policy, grassroots organizing, lobbying, advocacy, media, leadership development, and event planning.  She has run successful campaigns on the local, state and federal levels.  She moved to North Carolina 9 years ago for her job with the Rural Advancement Foundational International – USA, a sustainable agriculture non-profit in Pittsboro, NC.  She is married, has a 2-year-old son, and likes to spend time outside.

Becky came to this issue after the Sandy Hook Tragedy.  She cares deeply about it as a mom and has since become the Advocacy Lead statewide for Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. She looks forward to the two groups collaborating on many projects.

I will leave NCGV with an incredible sense of pride in the movement we have built and the good we have accomplished during my nine years at NCGV.

As positive momentum in favor of sensible gun laws continues to build across the nation, region, and state, I am confident in the future of this organization, and remain grateful for the tireless efforts of our board, staff, and supporters to never stop fighting for a safer North Carolina.

Gail Neely


So the statewide advocacy lead (who I’ve never actually heard of) from Moms Demand Illegal Mayors for Everytown, a wholly owned subsidiary of Michael Bloomberg, Inc. has taken over as Executive Director of the only actual anti gun group in the state, in the process throwing the previous chair warmer over the side. In business this would be called a “hostile takeover.”

So let’s find out a bit about our new friend Becky Ceartas.


LinkedIn – Currently Looking For Part Time or Contract Work at Nonprofits – Previous work, Greenpeace. (Now deleted)

Quit Coal – So she’s the NC anti-coal campaign organizer.

Google+ – Plenty of info on her previous work history. It’s the story of a True Believer. It’s Left wing all up and down. (Also deleted)

She’s married to Devin Ceartas. Who is Devin Ceartas? Well, he’s not saying.

Devin Ceartas once lived in the Midwest. Having cheated on his fiancé, a career as an Organic Chemist, with the young Student Environmental Action Coalition for years, he finally left his Ph.D. program on the eve of the wedding and ran off to the woods. He was a founding member of Missouri Heartwood and worked as Network Support Coordinator for Heartwood, serving the Forest full-time for the better part of a decade. Devin then up and changed his name, got married and followed his love’s career path to a god-forsaken little town in Orange Co. NY. Absent any other options, Devin turned his long-time fascination with his younger sibling, the Internet, into a career programming websites. Devin is now a Unix grey-beard business owner in Chapel Hill, NC, building database, web and iOS tools for Forest Protection, Sustainable Agriculture, and Fair Trade organizations (and a smattering of small businesses).

(The web developers at Heartwood have decided to redirect anyone who clicks this link. The page still exists. Copy this URL and past to another open tab to read it)

So we have no idea what his name really is. Or was. Ceartas means “Justice” in Gaelic. We don’t know that his name change was innocent or if he was running from something. Something aside from the fiancé he abandoned.

Here’s his LinkedIn page. He owns NacreData. Nacre is the stuff we call Mother of Pearl.

So if Mike Bloomberg is buying State affiliate of CSGV and installing his own true believers, is he also buying the parent group? One hopes that he’s not stupid enough to give Ladd Everett a paycheck, but you never know. On the other hand, if he tosses Ladd out and forces him to get a real job, I approve.

The lesson here is that there are no Anti-Gun “Groups.” There is only one group. They are all the same people. No matter what name they have in their electronic letterhead, it’s the same very few people.

Second Amendment Foundation sues to overturn citizenship requirement for NC Concealed Handgun Permits

It’s about damn time.

The Second Amendment Foundation today filed a lawsuit in federal district court in North Carolina on behalf of an Australian citizen who legally resides in the state, but cannot obtain a concealed carry permit under a state law that only allows citizens to get such permits.

I’ve been nagging the NCGA to get this changed for a while now. GRNC tried to get it worked into a bill, but the Reps and Senators don’t want to do much for gun rights this session. Now they’re going to be forced to change it.

For those who have never seen this before, the lawsuit is a slam dunk. It is unconstitutional to deny ordinary rights to non-citizens based solely on the fact that they are not citizens. You can’t tell them they can’t freely speak. You can’t tell them they can’t peaceably assemble. And you can’t tell them they can’t have a concealed handgun permit.

NCGA, you brought this on yourself. You could have changed the law, but you didn’t. Now enjoy your lawsuit.

Morrisville, NC Town Council Meeting wrapup

On Tuesday I spent the evening at the Morrisville Town Council Meeting with Luke and Ben from Triangle Tactical Podcast and Andy Stevens, who represented Grass Roots North Carolina.

The excitement of Town Council meetings is palpable in this photo.


They were discussing the Town development plan and its probable effects on the trees in some currently disused parcel of land. No one said that gun rights activism was always glamorous. How bad was it? Like I said on Facebook, I would rather have been Open Carrying a Tapco’d out SKS in a Chipotle.

The meeting was a strange on as there appeared to be no hook at all for the anti-gunners. There was nothing on the agenda that would have brought them to the Town Council to air their views. Every municipality has at least one self-styled “Gadfly” who makes his (generally his) opinion known at every opportunity, but a whole group numbering 5 or 6? With only two of their speakers from Morrisville? We had no idea what brought them in that day, but we showed up to make sure they didn’t go unopposed.

The first speaker was one of the last great anti-gun “public victims,” Kim Yaman. She’s a good speaker, if what you want is someone to cry crocodile tears on command while giving “testimony” about the terrible fear she suffered when she was a “victim” of gun violence. Through her tears she told the Council how she suffered and continues to suffer when some other people got shot on the same college campus as she was on back in 1991. Then she basically begged the Council to break the law and ban guns of all town property. Literally, “for the children.” In this case her grandchildren. She’s so terrified of we concealed handgun permit holders that she wants us disarmed by law in town parks. For The Children™.

After the emotional mood was set by the tears, former anti-gun MAIG mayor Jackie Holcombe gave her presentation. She thanked the Council for having illegal signs. She then proposed they add signs that “raise awareness” that CHP holders are still allowed to carry in parks with a sign that said something like “Warning: Your children might be exposed to strangers carrying loaded guns in this park.” Very few things make clearer the vast gulf in understanding between the Left and the rest of us. To them we are “Strangers carrying loaded guns.” To gun owners, it’s just your neighbor carrying for self-defense. And they call us paranoid.

After Jackie came a woman whose name I did not catch. She helpfully advised the Town Council that the UN Human Rights Commission was investigating the US for human rights violations including the proliferation of firearms and “stand your ground” laws. I am sure that the Town Council will take appropriate action on that item.

Wrapping up for them was Sarah Sydney, who is actually rather attractive despite her ugly online persona. She shocked us all by proposing that the Town Council repeal their gun bans in Town buildings to “be consistent” and “face the same dangers that our children face” or words to that effect. She said that since The Children™ had to suffer the anxiety of “armed strangers” in parks, then so should the Town Council. I almost stood up and cheered. There is a “no guns” sign on the Town building, but absolutely zero security. There was an armed officer in the building, open carrying in plain clothes with a gold badge. But no actual security. Ben, Luke, Andy, and I followed the law and went in unarmed, but nothing at all would have prevented someone from coming in, shooting the cop, and murdering us all.

It’s pretty obvious what their motivation was. They are terrified of average citizens with guns. In Kim Yaman’s formulation, she didn’t “know our intentions.” Without a uniform and a badge, she couldn’t judge our “intentions,” and so therefore was terrified of us. Instead of doing what my wife says and putting on their big girl panties and dealing with their irrational fears of their neighbors, there they were, in the Town Council meeting begging Daddy Government to make it illegal for all those awful, terrible gun owners to carry guns in parks. For The Children™. Note that they weren’t asking for any actual security. No added patrols by the cops, not airport style screening to make sure that the rules were followed. Nope, just another signs.

After the Moms Demanding Illegal Mayors for Everytown, a wholly owned subsidiary of Michael Bloomberg, Inc, finished, Andy Stevens of GRNC spoke. He took the opportunity to remind the Town that their anti-gun park signs were illegal and were inviting a lawsuit. He also agreed that Ms. Sydney’s proposal to remove the anti-gun signs from Town buildings was a good idea.

I followed and basically just mocked the Demanding Mommies. I admitted that I didn’t live in Morrisville, but pointed out that neither did Michael Bloomberg. I told them that I was in stunned surprise to find that I agreed with Holcombe and Sydney that proper signs needed to be put up at the parks and that removing the anti-gun town building signs was a good idea. My speech was rather weak because I did not prepare a statement and attempted to riff off of the previous speakers. I need to remember to bring note cards next time I do that to keep me on track.

After that part of the meeting, Luke and Ben of Triangle Tactical Podcast hauled out the audio gear and interviewed Andy and me. They’ve posted the 18 minute podcast already, so you should check it our. Download it HERE.


A little bird tells me…

A little bird is telling me that FORMER anti-gun, anti-liberty mayor of Morrisville, Jackie Holcombe, is going to be bringing her friends from Moms Demanding Illegal Mayors for Everytown, a wholly owned subsidiary of Michael Bloomberg, Inc, to Tuesday’s Morrisville Town Council meeting. No doubt she will be spreading more anti-gun owner, anti-concealed carry lies and hatred.

Anyone who can make it to Morrisville at 6:30 PM

Town Hall, Council Chambers
100 Town Hall Drive
Morrisville, NC27560

would be appreciated. Don’t let the fact you don’t live in Morrisville be a bar to showing up. Michael Bloomberg doesn’t live there either, yet he’s bankrolling this.

Gun owners, led by GRNC, tossed Holcombe out on her hind end. Let’s not let her back in because we couldn’t be bothered to show up and call her out on her lies and hate.

A Sad Trombone for (Former) Mayor Jackie Holcombe

There’s something really great about hearing a political opponent cry when they lose an election.

In November, then-Morrisville Mayor Jackie Holcombe lost her re-election bid, thanks largely, she believes, to spending by outside pro-gun rights groups against her (Holcombe was openly opposed to the law allowing guns on playgrounds). Holcombe says even though she believes that her stance on concealed weapons lost her the reelection, she would do it all over again, “Guns don’t belong around children. I wouldn’t visit a playground where concealed guns were legally allowed.”

Awww. Sad Trombone.

After listening to Jackie cry about how she lost her election because she couldn’t follow the law, much less respect our rights, there’s an interview with Paul Valone, president of Grass Roots North Carolina.

Go listen to the 9 minute pair of interviews HERE.

Ten people walk into a restaurant carrying guns @NCGV & @MomsDemand freak out #GunControl

What happens when 10 people carry their guns into Texas Roadhouse on October 1, the first day of Restaurant Carry here in North Carolina?

Was is mass shootouts over the waitress bringing the wrong salad dressing? Murder over loud children? Drunken brawls capped with wild gunfire in the bar?


Nope. Nothing happened. We ate, had good conversation, tipped well, and even convinced our waitress to come outside and take a photo of all of us.

GRNC encouraged us to get groups together and have dinner to celebrate H937 going into effect. I organized the Durham group. Fayetteville had 25 people!

Mom’s Demand “Action” freaks out over CHP holders in restaurants

So the embarrassingly named “Mom’s Demand Action” wants all moms, who they presume to be anti-gun, to cause trouble with restaurant staff because H937 will allow CHP holders to carry in restaurants that serve alcohol.

Moms are used to asking about guns in the home when our kids go on play dates or when they visit new friends. Beginning Oct. 1, we’ll also need to ask every time we go out to eat.

North Carolina’s newest gun bill, passed during the most recent legislative session, vastly expands the places where concealed carry weapons permit holders may bring loaded concealed firearms. Among the newly permissible locations will be bars and restaurants that serve alcohol. Nearly every restaurant I visit has at least a short wine and beer list. So, unless the owner opts out by posting a conspicuous sign prohibiting concealed weapons, I won’t know who—or what—I am sitting next to. Nor will the restaurant’s staff.

Oh, NOES! That ordinary person in the next booth, who isn’t bothering anyone, might be carrying a GUN!

Do people actually live like this? So terrified of an inanimate object that they pee their pants over the possibility that some law-abiding citizen might have permission from their local Sheriff to carry a gun?

I’m starting to think that the problem isn’t lack of education, it’s lack of medication. It’s not that they just don’t understand, it’s that they are just crazy.

The story of the Luigi’s massacre

A while back I did an interview on Triangle Tactical with Luke Apps where I told the story of a close friend who survived the Luigi’s Massacre here in North Carolina. Luke was kind enough to clip out just that section of the hour long podcast and send it to me.

Download Here – Approx 10 minutes

Now that we’re only two weeks from the start of Restaurant Carry here in North Carolina, I thought it would be a good time to post it.

When people tell you “If it was one of YOUR friends that got shot, you’d change your mind,” send them here. It was one of my friends.

And why, exactly, should I give a damn?

The moralizers are always telling you “just be yourself, don’t worry about what other people think.” So why should I give a damn that North Carolina’s image is “taking a beating?”

North Carolina’s national image has slipped with all the negative publicity surrounding its sharp turn to the right, according to new survey.

There’s only one poll that counts, the one where people vote for their leaders. There’s a supermajority in both houses of the NC General Assembly, and a Republican Governor. That’s what the people voted for. A bunch of liberals whining that other people don’t like us isn’t going to change that.

Jumping over to PPP’s actual poll results and we find this,

Q1 Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of the state of North Carolina?
Favorable……………………………………………….. 30%
Unfavorable ……………………………………………. 23%Not sure …………………………………………………. 47%

According to their little writeup,

North Carolina’s national image has seen a strong shift in a negative direction since that time. Its favorability has dropped from 40% to 30%, while the share of voters with an unfavorable opinion of it has more than doubled from 11% to 23%.

Doing a little math, that means the previous answers were

Favorable – 40%
Unfavorable – 11%
Not Sure – 49%

In both cases, almost half of people surveyed have no opinion one way or another about North Carolina. This isn’t surprising, as I have almost no opinion on at least 40 of Obama’s 57 States. I suspect that a large number of the 803 registered voters surveyed knew nothing about North Carolina that they didn’t learn from listening to the largely liberal media. This is roughly equivalent to you hearing gossip about a rival school’s football team filtered through their cheerleaders.

The most important thing to remember is that we are running  a State not a campaign for Prom Queen.

House Bill 937, Restaurant Carry +P+ signed into law!

Governor McCrory signed House Bill 937 into law today.

The gun rights law, HB 937, expands the places where those with legal permits can carry a concealed firearm to include bars and restaurants that serve alcohol – although they are not supposed to consume alcohol. It also allows permit holders to keep firearms locked in their car when parked on college or public school campuses.

The measure seals gun purchase and permit records, so that lists compiled by law by weapons dealers and county sheriffs – which include names, addresses and other identifying information – are no longer public record.

The law also strengthens penalties for those who violate firearms laws and will increase the amount of information, such as mental health problems, in the state’s background check system.

For a comprehensive look at all of H937, check out my blog post on it. It includes Restaurant Carry, plus carry into “assemblies that charge admission,” plus much much more.

There is one problem, however. The problem is that some of our elected representatives are complete morons. Check out the Official Statement that McCrory put out.

“This legislation prohibits guns in classrooms, dorms, and administrative buildings on college campuses. Additionally, this legislation gives bar owners the authority to prohibit guns in their establishments. Following my threat of a veto, we worked closely with law enforcement officials across the state so that changes were made to the original legislation. This ensured that permitting is still required for a concealed carry permit and is implemented at the local level.” – Governor Pat McCrory


“Like many North Carolinians, I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. As a 34-year veteran of law enforcement here in North Carolina, I believe it’s important that Sherriff’s offices continue to administer the certification process for concealed carry permits. I would like to thank Governor Pat McCrory for his efforts on behalf of public safety in ensuring this common sense provision remained in HB 937.” – Guilford County Sherriff BJ Barnes

Pardon me, but CHP’s were not in the legislation! It was Pistol PURCHASE Permits.

Someone needs to smack McCrory across the nose with a newspaper like you would do to a puppy that had piddled on your carpet. And we need to get a new sheriff in Guilford County.  He’s just too stupid to hold that office.