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Gun Grabbers @NCGV plan ‘vigil’ for murdered felons

They say, “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade,” which sounds like a good idea. But what do you do when life hands you 25 dead bodies? How much sugar do you have to sprinkle on that to make it sweet?

Apparently North Carolinians Against Gun Violence (now another subsidiary of Michael Bloomberg, Inc) has decided to find out how much you are willing to swallow. Take a 25 dead bodies, hide the histories of half of them, stack the innocent children on top and maybe they’ve got themselves a winning argument for gun control.

NCGV is “partnering” with the Religious Coalition for a Nonviolent Durham, another shadow gun grabber group to “honor” these Durham victims of violence.

NCGV Vigil names

I thought it might be a good idea to see who it was they were “honoring.”

  1. Antonio Dixon
  2. Alfredo Jobel
  3. Carolyn Robinson Hemingway
  4. Jeffery Lamar Dawes
  5. Shontina Nakeisha Williams
  6. Juan Carlos Ruiz
  7. Marquise Keshawn Mangum
  8. Derek Huggins Jr
  9. Rakwon Smith
  10. Breon McCallum
  11. Haywood Jabbar Downey
  12. Marcus Anthony Keith
  13. Holly Martez Lyons

Thirteen of the 25 names used by NCGV to attack your civil rights were people with adult criminal records, 9 of them Felons.

They hoped you would never notice.

I made sure to point these names out to Grass Roots North Carolina. They’ve turned it into an Alert. It looks like weather will cancel the vigil which was rescheduled for Thursday the 26th of February. Perhaps a little outrage on by the citizens for “honoring” a bunch of criminals in among the real victims will cause them to reconsider this whole sordid thing.

You can let NCGV know what you think on their Facebook page. Make sure to give them the link to this blog post.

Is North Carolinians Against Gun Violence holding a vigil for a convicted felon?

Check out this Facebook post on NCGV’s Facebook page.


Seems pretty normal, until you do a search for the victim’s name in the Department of Corrections database.

Victim 1

Oh, dear.

It’s not like the victim’s name is a common one which would lead to some chance of mistaken identity. He’s been convicted of Assault with a Deadly Weapon Inflicting Serious Injury. But wait, there’s more.

A fight nearly broke out between two families Thursday in Durham County Superior Court when a defense attorney claimed that her client killed a man and permanently wounded another in self defense.

Read the whole thing, but here’s the defense lawyer’s description of what happened.

Williams [Suspect’s lawyer] informed the court that her client would be claiming he was defending himself on Dec. 5, 2011, when he shot and killed (Victim 1), 25, and gravely wounded (Victim 2), 28, who was paralyzed from the neck down in the shooting. Williams told Superior Court Judge Orlando Hudson that it was a complicated case because (Suspect), who did not have a criminal record before the shootings, was friends with (Victim 1) and (Victim 2), but he came to suspect that they may have participated in a home invasion in 2009, in which his cousin, (Separate incident Victim 3), 20, and her boyfriend, (Separate incident Victim 4), 24, were shot and killed in their apartment on University Drive, Williams said.

(Victim 4), (Victim 1) and (Victim 2) were well-known as being involved in drug sales, Williams said.

When (Suspect) began to investigate his suspicions, (Victim 1) and (Victim 2) began to harass and threaten him, including threatening him with guns, she said.

According to the NC Courts website, the trial will start on October 6th of this year.

For reference

Victim 2

Victim 4

In both incidents, there appear to be only two people who weren’t convicted criminal, the suspect here and Victim 3, who was Victim 4’s girlfriend.

So why is NCGV holding a vigil for a convicted felon, possibly killed in self defense? Why are they using the death of this convicted felon to push for the infringement of our rights? Are they that tone deaf?

Reminder: NCGV was basically just purchased by Michael Bloomberg, Inc, who installed their creature to run the place. This is her first public event. Good job, Bloomie!

Bloomberg buys state affiliate of CSGV

The Coalition Cult to Stop Gun Violence Ownership has many state level affiliates. They are, in the words of Dr. Brian Anse Patrick,

antigun groups, although often generously funded under private foundation program initiatives, resemble the skeleton crews left on an abandoned ship – a “director” and a sole office assistant to respond to media queries, with a remote and largely silent “membership” that exists more as an abstract statistical aggregation than a living body.

The group here in North Carolina is North Carolinians Against Gun Violence (NCGV) and they fit Dr. Patrick’s description to a T. They were so bad that they didn’t even have a Director. NCGV ran out of money and she bailed, leaving their office assistant Gail Neely to attempt to fill her place.

Well it looks like Mike Bloomberg has purchased NCGV and has pushed the office assistant over the side as well. Via email…

Starting August 4, 2014, NCGV will welcome a new Executive Director!
Becky Ceartas comes to NCGV with 13 years of experience in public policy, grassroots organizing, lobbying, advocacy, media, leadership development, and event planning.  She has run successful campaigns on the local, state and federal levels.  She moved to North Carolina 9 years ago for her job with the Rural Advancement Foundational International – USA, a sustainable agriculture non-profit in Pittsboro, NC.  She is married, has a 2-year-old son, and likes to spend time outside.

Becky came to this issue after the Sandy Hook Tragedy.  She cares deeply about it as a mom and has since become the Advocacy Lead statewide for Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. She looks forward to the two groups collaborating on many projects.

I will leave NCGV with an incredible sense of pride in the movement we have built and the good we have accomplished during my nine years at NCGV.

As positive momentum in favor of sensible gun laws continues to build across the nation, region, and state, I am confident in the future of this organization, and remain grateful for the tireless efforts of our board, staff, and supporters to never stop fighting for a safer North Carolina.

Gail Neely


So the statewide advocacy lead (who I’ve never actually heard of) from Moms Demand Illegal Mayors for Everytown, a wholly owned subsidiary of Michael Bloomberg, Inc. has taken over as Executive Director of the only actual anti gun group in the state, in the process throwing the previous chair warmer over the side. In business this would be called a “hostile takeover.”

So let’s find out a bit about our new friend Becky Ceartas.


LinkedIn – Currently Looking For Part Time or Contract Work at Nonprofits – Previous work, Greenpeace. (Now deleted)

Quit Coal – So she’s the NC anti-coal campaign organizer.

Google+ – Plenty of info on her previous work history. It’s the story of a True Believer. It’s Left wing all up and down. (Also deleted)

She’s married to Devin Ceartas. Who is Devin Ceartas? Well, he’s not saying.

Devin Ceartas once lived in the Midwest. Having cheated on his fiancé, a career as an Organic Chemist, with the young Student Environmental Action Coalition for years, he finally left his Ph.D. program on the eve of the wedding and ran off to the woods. He was a founding member of Missouri Heartwood and worked as Network Support Coordinator for Heartwood, serving the Forest full-time for the better part of a decade. Devin then up and changed his name, got married and followed his love’s career path to a god-forsaken little town in Orange Co. NY. Absent any other options, Devin turned his long-time fascination with his younger sibling, the Internet, into a career programming websites. Devin is now a Unix grey-beard business owner in Chapel Hill, NC, building database, web and iOS tools for Forest Protection, Sustainable Agriculture, and Fair Trade organizations (and a smattering of small businesses).

(The web developers at Heartwood have decided to redirect anyone who clicks this link. The page still exists. Copy this URL and past to another open tab to read it)

So we have no idea what his name really is. Or was. Ceartas means “Justice” in Gaelic. We don’t know that his name change was innocent or if he was running from something. Something aside from the fiancé he abandoned.

Here’s his LinkedIn page. He owns NacreData. Nacre is the stuff we call Mother of Pearl.

So if Mike Bloomberg is buying State affiliate of CSGV and installing his own true believers, is he also buying the parent group? One hopes that he’s not stupid enough to give Ladd Everett a paycheck, but you never know. On the other hand, if he tosses Ladd out and forces him to get a real job, I approve.

The lesson here is that there are no Anti-Gun “Groups.” There is only one group. They are all the same people. No matter what name they have in their electronic letterhead, it’s the same very few people.

NCGV, Lies, Half-Truths, and the Anti-Gunner Way

You know, the gun grabbers are almost a bad parody of “The Chicago Way” in the Untouchables. We pull out facts, they lie harder. We point out problems with their argument; they change the subject and scream louder.

The latest hobby horse that North Carolinians against Gun Violence Ownership are trying to ride to relevance is the “Child Access Prevention” bandwagon. You see, it’s not that people do bad things, it’s that people don’t “properly secure” their firearms! Here’s their latest Tweet, the first in 8 days and only the 6th this month

NCGV breaks their radio silence to try to dance in the blood of a child shot in a school in Washington (AC*) when an 8 year old brought a gun from home and negligently discharged it from inside his book bag.

Wow, that puts a really different spin on things, doesn’t it? We have a drugged up convict mother in possession of what the child says is the father’s gun. The mother wasn’t “irresponsible,” she was a criminal! The father has what appear to be domestic violence protective orders against him. Are both of them prohibited persons? Are either of them legally allowed to own a gun?

Here’s the problem. If you have people who are barred by law from possession of a firearm, pissing and moaning that they didn’t “properly secure” that firearm is focusing on ants when elephants are stomping you to death. They also ignore that the child seems to be saying that it’s ok to bring a gun to school to solve a personal issue. Looking at his parent’s criminal records, I wonder where he learned that? They think that “One More Law™” will fix an already wildly dysfunctional family.

This goes to show you that the gun grabbers don’t care how they have to lie, cheat, and steal in order to violate your Second Amendment rights. They will do and say anything, and avoid, cover up, or just flat ignore reality to get what they want.

You start to wonder, though, if they even bother to read the whole story before they comment. They are always handing us the rope we use to hang them.

*AC = Above California, as opposed to DC, District of Columbia


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“Gun Homicide” documentarian responds

There’s two key pieces of data that you haven’t told us. What was the prior criminal record status of the victims and killers?

I’ve done the research on the 2010 Raleigh murders and it was very enlightening.

Her answer
Sean, [Scroll down, you can’t link to individual comments, ed]
Thanks for your feedback and for sharing your article. Prior criminal record was not part of the records analyzed for this particular article about homicide in Durham.
I’ve responded
That seems odd. It’s hard to discuss criminal violence without discussing the criminal element of the violence. Ignoring the fact that on average more than half of the victims and about 2/3rds of the killers are previously convicted criminals might mislead the unsuspecting reader away from the perfectly obvious conclusion that murder is an ordinary hazard of engaging in the criminal drug trade.
Homicide is not evenly distributed among the population. The average person, not engaged in crime and not intimately associated with criminals, relatively unlikely to be killed or injured in criminal violence. When people ignore the fact that homicide is generally confined to the criminal classes they start making unwarranted conclusions. They start to blame the weapon used instead of the hand that wielded that weapon. Failure to honestly discuss all the factors involved in a problem leads to promotion of ineffective our counterproductive “solutions” being offered for that problem.
I believe that if you check, you will find that the numbers from Durham will mirror the numbers from Raleigh. You will find that most of the murders, even a disturbing percentage of the ones labeled as “domestic,” are committed by and committed against previously convicted criminals.
We’ve always known what drives criminal violence. It isn’t the weapon, but the motives. The majority of killings in our society revolve around the use and distribution of illegal drugs. Because drug dealers can’t resolve their problems in court like a legal business would, violence is used to settle disagreements. Like any other arena where violence is the solution of choice, those quickest to use violence and the most ruthless in application of that violence will win. Failure to confront this obvious reality leads to bad policy choices on our part.
If you want to reduce all violence, gun violence included, you need to deal with the root causes. Drug prohibition is no different than the more famous alcohol Prohibition. Al Capone and his rivals killed each other in carload lots, but since Prohibition was lifted you don’t see Jim Beam and Jack Daniels shooting it out on city streets, do you? If Jim Beam and Jack Daniels have a dispute, they can sue each other. It’s messy and expensive, but people don’t end up dead in the streets. That avenue of dispute resolution is not open to drug dealers.
The drug trade is the root cause of the majority of the violence we see in society. The war on guns is merely a proxy war in the war on drugs. Rather than confront the reality of violence or the reality of this country’s failed drug control policy, people want to blame the guns. This is because it is easier to blame guns and pass laws against people like me who will follow them than it is to deal with the root causes. My suggestion is that you focus on the causes, rather than the symptoms. Instead of killing an alligator, you should drain the swamp.
I’ll keep you posted as to her reply. I am not hopeful, however. She’s a working on a documentary about “gun violence.”
Usually when they get far enough into it that they are making documentaries, they aren’t reachable.

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Gunz R BAD in Durham!!!

Gunz R BAD in Durham!!!
Via the ever helpful folks at NCGV (snort) I found this blog post by Leanora Minai where she explains that 81% of all homicide in Durham was carried out with a gun.
She never comes out and says what she thinks can be done about “Gun Violence™,” but I think you can guess.
I’ve left her a comment asking her for the most important data, the data she left out. What percentage of the victims and killers were prior criminals?
My guess is that, much like others fixated on “Gun Deaths,” she doesn’t care about the criminals as much as she cares about the guns.


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Now this is more like it!

The News and Observer nails NCGV’s hide to the wall in this story. When I interviewed with this reporter last night he said that they were doing their best to hide from the fact that they were in effect a gun ban organization. It looks like he didn’t let them off the hook. Unlike the NBC17 story, the N&O story title tells you right away who the organizers were
And just look at the photo. Don’t they all just look like latter day Carrie Nations, all dour, fun-killing, angry scolds?
I want to copy past the whole article, but here’s a sample. Definitely read the whole thing and leave some comments for Andy Curliss the author.
Here’s where it is interesting. The author went and talked with Representative Mark Hilton and Senator Andrew Brock, both gun rights stalwarts in the NCGA, and he talked to them before the vigil. This tells me that the author was not fooled at all by the organizers claims of it being just a vigil for victims. The fact that he came right out and called them a gun control group tells me that he understands them very well indeed.
The best news I heard all night was the author, during the phone interview with me, telling me that NCGV has said that they have basically given up hopes of winning in the NC General Assembly. They know that they have lost and their only hope now is trying to “change the culture.” Sorry NCGV, we’ve changed the culture around you and you are too late. Your efforts are 40 years too late.

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I made the Eleven o’clock news (*Video*)

Here’s the video from the 11 o’clock news on NBC17. It appears to be the entire 11 PM newscast rather than the short bits broken up for each individual story. This will allow you to see how they set the story up.  The local vigil starts around the 2:15 mark.

Sadly none of my press release info made it into the story. Honestly I’m glad they used the quote that they had. They even managed to spell my name incorrectly in the print version of the story.
She was trying to get me to answer the “do you support ANY gun control at all?” Nice try, but no dice. I’ve been listening to David Codrea for too long to fall for that question. Control the criminals, and guns will cease to be an issue. Fail to control the criminals and murder will happen no matter what you ban.
Here’s what my press release said:
Brady Campaign focuses on the wrong victims
Today, in a strange attempt to honor the victims of “gun” violence, the Brady Campaign and local anti-gun groups are asking us to light a candle to remember those victims. Once again, the gun grabbers focus on the wrong victims. The Brady Campaign points to a few sympathetic victims of crime while whitewashing the backgrounds of the majority of those murdered in North Carolina. Research has shown again and again that the majority of murderers and the majority of those killed are criminals engaged in the ordinary course of their illegal trade.
Here in Raleigh in 2010, the last year in which we have reasonably complete data, there were 14 murders and non-negligent homicides. Only one of those killings is still considered unsolved with no suspect in custody or prison. Of those 14 victims, 6 had no apparent prior criminal convictions and 8 were convicted criminals. In the 13 killings that are considered solved, with a suspect either in custody or convicted, 4 were committed by a suspect or suspects that appear to have no prior convictions. The other 9 suspected or convicted of these killings were previously convicted criminals. This means that more than half of all homicide victims in Raleigh in 2010 were known criminals, and almost three fourths of all suspected killers were as well.
For some reason, the Brady Campaign and their associated anti-rights organizations focus only on “gun” deaths, as if it was somehow better to be stabbed or beaten to death. If we, as they insist, focus solely on those killed with a gun, the picture doesn’t look any better. In 2010 there were 9 homicides committed with a firearm. Of those, only 2 were people who had no apparent criminal convictions. As for the killers, 8 of the killings are considered solved, and 5 of those suspected or convicted of these crimes are previously convicted felons.
Bear in mind that these are convictions we are talking about. FOAC-NC has not had the time to research the arrest records of either suspects or victims. It is certainly possible that some of the victims, and certainly some of the suspects would have previous arrests.
FOAC-NC believes that the solution to crime is criminal control, not gun control. In 5 of the 8 firearm related homicides in Raleigh in 2010, the suspect was barred by federal law from merely possessing a firearm. As Chairman of FOAC-NC Sean Sorrentino put it “How many more laws do they want? The laws against felons having guns failed. The laws against shooting those guns at people failed. The laws against killing people failed. What sort of laws do they imagine will work against people for whom every other law failed?”
In most of the homicides in Raleigh in 2010, known criminals were involved. In fact, only 3 of the 14 homicides occurred between a victim and a suspect where neither had a prior criminal conviction. One would think that the solution would be obvious. One would think that imposing stiff sentences on criminals would have the effect of isolating them away from the rest of society. It’s hard to cause trouble in society when you are locked behind bars far away from it. Instead, the gun banners wish to impose ever stricter laws on the law abiding gun owners. They want stricter background checks. They want further restrictions of the rights of Concealed Handgun Permit holders. They even want to go back to the old Jim Crow era of only issuing Concealed Handgun Permits to people that the Sheriff thinks “suitable.” We all know what “suitable” used to mean. Why would we imagine that it would be different now?
The Brady Campaign and their paid activist allies here in North Carolina are once again focusing on the wrong victims. The real victims in this revolving door justice system are the law abiding citizens caught in the crossfire. We are left to fend for ourselves in a world where the rights of convicted criminals count for more than the rights of the honest citizens. We are subject to further attacks against our right to keep and bear arms by those who use the blood of those homicide victims, all the while glossing over the fact that the majority of them were actively involved in criminal activities.
The fact that the Brady Campaign would use the blood of criminals to attack honest gun owners is reprehensible and should be rejected by all decent people.
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Finally a balanced “Guns in Parks” story

This issue is pretty simple, so you wouldn’t think it would be all that difficult for a reporter to get them straight. Finally, a journalist gets it right.

I have an issue with them allowing this statement of the Executive Director of North Carolinians against Gun Violence (NCGV) to stand unchallenged


It should be an interesting fight. We could, however, short circuit the whole thing. Let’s just pass a law that says localities may not ban firearms anywhere. That would be much a much shorter, easier to interpret law.

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Public Service News lies for NCGV

I don’t normally go in for full fleged Fisking, but I have to make an exception for this article at Public News Service (News in the Public Interest)
WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – Guns are now permitted by law at North Carolina parks, playgrounds and other public places, unless cities pass their own, more restrictive laws, and at least 19 municipalities have chosen to do so. The new state law that went into effect December 1 allows people with proper permits to carry certain types of concealed weapons at public parks and highway rest stops, and on waterways.
This is, in the strictest sense, true. It is an example of framing the issue to make yourself look like the underdog. If they pretend that the heroic forces of progressive modernity are laboring against the clock to prevent guns in parks, they might get you to forget that they are working tirelessly to deprive you of your Constitutional rights. Also it was always legal to carry a concealed handgun with a permit at highway rest stops. They merely changed what section of the law it was listed under.
Even those cities that already had stricter gun laws must now pass new ordinances if they want to circumvent the new state law.
Once can hardly call it “circumventing” the law if these localities are writing the law to comply with the powers delegated to them by the State. Again, it’s framing the issue to make oneself look like the underdog.
Winston-Salem did just that, in November. Tim Grant heads up the Recreation and Parks Department there, and he says city lawmakers took quick action.

“Any time you have athletic activities or competition, where you could possibly have emotions, I think it’s a bad mixture when you allow concealed weapons.”

Does Tim Grant have any evidence that NC Concealed Handgun Permit holders have engaged in a pattern of emotional and dangerous behavior? Or does this scenario of CHP holders shooting the Ref over a bad call exist only in his head? I think we both know the answer.
Grant also points out the additional cost to local governments for purchasing signs for their parks to notify people of their ordinance. He says Winston-Salem has paid $8,000 for its new signage. Chapel Hill, Cary and Raleigh have all passed similar laws.
So in this era of extremely tight budgets, Winston-Salem spent $8,000 to put up signs that will not stop any crimes rather than do something useful? Why doesn’t that surprise me?

Roxane Kolar, executive director of North Carolinians Against Gun Violence, questions the change in state law, and also has concerns about who is obtaining these gun permits.

“Why? There actually isn’t a huge crime spree happening in our area parks or playgrounds. We think that before we’re even going to discuss guns in more public areas, we need to look at our permitting system.”

So, there’s no crime spree in NC Parks, so she says that you and I should not be permitted to carry there? Tell that to the lady who almost got her child snatched in a Charlotte area park.
The new state law also weakens the permitting system, according to Kolar. It reduces a sheriff’s department’s ability to use mental health records when reviewing permit applications,
This is a bald faced lie. The section of the law says that the mental health records that the Sheriff receives may only be used to determine the person’s fitness for a CHP and cannot be retained or used in any other manner. No one who had actually read HB650 could come to any other honest conclusion. That tells me that Roxane is lying directly.
and also gives a department only half as much time to review the applications: 45 days, down from 90 days.

Because we all know that the Sheriff actually needs that extra 45 days to… to do what, exactly? I applied for a CHP on 4 March 2011. I received it on 18 May 2011. It was issued on 22 April 2011. So apparently, it sat in the Sheriff’s office for damn near a month before they mailed it out. It takes very little time for a CHP background check to be completed. All they have to do is do a NICS query, look in the State Police database, and send your name to the same mental hospitals they send everyone else’s name to. If the Sheriff hasn’t set up an email or fax method of sending out the names to the mental wards in a batch every day then he needs better permit clerks. Even considering human laziness, it should take no more than a week to get an answer from the loony bins. 45 days is more than generous. 90 days is excessive.
Supporters of the law say people have the right to carry a properly-permitted weapon, but Kolar fears some cities aren’t aware of how the new state law affects their current ordinances.
She doesn’t fear, she knows damn well that most localities haven’t paid attention. She knows that any localities that don’t jump on this right now are likely to decide that since nothing has happened, nothing will happen. Roxane Kolar needs to make sure that every locality in the State gets a good old fashioned dose of fear to make them jump in the direction she wants. She knows that if they don’t react now, out of blind panic, they will learn what everyone else has learned. CHP holders aren’t the threat. Except to the professional “Progressive” Left.
Stephanie Carroll Carson, Public News Service – NC
Here’s a little blurb from the “About Us” page of the “Public News Service”
They are all one big group. The Left is not a group of individuals working toward a common goal. They are a closed group of professionals, each working their own part of the whole, supporting all the other parts. You don’t think that Roxane gets paid $40,000 a year as Executive Director of NCGV because there are that many private citizens giving her donations, do you?

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