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Mobs Will Murder You

Mob action is ALWAYS extremely dangerous. This is why we have police officers who MUST enforce the law evenhandedly. We as citizens have made a deal with government that we will forgo our right to private revenge in exchange for the government providing public justice. But that’s a DEAL, not a surrender. When the government repeatedly and conspicuously fails to provide that public justice, they’ve broken the deal and they open the door to this mob scene.

A mob scene like this…

From the Daily Mail

Furious Londoners turned on Extinction Rebellion today with crowds of commuters dragging protesters down from the roofs of Tube carriages to rough them up on the station platform, while online the group was slammed for comparing its actions to those of civil rights legend Rosa Parks.

Now I like seeing an “extinction rebellion” douchebag getting an ass kicking just as much as the next guy. I WANT to see them bloody and beaten, tossed down the nearest flight of stairs. This knowledge of myself is exactly why I never want to see things like this happen. I want the police to politely advise the protesters that they must immediately cease their stupidity and allow the citizens to go about their day. And when they refuse, I want to see the police climbing up on the trains and taking these idiots into custody for prosecution.

Mobs will kick a man to death because they don’t know how or when to stop. They will exact revenge for every imagined slight on whoever they’ve gotten their hands on, guilty or innocent alike. As much pure joy as I get from seeing these dickheads getting their skulls kicked in, this represents a failure of our society. This represents the government repeatedly failing to provide the public justice they promised. This represents the frustration and anger of a public that has no recourse when the deal they made with their government was broken.

This will end one of two ways. Either the government will attempt to reestablish control of the protesters, or the public will start stringing up these people, along with a few innocent bystanders who somehow “looked guilty.” The punishment will not fit the crime. I predict that the government will, in typical fashion, attempt to reestablish control of the public and let the protesters continue, which will mean some of the innocents harmed will be the police.

Who are we to be? Will we be the mob? Or will we be this woman?

Image may contain: 3 people

In 1996, a black teenager protected a white man from an angry mob who thought he supported the racist Ku Klux Klan. It was an act of extraordinary courage and kindness – and is still inspiring people today.

Mobs will murder you. Never forget that. is a den of thieves

In the last couple of days I’ve had blog posts scraped and posted on without my permission. My feed says

The post (X) appeared first on An NC Gun Blog. If you see this elsewhere, please contact me. © 2008-2013 by the authors of An NC Gun Blog. This feed is for personal, non-commercial use only. Using this feed on any other site is a copyright violation. Scraping isn’t kosher.

I think that’s pretty clear. The douchenozzles at don’t seem to care where they get their content, relying on the “what are you going to do about it?” defense.

Here’s your answer. I’m betting that this appears on their site immediately after I hit post.

UPDATE: Here’s a screen shot of my post on their page


I had much a quicker response than I expected. I left a comment on the last post of mine that they swiped and got an email response.


I received you message “STOP Stealing my blog posts.” for

I put it with RSS from, I am very sorry that this makes a problem, please tell me what you like me to do, I can delete this post or I can credit you in addition to credits it has now.

Sorry for this.

My response

You can immediately stop using my RSS feed to put content on your page. You can also immediately stop using the RSS feeds of other bloggers. I’m now going through your site looking for other bloggers and telling them what you are doing.


Their response

I did stopped and deleted the posts I was sure that is why they have RSS to other people will post their articles and link to their sites with full credits.

The result? The entire category has disappeared.


Looks good to me. Other bloggers should keep an eye out to see if any of their stuff appears here.

And they wonder why we think they are humorless prigs

Leftists are apparently unable to deal with humor.

In keeping with the theme in today’s Weekly Briefing and the call therein for less know-it-all commentary, this post will not pontificate at any length about how offensive and troubling the “Random Thought” published today in the “Education Update” newsletter of the John Locke Foundation was. We all make dumb mistakes and have told “jokes” we’d like to have back.

 So what is the “NOT funny” joke that they are so worked up about?

Random Thought

The most “American” Olympic sport is Modern Pentathlon. I mean, it sounds like your average summer day in Detroit – swimming, running, riding, shooting pistols, and trying to stab a complete stranger with a sharp object.

So what part are the Lefties objecting to? I can see their point about the horseback riding. There’s not much of that in an average summer day in Detroit. Were they upset that Baltimore, Philly, Newark, New Orleans, and our beloved President’s own Chicago weren’t part of the joke?

Anti-Gunners in (Formerly Great) Britain lie just as much as ours do

Everyone loves a victim it seems. We pretend that the mere fact that a person can claim victim status means that they are immune to criticism. It’s not surprising that some are happy to pretend to be victims when they are not. That holds true in England as well. (Video at link)

You know, as bad as The Alchemist Colin Goddard is, at least he is an actual victim, and not an “Associate Victim.” At least he has actual scars to show for his victimhood. This woman claims victim status by claiming family and friends were murdered.
It’s time that we understand that “victims,” whether real or imagined, do not have special status in a policy argument. The same standards of evidence apply to both sides of the argument. Of course, in the gun rights argument, that means that the anti-gun side will get crushed like bugs. They have no evidence that their proposals will achieve anything positive. So I can see why they lie about their victim status just as much as they lie about their “evidence.”


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Murderer comes from criminal family?

If there is one article of faith around this blog it could be summed up in the following phrase,
Leopards don’t change their spots
This works both ways. Obviously I believe that those who have proven that they are on the wrong side of the law are extremely unlikely to suddenly decide to walk the straight and narrow. The other side is that those who are law abiding as a matter of habit will not suddenly turn into monsters. That was the whole point of my “felons behaving badly” category. The anti-gunners are always pretending that people like you and me are going to “snap” and murder people with our “loaded, hidden firearms.”
So what are we to make of the school shooter* in Chardon yesterday? A young man from a good family, with a bright future and all the prospects in the world? Umm, maybe not.
Even his mom got into the act
He even had a criminal past
And he wasn’t actually a student at the school he shot up.
According to the interviews being conducted, the people he shot up were students waiting to take the bus to that “alternative” school. We should be clear that “alternative” does not mean “magnet.” Alternative is the more PC way of saying “Reform School.”
The thing that’s pissing me off about all the chatter on Twitter (I’ll rant about Twitter later) is that people keep popping off about “bullying.” Let me go on record now with my armchair diagnosis. The shooter is a psychopath. Not a crazed axe murderer blibbering about voices in his head movie-type psychopath, but a real, walking, talking, DSM diagnosable psychopath. I think he’s no different than the other famous psychopath school shooter who everyone pretended was a bullying victim. There is some speculation that he shot one guy after his ex-girlfriend started dating the new guy. This is the sort of behavior a psychopath would think made sense. We’ll have to wait and see, but keep in mind. Sometimes people are outcasts and loners because they are so damaged that no one in their right minds wants to be friends with them. Remember who the above linked psychopath’s friend was, a depressive, revenge minded teen.
I think that in the end we will find that this murderer is another of those severely damaged people who grew up without a conscience. I think we’ll find that he sees others as objects to be used in any way he sees fit. I think that in his mind, killing people that refused to give him his way made sense. And worst of all, once everyone starts telling about him, the problem will look so obvious that we’ll all wonder why no one did anything before this point.
* I have a policy of not naming people like this. They generally want fame, and I plan on denying them their infamy. Let them die in obscurity.


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This pisses me off something royal

So, imagine that you’ve been in a car accident with a car carrying 5 people who were driving aggressively towards you. Two of them jump out of the car and beat on your window. They don’t leave you alone when you show them your gun. You call 911 and are recorded ordering them to leave you alone. You are recorded asking for police to help you at the same time you are telling the assailants to back away or you will shoot. The guy charges you and you shoot him. You talk to the dispatcher until the cops show, and during the investigation it’s determined that the guy you shot was a multiple felon. What do you think happens?
The asshole District Attorney charges you with a bunch of crimes, claiming that
“We just don’t allow people to go shoot people,” he said. “Using deadly force is a last resort. It shouldn’t be the first resort.”
Hey asshole! What exactly was this guy supposed to do outnumbered 2 to 1 (minimum) with a wrecked car and far away from help? Was he supposed to sprinkle pixie dust on himself, think happy thoughts, and follow the second star on the right?
I’m not going to link the story directly, I want you to read about it on Iowa gunblogger Robert Fowler’s blog. I am in wholehearted agreement with his conclusion,
You think that getting sent to jail until your trial is the worst that can happen to you? Read the whole thing to see how bad it can really get. God help him if the jury hadn’t believed him.
We need to see if we can get some money to him. He’s broke, homeless, and unemployed. That’s not justice.


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You would think that these clowns would get tired of wasting their money

Apparently George, from the Newbie Shooter lives in this area. We’ll have to get him to tell the story more thoroughly, but the short version is that Dr. Michael Land has lived in his house for 20 plus years. He’s built himself a range in his backyard that meets all NRA standards. He’s never been charged with a crime. He’s so law abiding that he got permission to buy a Tommy Gun. Of course, the whiners who bought homes long after he had his shooting range want him to stop. Once again, the courts have tossed the suit against him
Good. He had the range and the submachine gun long before they moved in. If they don’t like it, they shouldn’t have moved in. George says that they’ve about bankrupted their little homeowners association with their legal assault against this guy. You’d think that they would learn.


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The gun grabbers roll out the Nuts and Sluts defense against Emily Miller

If you haven’t seen it, go and give Ladd Everitt’s post a read. I know, he’s a disgusting troll and we all know that, but still, read his post.

Back? Now read this series of Twitter posts between Sebastian (TBFKASIH) and some loon calling him(her?)self “GunSensus.”

This is the “Nuts and Sluts” defense.

So, Ladd thinks that Emily is crazy for complaining that she has to leave the city of DC and travel to the home of a strange man to get training based upon a poorly Xeroxed list. Apparently it’s considered crazy nowadays for a woman to think that a person with a brick and mortar store presents a more professional image, and therefore is a bit safer, than the guy operating out of his basement.

And “GunSensus” goes straight for the old “She’s a WHORE!!!” defense. I mean, what can you say about this? There’s no other way to describe the disgusting Tweets than that. According to this troll, Emily Miller, a relatively pretty woman who wants a gun and happens to hold conservative beliefs, is an attention seeking whore who should be treated exactly as if she stripped her clothes off and posed naked in a skin mag. That kind of gives you a window into how “GunSensus” views women, doesn’t it?

The thing is, these aren’t attacks designed to hurt Emily Miller. They might, but that’s not the point. These attacks are designed to tell other women that certain beliefs and actions are Not Acceptable™. They are telling other women, don’t get a gun, and especially don’t complain about the absolute idiocy of the DC gun buying process. If you do, they say, we will treat you as if you are a crazy whore, and we will do everything in our power to hurt you and embarrass you in front of your family and friends.

I think that this attitude tells you everything you need to know about how the gun grabbers view women. They think women are property. They think women who don’t hold the approved views are crazy whores who deserve the modern equivalent of public exposure at the stocks. These gun grabbers are the exact moral equivalent of the witch burners in Salem.

And Emily? Welcome to our side. If you didn’t think you were on our side before, your enemies have decided to make sure that you knew you were on the side of us lunatic insurrectionists. I’m sorry you have to deal with the blind hatred of people who will never bother to know you. As far as they are concerned, the fact that you want a gun makes you an unperson. The fact that you exposed their anti-gun policies in our nation’s capitol makes you this month’s Emmanuel Goldstein. You’re getting your daily dose of Two Minute’s Hate. It might be difficult to deal with if the gun grabbers had any power.


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How to lose friends and negatively influence people

I was here for this incident. I can attest to the fact that the actions of this “trainer” made it unlikely that I will be engaging his services any time soon.

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OMG he’s shooting a MACHINE GUN!!!111eleventy!

Would it bother you if your neighbor had a machine gun and shot it in his back yard? Would it bother you even if the Sheriff went by and determined that the shooting range was “completely safe?”
Never mind that he’s lived there for 20 years, and his machine guns and shooting range was there long before the new neighbors.
What a bunch of douche bags. If you don’t like your neighbor, move. He didn’t ask you to move in. They are going to be really surprised when someone sits them down and explains the North Carolina Sport Shooting Range Protection Act to them. Maybe they will turn around and sue their lawyer for malpractice. He should have warned them that the law was on the good Doctor’s side.

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