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How to make a billion dollars with anti-grav

Instapundit linked to a story on why we don’t have hoverboards. As if the silly skateboard things from Back to the Future II are anything but a lawsuit waiting to happen.


Nope, if anti-gravity is invented it won’t be hoverboards nor even cheap access to space that will be the moneymaker. It’ll be beds.

Think about it. How many times have you been lying in bed saying “The Gravity is Too Damn High!” while feeling totally exhausted after what should have been a good night’s sleep? What you need is the Grav-Number Bed.

Maybe your wife likes to sleep at the moons gravity level, with her Grav-Number set at 16. But what if you prefer Mars? Your Grav-Number would be 38.

Think about it. You get shoulder pain like I do from sleeping on your side? Lower gravity is the answer. Crick in your neck from ending up in an awkward sleeping position in your old Full Gravity bed? Lower gravity is the answer.

I would make a billion dollars.

Why you should never shoot all your ammo at the range

We have a family rule. Never shoot up all your ammo at the range. I finally got my father to tell me the story that led to that rule.

Cast your mind back to deep, dark wilds of Los Angeles County in 1965….

Every one of us has had a moment in our life that we will never forget. A life lesson that not only changes the way you do things but cause you to preach to your family, mostly to your children. I just found out my moment has been labeled by my kids as, “Never shoot all your ammo at the Range”.

I was newly married, had just turned 23, and decided that my wife, also 23, needed to learn how to shoot a pistol. You have to understand that I didn’t know a thing about pistols, I had never even shot one. I had recently purchased a Llama 380 had shot the gun one other time, expending every last round. My wife, a British Subject who had never seen a pistol before had managed to out shoot me so I had keep shooting trying to at least do as well as she had. It didn’t work. I ended up shooting up everything and still not matching her.

We were going to the range again. It was a Sunday and I had to buy some ammo on the way there. As we drove down the street, almost at the store, I saw a low rider car with four latinos inside pull a “Swoop and Squat” in front of an 18 wheeler. The trucker avoided smashing into the car by running over the curb into a large parking lot surrounding the White Front Store (Sort of like a Wal-Mart, but in Los Angeles in the ’60’s). I was also forced to dodge into the same parking lot and came to a screeching halt, blocked by the truck and the driver of the car who was advancing on the truck driver with a bat.

I yelled at my wife to go get the guard in the store. Back then White Front hired armed guards. I jumped out and saw the trucker had a tire iron, the driver of the car had a bat, and two more of the car occupants were exiting the car. Screaming and threats were being thrown around and I thought I was going to witness a beat down if not a death.

I grabbed my gun, jumped out of the car and lay across the hood with the gun pointed right at the man with the bat. I yelled,

One more step and I’ll shoot you.

He looked at me, told me to mind my own G. D. gringo business or he would take care of me next. His friend was half way out of the rear seat so I asked him if he wanted to be first. He jumped back into the car.

I do understand certain Spanish words and as the bat wielder ran back to his car I am think he passed judgment on how old I was when my mother got married, plus a few other choice words.

At this time I glanced towards the store and I see my wife, in high heels and a sheath dress running towards me at full speed. Behind her I see a man in full guard regalia running but loosing ground to her. Picture this, he is about 50 lbs over weight and everything, Gun, baton, handcuffs were all flapping up and down as he ran and he is making noises like a steam engine.

The Latino men called my mother a puta one more time and peeled rubber for yards as they sped away.

So the moral of the story is. Never shoot all your ammo at the range. I had a totally empty gun. What if they had called my bluff?

That started the family rule. Whenever you took a gun to the range, you always kept at least one full magazine, one full cylinder, or a couple of rifle rounds for every single gun you had. It’s still a practice I follow today. I might not be able to get to the Super Bambi Blast-o-Matic in the trunk while on my way home from the range, but you can be sure that if I need to put a .243 Win round into a ne’er do well at the Han-dee Hugo’s, I have the ammo to do it.

You never know when you might be called on to use a gun to save a life. Wouldn’t you be happier if your gun was loaded at the time?

What the heck were the cops thinking?

Two FELONY charges against an 8 year old?

Eight-year-old Sam Grant was in Catawba County District Court Friday on charges of discharging a firearm into an occupied vehicle.

The charges were filed as a result of an incident that happened in February. Sam’s parents said he was playing with a BB gun outside and aimed at an abandoned house nearby. But then he somehow managed to shoot at and hit two cars as they passed by, causing some damage. No one was injured.

So kid was screwing around, shooting his Daisy air rifle at a building and managed to hit two passing cars, so the cops slapped him with two Class E felony charges?

§ 14‑34.1. Discharging certain barreled weapons or a firearm into occupied property.

(a) Any person who willfully or wantonly discharges or attempts to discharge any firearm or barreled weapon capable of discharging shot, bullets, pellets, or other missiles at a muzzle velocity of at least 600 feet per second into any building, structure, vehicle, aircraft, watercraft, or other conveyance, device, equipment, erection, or enclosure while it is occupied is guilty of a Class E felony.

(b) A person who willfully or wantonly discharges a weapon described in subsection (a) of this section into an occupied dwelling or into any occupied vehicle, aircraft, watercraft, or other conveyance that is in operation is guilty of a Class D felony.

(c) If a person violates this section and the violation results in serious bodily injury to any person, the person is guilty of a Class C felony.

That’s insane.

I can only assume that the judge didn’t feel that it would serve justice to brand an 8 year old a felon for screwing around with his air rifle. I don’t even want to think about how bad an ass whipping I would have taken for pulling a similar stunt as a child.

Saturday morning cat (adoption) blogging

And now for something completely different.

Isn’t this a cute cat?


His name is Ranger and he’s sitting in a cage at the PetSmart in Garner, NC. He has a brother, Tank, who’s in the cage with him.

My wife thought he was handsome, so I read their bio cards. They lived for a year with a Marine. When the Marine got deployed, they went to live with that Marine’s father. Then the father ended up having to go into an assisted living facility. They ended up in a shelter in Dunn, NC and got picked up by the Johnston County Animal Protection League.

He’s a cute cat, but my wife is allergic to cats and my dog would eat them. I know you Marines stick together, so are there any Marines out there who could adopt the cat of a brother Marine? If you can give the cat a home, call JCAPL a call at 919-989-7601. And if you can’t take him home, I’ll bet that JCAPL would take a few dollars to help their mission.

Check out their bio pages on

Tell your Marine friends.

And we aren’t worthy of the gift

When I look out at the world and think, “damn, what a crappy place filled with crappy people,” I have one thing that reminds me that it isn’t a total loss.


Only mine “basks in the glow” of a computer monitor more than a TV set.

No it didn’t

There is a glaring error in this statement.

A 34-year-old man died after an Amtrak train crashed into his car early this morning.

The train did not “crash into his car.” Trains are unable to steer. They follow those little metal rails, never deviating from their assigned paths for any reason. The guy died because he drove his car around the crossing guard into the path of an oncoming train.

The train didn’t crash into him. He crashed into the train.

Run out and buy this book

Do you like a good story? Can you read? Then you owe it to yourself to get a copy of “A Sailor of Austria” by John Biggins.


sailor of austria

It’s the fictional story of an Austrian U-Boat commander during WWI. I didn’t know Austria-Hungary had a navy. I didn’t know that the Austro-Hungarian Navy had U-Boats. And I had no idea what the end of the war looked like from their perspective. It’s a rare book of fiction that leaves you thinking you know a bit more about the world after you’ve read it.

I have no idea who recommended it, but thanks. Pick it up on Amazon. I can’t think of any higher praise for a book than to recommend that you buy it. Anyone who writes a story like that should get paid.

Update: Robert, in comments below reminds me that it was Tam who blogged about it back around Thanksgiving of 2011. Apparently it was NJT who told her about this book.

She got no prison

At first, I was saddened. After what this mother did, I would have expected a lengthy stay in the Iron Bar Motel.

A South Carolina judge decided against prison time for a woman who left her newborn near death in the toilet of a sports arena after giving birth during the circus.

The 6 1/2-pound newborn baby was likely in the toilet for 90 minutes and was near death before he was found by a cleaning crew in the stall filled with blood and other gore. His head was barely above the water and his body temperature was 85 degrees, prosecutor Betty Strom said.

I would certainly agree that there are better punishments that could be administered. She should have been taken out back and beaten soundly with a 2×4 before being fed to the lions.

Sadly, she got a year’s home confinement instead.

Vote and shoot at the same place!

How cool is this? I just found out today that the Wake County Firearms Training and Education Center is one of the voting locations for the general election.

So if you are in that precinct, you can go to the polls and then celebrate your freedoms by shooting some holes in paper.

Some might be intimidated by the fact that after 6pm on election night, the voters will be casting their ballots while listening to the sweet sound of their Second Amendment freedoms, but I view this as no different that running a polling place in a church you may disagree with.

Sadly, I don’t live in that precinct. I voted early, but if my normal polling place was the Wake County shooting range, I might have waited until November 6th and gone shooting after voting.

Someone took a knife to a spear fight

Sometimes the jokes just write themselves.

Police charged that a 60-year-old Four Oaks resident threatened to use a spear in order to steal another man’s knife.

Police spokeswoman Laura Horrigan said the incident took place in the 3100 block of Stonybrook Drive in an area where there are woods and homeless people sometimes congregate.

The suspect has a very minor prior record from quite a while ago.

When spears are outlawed only outlaws will have spears.

Write your own jokes in the comments section.