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Here’s a good plan, let’s give “educators” more power to suppress dissent!

Sometimes I just want to slap the stupid out of Republican legislators. You sometimes get the impression that they don’t really think things through.

It will soon be illegal for a student to bully a teacher online in North Carolina, under an expansion of the state’s cyberbullying law that goes into effect Dec. 1 and may be the first of its kind in the country.

The School Violence Prevention Act of 2012 will make it a misdemeanor for students to post something online “with the intent to intimidate or torment a school employee.” It builds on a similar law passed in 2009 that criminalized online bullying of a student or a student’s parent or guardian.

Mark my words, this “Cyberbullying” law will be used to attack parents and activists who oppose the state run education monopoly. Anyone who commits the thought crime of criticising how their child’s school is run will at least be threatened with a second degree misdemeanor, so many of them will just shut up. We all know teachers. They aren’t interested in truth, they just want the children to sit down, shut up, and complete their assigned workbook pages.

Was that Cyberbullying?

How would you rule?

Governor Perdue is being asked to grant clemency to this woman.

She’s only 34 and has already served 10 years on her Life sentence. What did she do?

(Convict) has served 10 years of a life sentence without parole for setting a fire at Campus Walk Apartments on Feb. 15, 2002 , that killed four people: sisters Rachel and Donna Llewellyn, 21 and 24; Elizabeth Harris, 20; and Ryan Bek, 25.

Charged with arson and four counts of first-degree murder, (Convict) pleaded guilty in exchange for a life sentence.

Under the felony murder rule, (Convict) could have received the death penalty.

She lit the fire as a “prank” but when it got out of control she ran. She didn’t bother to warn the other residents, nor did she dial 911.

I think that some decisions are final. Actions have consequences. The consequences of her actions are that four people died in a fire. Where are their clemency hearings?

What do you think?

Ammo suggestions requested

I’m going hunting for the second time on Saturday. There was the previous “hunting” trip, which mostly consisted of sitting in the middle of my friend’s field while all the deer laughed at me, but this time I will have a hunter friend help me out.

I’m taking my ultra dangerous sniper rifle that Japete freaked out about. It’s a Remington Model 700 in .243 Winchester. I’ve had it since I was 15, so it really needs to be the rifle I use to get my first deer. If I get a deer with it, the rifle is going back to my father’s house where he can use it to cut down the population of woodchucks. I should have my new AR-15 from Templar by Thanksgiving to replace it.

Now an AR is primarily a fighting rifle, but I don’t see any reason I can’t use it to hunt deer. With the new bullets they have nowadays, why not? Who has some suggestions for factory loaded ammo that’s acceptable for deer hunting? I suspect that Army surplus “green tip” ammo isn’t going to cut it. The rifle will have a 16″ barrel and probably a 1 in 9 twist.

Someone’s begging for a cease and desist letter (*Video*)

Copyright infringement is not a good way to start your adult life.

Mitt Romney’s comment about Big Bird in the presidential debate Wednesday sparked an idea by two University of North Carolina students.

They cranked up a website,, and are sellling T-shirts with Big Bird on them for $20.

They say they will donate the proceeds to charity, but that’s not going to save them.


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How many ways is this a bad idea? You can see their shirts here. I especially like the one with Big Bird holding a sign that say “Romney just fired my ass.” That should be worth double points in the “How bad will the eventual lawsuit be” sweepstakes. The two Shepard Fairey “Hope” style ones are awesome. How many copyrights were violated there? There’s Big Bird, There’s the use of Shepard Fairey’s iconic poster, and if you remember, Fairey’s poster was a copyright infringement of the original AP photo.

I’m pretty sure that even if they Sesame Street people are happy with the idea (which they won’t be) they have to defend their copyright. If they fail to defend it in this case, the next person who violates it can claim that they’ve abandoned it. Given that Sesame Street is a multimillion dollar property, they’re not going to let a couple of college idiots get away with it.

My new sap has arrived!

I posted a while ago about leather saps as defensive tools and Raymond’s handmade leather saps. In that post I said that Raymond was working on a version of the four-ply Junior sap, but with lead shot instead of a solid head. He came through for me.

The photo above is of a Boston Leathers “Junior” sap, as well as a clone that I worked up for Sean. It was tricky, as it took more layers and hardware than I usually use, but the end result came out pretty solid. If I can streamline the process, I’ll be doing more of this style in the future, but in the meantime, I’m focusing on the basic 8″ design that I get the most requests for

It looks cool

The sap on the left is a genuine Boston Leather Four-Ply Junior. The one on the right is my lead shot version. It doesn’t have the spring shank or the cast lead head, so I think it will be a bit less brutal, but still effective. I also like the fact it was handmade just for me.

Raymond has plenty of styles, so check him out. And remember, even if you can’t own a sap in your state, Raymond can make you a leather and lead shot fish billy. Or a tire pressure checker. Or even a book weight. You can contact him directly at

r.desmarais – at – netzero – dot – net

Please spread this video far and wide

You know that smartphone you’re using to shoot video? Yeah. Hold it horizontally jerk. 

Say no to George Lucas. Say no to Old Mila Kunis. Only shoot horizontal video

Ht: The Minuteman

Cool, a feminist super hero!

So I’m commenting on one of Tam’s posts today when I notice the ad at the top of her blog.

The Web’s favorite feminist superhero? Cool. I had to check it out.

It’s every bit as bad as you imagine. Her nemesis is “Stay at Home Mommy,” formerly known as “The Happy Homemaker.”

Formerly known as the Happy Homemaker, Stay-At-Home Mommy is one of Gyno-Star’s oldest foes. Although she constantly tries to change her image, her goal always remains the same: to trap women into lives of domestic desperation. Once a promising engineering student, SAHM gave up her dreams to pursue marriage and a family. The frustration of not being able to use her genius-level intelligence drove her mad. She gained super-powers when one of her household experiments went awry, and she was irradiated by her dish washing machine. Now she uses her intelligence in mad schemes to prevent other women from achieving their own ambitions.

And she looks like Sarah Palin dressed as a 50’s housewife.

I tried to read the archives, but the stupid was just too strong for me. Someone please explain to me why “Real” women must be screaming Leftist harpies.

I think I’ll stick to this kind of superhero.

Want to have some fun with Chapel Hill?

For about $600 we could have a bit of fun with Chapel Hill.

CHAPEL HILL — The American Civil Liberties Union of North Carolina has urged Chapel Hill leaders to let controversial ads stay on local buses.

ACLU Legal Director Christopher Brook wrote in a letter Friday that his group has received complaints from several residents who “don’t want to see their community suppress free speech and dialogue.”

Chapel Hill instead should “serve as a model for other North Carolina communities by embracing the free exchange of ideas, even when controversial,” he said.

So what’s the horrible ad that has everyone up in arms?

Oh yeah. Really controversial.

Yes, it’s a douchey ad, and I totally disagree with it. In fact, I would be happier to see an ad for Pamela Geller’s “Support the Civilized Man” campaign. But a governmental entity has no business discriminating one way or the other. I suspect that the people in charge of the bus ads realized that if they accept this ad that they would have to accept the other, offensive to them, ad.

Luckily the ACLU is on the case. They’ve pretty much said that they will sue if they don’t get the ad on the bus. Would you like to give them all a lesson? Would you like to live rent free in their heads for MONTHS?

For a 1-3 month sign on one bus it costs just short of $200 per month. I propose we get the Second Amendment Foundation sign that Miguel is holding in the USA Today photo. The standard “Queen” size banners are 108″x30″. The SAF sign would be 20×30″, leaving us 88×30″ to exhort people to get concealed handgun permits from their County Sheriff.

Here’s the advertising policy. The one we need to address is

(h) Illegal Firearms and Weapons. Advertising that contains images or depictions of illegal firearms or any firearms, or the unlawful use of firearms or other weapons.

I don’t think that this can stand. It’s one thing to ban illegal activity, but you can’t ban Constitutionally protected activity.

And no matter what, we’d get to have a lot of fun pissing off all the right people. Does anyone know someone with money lying around who would like to fund a “piss off the anti-gunners in Liberal Chapel Hill” project? $600 gets us started. More than that gets us more buses.

Of course, we could always ask Oleg Volk for a photo. Like this one. Or this one. Or even this one.

What’s on your desktop?

Sebastian asks what is on your computer desktop.

My dog, Zucca. She’s wondering why I’m laying on the floor.

This photo was taken back when I lived in Pennsylvania. We’d just gotten her. She still had use of both of her eyes. Now she’s got a cataract in one and is working on the other. Plus she’s mostly grey around the muzzle.

She wasn’t the dog either my wife or I really wanted, but we’re both glad that we picked her. Even if it was accidentally. Sometimes you just get lucky despite your plans.

Sandals are not for combat

As part of my job as an inspector, I went to a secure facility today. I am not going to tell you exactly what it was except to say that the security was tighter than the prisons I’ve inspected. This location had armed guards.

Today I saw something straight out of a “chicks and guns” photo shoot. She was young, very slim, and every bit as pretty as Jennifer of In Jennifer’s Head. Now, typically when I see a person carrying a gun as part of their job, they wear some sort of uniform unless they happen to be police detectives who work in plain clothes. Not this girl. She had her tank top hiked up a bit so it didn’t interfere with her SERPA holster holding what looked like a Glock 19. That SERPA was attached to her bright red and very form-fitting pants.

She was hot.

There was just one problem. She was wearing a pair of flat soled sandals. I’m not talking about Tevas, or something built tough, but a pair of those cute girly sandals that sorority girls wear between their car and the pool.

Here’s the thing. If you’re carrying a gun as a self-defense tool, wear whatever you like. Jennifer says she once took a home defense shotgun course wearing 3 inch heels. But if you’re carrying a gun as part of your job outside of a secure facility, you’re carrying that gun because you are expected to go into combat. And cute sandals are great in your personal life, but they aren’t warrior wear.

Sorry for the lack of photos. It was a secure facility after all.