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You know what chaps my ass about the NRA?

Want to know what chaps my ass about the NRA? It’s that the NRA leaders didn’t recognize this meme immediately

Wendell Pierce

and weren’t pushing out on all channels

“Sign up for the NRA right now! If you’re a black man, 18-35, (or a woman, or even if you’re older than 35) and you use discount code ‘WENDELL’ We’ll give you $10 off your first year’s membership with the NRA!


Act NOW and we’ll throw in personalized assistance in getting YOUR STATE’S CONCEALED HANDGUN PERMIT!!! Want to carry a handgun in your state? Legally? Want to join the ranks of the ‘Good Guys With Guns?’ We want to help!

Those racist cops in Alabama refused to issue Martin Luther King Jr. a concealed handgun permit, but in most states today, thanks to the NRA, if you meet the legal requirements, the cops can’t say no to you!

Go to and use discount code ‘WENDELL’ right now! And we’ll see you at the NRA Annual Meeting in Louisville, Kentucky!”


But does the NRA do this? No. They sit around with their thumbs up their butts, doing nothing.

Anyone know how to get this to the NRA bigwigs and suggest they give it a try? Maybe a little outreach to the minority community would be a good idea.

Special discount on Andrew Branca’s Law of Self Defense Seminar in Raleigh, NC

If you carry a gun, or even if you don’t carry but want a better understanding of the self defense laws in North Carolina, you owe it to yourself to take Andrew Branca’s Law of Self Defense Seminar in Raleigh, NC on May 3rd, 2015.

I made Andrew a radio spot for the podcast. Check it out.

David Yamane, who took the same seminar I took says it this way,

I highly recommend Andrew Branca’s Law of Self Defense seminar to anyone who keeps a firearm in their home, who carries or is considering carrying a firearm in public, or who is generally interested in what the law of self -defense is in the United States and how it may be applied in various situations (whether you are a gun owner or not).

I heartily concur. There is an incredible amount of knowledge being handed out in this class, and you should be there to soak it up. The class is currently $99, but if you register after April 3rd, the price goes up to $149.

Now this class would be worth it at the full $149 late registration price, but it’s an incredible deal at $99. And I’m going to make it an even better deal. Andrew has given me a discount code that he says I can share with you. And your friends. And their friends too. Don’t be shy, bring them all. At checkout, use the discount code, “Variety” (as in GunBlog VARIETYcast) for $10 off. If you register right now, you’ll get the class for $89. That’s a screaming good deal.

To pre-register NOW, before the price goes up or the class sells out (A very serious possibility!) go to the pre-registration page.

Click HERE to register for the Seminar

Use Discount Code “Variety” at checkout for your $10 off.

And tell him that Sean sent you!

The #MuslimLivesMatter and #ChapelHillShooting hashtags are a sophisticated social media campaign

This is the first time I’ve seen the power of the fully operational Death Star Muslim social media campaign. A random shooting in Durham County becomes a cause célèbre for Muslims around the world.

Let’s have a little timeline. The first 911 call of shots fired came in at 5:11 PM on Tuesday the 10th of February. At 6:15 am the next morning I got mentioned on Twitter.

I’m out walking my dog, and I scratched my head wondering what the heck the #ChapelHillShooting was. So I backtracked the tweets, checking out @RBPundit. I found a raging hashtag war with #MuslimLivesMatter and #ChapelHillShooting getting tweeted all over the place. They were pushing the “Muslims murdered by Christian Terrorist, Western Media Silent!” Then I found this.

Killer of 3 NC Muslim Students Was Hardcore Anti-Religion Atheist Progressive A horrific triple homicide was committed yesterday in Chapel Hill, NC, as three Muslim students were apparently murdered by a deranged anti-religion progressive.

Look at the time stamp. February 11 at 2:18 in the morning. Even if that was 2:18 Pacific time, that would still be only 12 hours after the first shots fired call. It points to the Raleigh newspaper, The News and Observer.

CHAPEL HILL — Police charged a Chapel Hill man Wednesday with first-degree murder in the deaths of three Muslim students in a quiet neighborhood near Meadowmont, just south of N.C. 54.

That’s date stamped Tuesday the 10th, so it was no more than 6 hours after the first shots fired. Let that sink in for a minute. The “Christian Terrorist” (and that’s a direct quote of many, many tweets I saw) meme had gone around long enough that someone at PJ Media had looked up the guy’s Facebook page and found out that he was an atheist, and a militant one. And that rebuttal was posted no later than 12 hours after the shooting, and more likely only 9 hours. By the time I saw the #ChapelHillShooting hash tag on Twitter at 6:15 AM, there were thousands of “Why is the Western media hiding this terror attack on Muslims!” tweets. This, as a result of a spontaneous movement is frankly impossible. It cannot have happened that way at all. I’ve traced back tweets as far as I am able and have found “Western media Silent!” tweets at 1am Eastern. That basically can not have happened without some large group pushing the meme.  

So it looks like right around 1AM on the 11th, about 8 hours after the first shots fired 911 call, the Twitter campaign takes off, pushing a narrative of “Islamophobia.”

By now, however, we all know that the shooter was not a “Christian Terrorist,” despite all the claims on Twitter

Here’s what I see. This is a campaign to push the idea that Muslims are the victims of “Islamophobia” in the west and especially in America. I believe that this campaign is a direct response to the #IamCharlieHebdo hashtag. It’s a direct attack on the west, with the Muslims attempting to regain the mantle of “Victim” by attempting to portray everyone racist and bigoted because the victims in this incident were Muslims.

We were played. And they did a fantastic job of it.

I spoke about this in The Squirrel Report Podcast, which I have embedded in this post. The discussion of this incident starts at the 1 hour 2 minute mark. It is very much NOT SAFE FOR WORK. The language in this podcast is very strong. It is tagged explicit on iTunes, so be warned.

GunBlog VarietyCast Episode 13




Episode 13 is up!

Show Notes HERE

GunBlog VarietyCast Episode 6


Episode 6 is up!

Show notes are available HERE.

Burying the lede

The headline makes it sound funny. It almost certainly wasn’t.

 Police suspect Eddie Lee Lee, 50, entered an Exxon-related store, threatened a man’s life with the “bladed instrument” and took $5 of Modelo and Miller beer, an arrest warrant states.

He wasn’t just “stealing beer.” He was threatening to murder someone with a deadly weapon in order to effect a robbery. Not the same thing.


You can see that he’s already been convicted of the crime. It looks like he pleaded down his “Robbery with a Dangerous Weapon” to “Common Law Robbery,” and received a maximum sentence of 17 months in prison.

And you wonder why we have so much crime. Do you think you or I would be treated so kindly by the “Justice System”?

He wanted to know what time it was

I know that there are still people who wear watches. But 34 of them?

When police arrested a man Friday night at a Kohl’s store on Shenstone Boulevard, they said, he had shoplifted 34 men’s watches and seven pieces of clothing.

What time is it, anyway?


Time to put him somewhere where the only appropriate tool for measuring time is a calendar.

XDs vs. M&P Shield vs. Walther PPS

UPDATE: You can listen to the Triangle Tactical Podcast where Luke, Ben, and I talk about this comparison. At the bottom of this post there is a player. You can either play it from the player, or download it directly.


There are few things finer than a day at the range with good friends. Today I got a chance to spend 2 hours with Luke and Ben of Triangle Tactical Podcast shooting the

  • Springfield XDs 9mm
  • Smith & Wesson M&P Shield
  • Walther PPS

They all turned out to be fine guns, but only one could come out on top.

IMG_20140209_142408From left to right, XDs, Shield, & PPS

After the shoot, we all got together and talked about these three guns on the Triangle Tactical Podcast. Click here to download the episode.

I would like to give a special thank you to LuckyGunner for providing the ammunition for this test. They were very generous in providing us 125 rounds for each of the three guns,

All three types of ammunition performed well. I was especially pleased that the recoil on the Golden Sabre did not greatly exceed the recoil from the standard pressure ammunition.

We decided to evaluate the three guns in the following categories.

  • Size
  • Trigger
  • Sights
  • Ergonomics
  • Recoil
  • Accuracy
  • Malfunctions


All three of these guns are basically the same size. The only real difference in size was the fact that the PPS’s standard magazine was a 6 round vs. the 7 round magazines for the other two. When the PPS had the 6 round mag in it, it was the same size as the other two with 7 rounds.


If you put the 7 round mag in the PPS it was slightly larger.


That being said, these were all very small guns, and I don’t think it makes much of a difference. The PPS has 6, 7, and 8 round mags. The XDs had 7 and 9. The Shield has 7 and 8 round mags.


The winner here was the PPS. It was really nice, smoother and lighter than the other two. The M&P had an Apex Shield kit installed and was still rated the “worst” of the three. But it was “worst” only in the fact that it was merely good. All three of the triggers were serviceable and easy for me to shoot, but the PPS was just a cut above.


The M&P sights were basic, no frills sights. Nothing special, nothing strange. The XDs sights had an extremely bright fiber optic front, which I liked. It was super bright in the indoor range, and Ben, at least, found it to be distracting. I didn’t like the PPS sights. The rear sight on the PPS was a big notch, leaving a lot of airspace on either side of the post. The thing is, I am not sure that it made a whole lot of difference. I shot it pretty well, so I can’t complain that they weren’t effective, but I just didn’t like them. It is certainly possible that the only reason I didn’t like them was because they were different than what I was used to.


They were all pretty comfortable to hold, point, and shoot. The only one that had a problem for me was the PPS because of it’s odd magazine release. I disliked it, and I would not buy a PPS because of the mag release. That’s a personal preference, and you may feel very different. I never lost any skin because of the slide biting me on any of the guns. The one problem we seemed to have with the ergonomics was the fact that both Ben and Luke had a lot of trouble with the slide failing to lock back. They were riding the slide stop lever, which is a common problem with the non-1911 semi autos which often have slide stop levers mounted so far to the rear. I had less of a problem with that because my primary carry gun is an XD.45ACP, and I trained myself out of the problem. I’d rate it as a training issue, and one that’s not hard to solve.


I want to tease Tam by saying that they were all “brisk, but manageable,” but that’s not really true. None were difficult to shoot. The recoil on all of them was easily managed, and none of the three of us had any trouble. The Shield did beat up my trigger finger. Neither Ben, nor Luke had the same problem. I found the Shield to be painful, which would make me less likely to shoot it. Other than that, they were all pretty easy on my hands.


Again, to tease Tam, I’d say that they all offered “acceptable combat accuracy.” The reality is that all three were more accurate than I am. I fired 10 rounds each at 15 meters. All the rounds fired were Remington Golden Sabres.







You can see that I was more accurate with the XDs.


The majority of the problems we had were failure to lock back on the last round because of riding the slide lock lever. The XDs had a strange off center primer strike once. We shot the round again and it fired. The problem never reoccurred. The PPS had serious troubles with the 7 round mag, but once Linoge disassembled and reassembled it, it seemed to work fine. There was one fail to feed on the Shield with the Hi-Shok rounds, but it never happened again. Of note was the XDs never had any feeding problems with the Golden Sabers. The XDs has a reputation for being finicky about hollowpoint choices, but it fired the Golden Saber ammo without a problem. Luke says he will probably start carrying them as his normal carry ammunition.


All three were fine pistols. Given the choice, I’d pick the XDs over the other two. I did not like the PPS mag release and I would not buy it because of that. The M&P was painful on my trigger finger. The XDs gave me no troubles and I was more accurate with it.

I am still not sold on the “very small gun” category. If that’s what you want, all three would do fine for you. I still prefer a larger size firearm with more ammunition capacity. But some people can’t dress around a Glock 19, so these three will offer you some good choices.

Again, I’d like to thank LuckyGunner for their generosity. Without their help we could not have done this comparison.

There’s a special place in Hell

If you look just a bit to the right and behind the child molesters and people who talk in the theatre, you’ll find people like this.

A son is charged with killing his bedridden mother.

According to investigators, the suspect set a fire in the bedroom at their home on McFarland Drive in Gastonia and then left.

Let that sink in for a second. He burned down a house with his bedridden mother, with “mental deterioration,” inside. He was so selfish that he thought barbecuing his mom was a good idea.

Suspect (keep scrolling!)

He’s another person that I’m mystified as to why they let him out of jail.

Grandma isn’t giving up her purse

She refused to be a victim

Wake County sheriff’s deputies held (Suspect 1) and (Suspect 2) for Raleigh police, who charged them with attempted robbery after a witness saw two men trying to wrestle a hand bag away from a 50-year-old woman in downtown Raleigh and chased them Tuesday evening.

Random passerby decided to run them off and kept chasing them until a passing Sheriff’s Deputy stopped to investigate.

Suspect 1

Suspect 2

Good on both the 50 year old woman and the passerby.