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Unpossible: Guns aren’t allowed there!

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Here are two great stories that show that the police can’t be bothered to read their own laws.
Now we all know that pistols are banned both in Canada and England. Since they are banned, the cops should have known that these people didn’t really have guns, just toys. If guns are banned and the cops are still seeing enough real guns on the street that they feel the need to take toys this seriously, well, that would mean that gun control has failed. And that can’t be right.
Could it?

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Meanwhile in Sarah Brady Paradise – Machine gun and cannabis edition

This makes no sense. We’ve been told time and time again that if we will only submit to just a few more reasonable restrictions, we will have less gun crime. So how do they explain this?
This makes no sense. Guns are very difficult to come by in England, and machine guns are banned so thoroughly that I’m convinced that merely discussing machine guns in England will get you and Anti-Social Behavior Order.
It’s almost like these gun laws don’t have any effect on criminals and their desire to murder each other.


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Meanwhile in Sarah Brady Colonial Paradise – Machine gunned in broad daylight edition

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Since the US State Department says this about Belize
How is it that this happened?
That makes no sense. I’ve checked out Belize’s Firearms Act (PDF) and it specifically says,
35.-(1) Subject to section 33, no person, including a gun-dealer shall own,
keep, carry, use or have in his possession any firearm or ammunition, of the
following description-
a)      rifle of 7.62 or higher calibre;
b)      revolver of .44 or higher calibre;
c)       magnum revolver of .357 calibre;
d)      sawed-off shotgun of any calibre;
e)      machine gun of any calibre.
I mean, how much more clear could the law be?
Yet it happened anyway. It just goes to show you that gun control laws only affect the law abiding. The criminals will just do whatever they want anyway. Do you really think that a person who wants to murder someone will be worried about breaking the firearms law too?


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Meanwhile in Sarah Brady Paradise – Machine gunned in a car park edition

(Graphic swiped from the Pants-Free Gun Blogger)
This is absolutely unsupportable. In England, where possession of so much as a pistol is a crime, the prosecution (Queen’s Counsel, in Sarah Brady Paradise speak) is trying to convince the jury that the suspects murdered the victim with a submachine gun.
How can that possibly be? The UK has very strict gun controls, to the point that the British Olympic Shooting team has to practice out of the country because their pistols are illegal in the UK. So why, after all that gun control were a bunch of young thugs able to get a submachine gun? I live in the land of the free and I can’t have a submachine gun, how did they get one?
It’s almost like criminals just don’t follow the law.


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Mientras tanto en paraíso a Juana Peterson*

Now if you think back to the early days of this blog, Brady Campaign Board Member Stooge and general all around whipping boy girl Joan Peterson was a frequent target of my ire. I’ve successfully ignored her at least since the Great April Fool’s Day boycott. But way back when, she posted (link omitted on purpose) about going to Spain and how great it was there because guns are so tightly regulated. How does she explain this?
But according to Joan Peterson, guns are tightly regulated and machine guns are banned! That mean that this story is
*Meanwhile in Joan Peterson Paradise.
The translation is likely a rough one due to me using Babelfish instead of asking a native Spanish Speaker.

Wanted for murder

I wonder why they might suspect this guy?
The Fayetteville Observer adds this info
So, let’s count the fail. In a known crack house, sumdood shoots the place up. Then there is the previous track records of the two
I hope that you are all getting the basic lesson of this incident. Stay away from drugs. Plus, how’s that gun control working out for you? Felons shooting felons at drug dens? Unpossible!

Meanwhile in Sarah Brady Paradise – “Ride-By” shooting edition

While going about his business a man got murdered in south London on Tuesday. They have two in custody
Let me repeat the important part. A machine gun attack. In London. You know, the country where possession of a pistol gets you prison time. Where you have to belong to a shooting club to even own a rifle.
That gun control thing is really working, isn’t it?

He can’t carry a gun, especially not there!

The Charlotte Observer would have us believe that a 17 year old is responsible for shooting another person in a park!

We all know that is impossible! First off, a person must be 21 years old to buy a pistol, and also 21 to receive a NC Concealed Handgun Permit. At 17, he’s not even old enough to legally purchase a rifle! So clearly this crime is impossible. Second, the location of the shooting is LC Coleman Park, a Mecklenburg County park. According to their rules and policies, (PDF)

So someone please explain to me how they can possibly believe that this crime has actually occurred. Of course, there is a different interpretation. It’s possible that there exist a class of people who will murder you, even if they have to break a whole bunch of laws in order to do it. Maybe it’s time to end this “no guns in parks” farce once and for all.
Oh, yeah. The accused is under 18, so there are no public records on anything criminal he might have done in the past. The victim, however, is not exactly pure as the driven snow.

Guns in Banks! Unpossible!

This is alleged to have happened a few miles down the road from me in Clayton, NC.
I say alleged because everyone knows that it is a crime to take a gun into a financial institution in North Carolina.
There’s even a sign on the door that tells you not to bring weapons into the bank. Are those signs defective? Or do they only apply to law abiding citizens?

Felons use gun to rob Dollar store

This is clearly unpossible. Felons aren’t allowed to have guns.

But Sean, the story says nothing at all about them being felons. But the Department of Corrections says that they are.
More gun violence that will get blamed on the rest of us. You have to wonder why the news doesn’t tell us about the criminal histories of the people they are supposed to be reporting on. It’s like there’s some sort of conspiracy to make us believe that crime is committed by ordinary people.