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Meanwhile in Dermot Ahern* Paradise

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Since guns are very tightly controlled in Ireland, we know that this story must be false.
How is it possible that a tiny island like Ireland has drug criminals forcing innocent drug users to hold machine guns? It’s almost like the newspaper story is trying to tell me that gun control has failed.
The stated purpose of gun control is to stop gun violence. Since there are obviously drug gangs with machine guns and silencers running about, then the only conclusion that I can reach is that Irish gun control was only successful in disarming the people, not the criminals. And that can’t be the purpose, can it?

* Dermot Ahern was the Irish Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform. He was adamant that no Irish Gun Culture™ be allowed to arise. He banned all “practical” shooting like IDPA and IPSC.

Meanwhile in Sarah Brady Paradise – machine guns on the fridge in the barn edition

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We all know this can’t be true; gun ownership is very strictly regulated in England

Not only guns, but machine guns. How is this possible? The supplier, Mr. Evans was previously given a stern warning by the Crown’s Court
Wow. Not only did this criminal break the law, he ignored the previous judge’s warning to stay away from guns. It’s like laws don’t work or something! What’s worse, he built guns himself!
I guess that (formerly Great) Britain will have to pass even stronger laws against firearm ownership. None of the previous ones have worked.

Meanwhile in Wendy Cukier Paradise

Gun seizures triple in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
Machine pistols in Canada?
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Brady blames the US “gun show loophole” for machine pistols in Canada in 3…2…1…
Wendy Cukier is the president of the Canada’s Coalition for Gun Control.

Meanwhile in Sarah Brady Paradise – machine gun and bat edition

A taxi company owner was robbed in Penarth, Wales early on Sunday.
Since guns are pretty much illegal in the UK, one wonders why he didn’t laugh at the crims and simply drive away. Since there is no report of the gun being recovered, one also wonders why the gun is reported as “believed to be a BB gun.” During the assault was the victim able to examine it to determine that it could not be a real gun? Or are the local cops just saying that to prevent a panic. Rounders is a game sort of like baseball.
So here is the world that the Brady Campaign wants for us. The criminals armed with all manner of weapons, including what is devoutly hoped to be a replica machine gun, and the people unarmed. We know that real machine guns are used in crimes in the UK. Since disarming the people won’t stop armed crime, what is the real agenda behind civilian disarmament?

Meanwhile in Rebecca Peters’ paradise: Machine guns and drugs edition

 (newspaper reports did not specify the sub-machinegun siezed )

Now that Rebecca Peters has successfully rid her home country of gun violence, she has been active in the international suppression of firearms rights. Unfortunately, probably while her back was turned, the problem of gun violence appears to have returned. Or maybe it never left.
Hmmm. Not only did Rebecca’s much ballyhooed gun ban post Port Arthur fail to stop gun crime, the criminals have moved up to machine guns! I guess that you may as well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb.
Maybe someone should point out to Ms. Peters that taking guns away from people unlikely to commit crimes is a poor way to stop criminals from committing crimes with guns.
*The original “Meanwhile in Australia

Meanwhile in Sarah Brady Paradise: Random machine gunning edition

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As I am sure you are aware, guns are extraordinarily difficult to get legally in (formerly Great) Britain. That’s why this story is totally unpossible.

You know as well as I do that a country that bans all handguns, strictly regulates rifles and shotguns, and has no provision whatsoever for full-auto weaponry cannot possibly have gun violence. This is the world that the anti-gunners would have us live in.

Unpossible! Guns in England and Canada!

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Machine guns in Canada and a cache of drugs and guns in England,

First, Canada
But machine guns are illegal in Canada. Joan Peterson calls for further restrictions on gun sales in the US to protect our Canadian neighbors in 3… 2… 1…
Now England

This isn’t possible. Handguns are pretty much totally banned in the UK. It’s almost as if laws like this have no effect on criminal behavior. It’s as if the laws just disarm the law abiding and leave the criminals free to threaten, intimidate, and murder without worrying about the honest citizens shooting back. But not to worry, the guy in England got a whole 11 years in jail.

Meanwhile in Sarah Brady Paradise (Machine Gun edition)

Over in England, where evil guns are basically banned without extra special permission, plus a note from your mom, 4 guys face life in prison for the murder of an innocent shopkeeper.
Since guns are banned, what did they use, bats? Knives? Fists?
No doubt that Brady shills like Joan Peterson are now desperately trying to prove that these scum bought the machine gun at a gun show in Texas or Arizona.
Here’s some video
According to the Manchester Police, this is the murder weapon.
Maybe the problem isn’t the guns, but the drugs.