What’s that rifle in your blog header photo?

I’ve been asked a few times about the rifle in the header photo so I thought I’d make a page that describes it and the parts used.

My rifle is a Templar Custom AR15 built and DuraCoated by Bob Reynolds of Templar Custom.

  1. Upper and Lower Receivers are Templar Custom
  2. Vltor A5 EMOD Stock
  3. Magpul MIAD grip
  4. Geissele Super Semi-Auto trigger
  5. Hand turned Templar Custom 16″ barrel chambered in .223 Wylde
  6. Templar Custom 14″ Race Rail handguard
  7. Advanced Armament Blackout flash suppressor
  8. Viking Tactics Wide Sling
  9. Troy fixed BattleSights
  10. (Not Pictured) EOTech EXPS3 sight

All put together this 16″ barrel rifle is capable of 1MOA with 55gr bulk ammo.

Range Report 2


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